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97 Xinya Goes Shopping pt2

 Knowing that if he stayed any longer in the auction house, he would probably wind up spending more of his coins, Xinya decided to leave before he was tempted once more. He was already down 220 silver coins and 312 bronze ones and he still hasn't bought any ingredients for the welcome back meal he had planned for Melting Snow.

After leaving the auction house, Xinya opened his map interface, so he could follow it through the town to one of the food shops. While on the way Xinya passed a handsome lion eared man standing in front of a pen that held different types of monsters. Something about him caught Xinya's attention, making him pause in his steps, while also taking a good look at the man.

The man was a gorgeous and very mature looking he had to be in his late 30's early forties. He was also very tall, around 6'3 with spectacular bulging muscles, he was dressed in dirty leather pants and a loose unbuttoned shirt that showed off his abs nicely.

His dirty blonde hair was swept up in a ponytail dangling behind his back. Xinya had a feeling if this man was a real person he could be a model, but then again everyone in Haven Online had their beauty dial turned up a notch.

The physical appeal of the man wasn't what caught Xinya attention, it was the tattoo on the side of the man's neck. It was the symbol of a beast tamer, and judging from the color of the man's tattoo he was a very good one.

Remembering the egg in his inventory Xinya calmly walked over to him, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you but can you help me with something."

"What do you need sonny?" The lion eared man said gruffly while looking Xinya over.

"You see I have this egg," Xinya began while pulling out the shiny black egg he got from the Bellyborg King out from his inventory and presented it to the man. "I wonder if you can tell me anything about."

The lion eared man took the egg from Xinya's hand and examined it. After inspecting every inch of the egg's surface for a couple of minutes the man looked up and gave Xinya a sharp look," Where did you get this egg from?"

"I got it after killing a King Bellyborg," Xinya said wondering why the man was asking.

"No wonder," the lion eared beast tamer muttered to himself. "That makes sense."

Confused, Xinya asked, "Pardon me, but why does it make sense?"

"The Bellyborg monsters are male-only, there are no females. So to reproduce they steal eggs from other monsters and then coat them in their DNA. After which the egg will turn into a new Bellyborg." The beast tamer NPC explained.

"So it's not a Bellyborg inside of the egg," Xinya commented. "Than what's inside of it?"

Scanning the egg once again, a look of awe appeared on the beast tamer's face, "This egg right here holds a Fianna Sìdhe. You must be lucky these types of monsters are never seen on this side of the world, they mostly like to inhabit warmer climates. It's been a while since I heard about one being in these parts."

"I guess, I am a little bit lucky," Xinya told the man while smiling. He knew his luck stat probably had something to do with this, but at this moment he didn't care. "Can you tell me more about Fianna Sidhes."

"I can do you one better than that, come to my shop with me, I have a book that will tell you about every monster there is in the world." Seeing Xinya's hesitation, the beast tamer quickly said, "You will also need other items to hatch the egg anyway, so either way you going to need to need to come to my shop."

Xinya signed because he knew what the beast tamer said was true, hopefully, this little egg of his is worth it. After the lion eared man handed him back his egg, Xinya followed him across the road to a little shop that he didn't see before.

The inside of the store was similar to a normal pet shop that he could visit in real life, but instead of cats, dogs, birds, and hamsters inside the store, it had small beast type monsters. Xinya looked around fascinated at all the different breeds of monsters that the beast tamer had.

There were a few that made him do a double-take, for instance, there was one monster in the cage by the sidewall that had mid-length magenta fur, its body was shaped like a lizard, Its face resembled a goat and its eyes reminded him of a sparrow's. It also had a frill around its neck and a pair of short horns. It was one of the weirdest looking monsters that Xinya had seen so far.

"What you looking at boyo?" The lion eared man asked. "Come over here and look at all the stuff I got for you."

Xinya turned away from the small monster he was looking at and walked over to the counter where the man stood with a pile of items. Xinya almost facepalms when he saw how much stuff there was.

"Do I really need all of that?" Xinya asked. He could already see his coins becoming dust in the wind.

"Of course you do sonny boy." The man replied. "If you don't believe me take this and read it."

The man handed Xinya a green pamphlet, taking it Xinya opened it and started to read it right then and there.

How to hatch a monster egg!

Prepare an incubator

Once the monster egg is in the incubator the hatching process will begin. I will take about 3-4 days before the egg is hatched make sure to set the incubator to the optimum temperature. The temperature needed to incubate may differ depending on what kind of monster egg it is.

