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96 Xinya Goes Shopping pt 1

 Xinya aimlessly wandered around the auction house awestruck by how real it looked. It was completely different from the one in Bellport, where the auction house was basically an empty building where a player could use the interface to look through the things that were put up for sale.