Prepare a warming blanket

When the egg hatches it can no longer stay in the incubator, it will suffocate inside. Sadly the baby monster can not regulate their body temperature. This is why you need to keep it covered in a warming blanket for 1-2 days.

Prepare training tool and toys

While the monster is still in infant form it can not be unsummoned, during this time it's best to train your monster that way it can help you. Depending on what type of monster it is you can train it as a battle partner, mount or as a support.

Prepare monster food

A newly hatched monster will be extremely hungry and will need complete access to food immediately once they hatch are placed inside of the warming blanket. Make sure to have a lot of food on hand.

Goodluck In hatching your egg!

After reading the pamphlet, Xinya realized that the man was right, he would definitely need all of those items, that was piled up in front of him. The lion eared man knew it too if his knowing smirk meant anything.

"How much would everything be?" Xinya asked while sighing in defeat.

Smiling the man cheerfully said, "It's your lucky day sonny, I will give you a 5% discount."

Xinya gave a pretend smile, altogether the items came up too 365 silver and 50 bronze coins. Xinya felt like all day he had been waving goodbye to his coins. Hopefully by the time he has done getting everything he would have some left.

Packing up everything in his inventory, Xinya left the shop before the man conned him into buying something else. As he left the shop the man followed him to the door.

"Hey sonny, after you finish hatching the monster egg make sure to bring the Fianna Sìdhe back here so I can help you with the bonding process alright." The man told him.

Xinya knew about the bonding process with tamed monsters but not with hatched monsters, so Xinya told the lion eared man that he would make sure that he comes back once his monster was hatched.

After waving goodbye to the man Xinya begins to walk through the town again. This time he would just go straight to the food shop without getting distracted. After a couple of minutes of walking he arrived at the food shop he was searching for.

It was a butcher shop, where Xinya wanted to get some meat from. Walking inside the shop he saw a young boy with red hair and an eerily smile happily propping a dead monster up on a long counter where he was standing. For such a gangly looking boy, Xinya saw that he was quite strong with the way he was manhandling the monster away.

Seeing as the boy didn't notice him yet, Xinya walked closer only to see the boy placing two large rocks under the shoulders of the monster and two under the hips.

If Xinya wasn't so focused on the boy's actions, he would have seen a smirk appear on the boy's face. The boy did indeed noticed that Xinya was there, he really wanted to see how he would react to what he was doing. The boy always gets a kick out of how people act once they see him cutting up a monster.

With a dark smile, the boy proceeded to pick up a long sturdy butcher's knife and starting between the monster's hind legs, the boy made a short cut all the way down to the pelvic bone.

Watching as the blood ooze out of the monster made Xinya a little squeamish but he continued watching as the boy slit the skin of the monster and peeled it back before cutting through the muscle layer. The boy made a shallow slit that ran all the way to the jawbone.

After making that slit, Xinya watched as the boy turned the knife blade upward and, starting at the pelvic cut, cut through the muscle layer along the same line, using the fingers of his free hand on either side of the blade tip while pulling the muscle layer up and away from the organs.

Seeing the inside of the monster was weirdly fascinating for Xinya, although he used their meat to cook, this was the first he actually saw where it came from. If he had this sort of skill it would be very useful for him, it would sure cut down on his spending of meat ingredients.

He continued watching the boy as he cut the monster windpipe and esophagus in two as far up the neck as possible. Then he put his knife aside and grabbed the windpipe with both of his hands and pull down hard. Xinya almost gagged when the entrails were pulled free down to the midsection. He was silently rethinking his previous thought.

After that, the boy removed the stones from under the monster and roll the carcass onto its side. Once the monster was turned over the boy did the same on the other side, pulling more entrails out.

When that was finished the boy spread the back legs open by lifting the monster up by the hind legs and placing a large rock underneath the rump. Picking up his knife once again the boy placed it against the middle of the pelvis and then he pressed the knife down firmly.

He then went on to finish cleaning out the monster removing any excess tissue, including the windpipe. After that he began to remove the skin, first, he made a cut down the inside of each leg to the middle of the carcass.

Then the boy cut the skin all the way around the neck, as close to the head as possible. Lastly, he grabbed the skin with both hands at the back of the head and pulled down hard. The skin of the monster came off in one piece, which amazed Xinya to some degree.


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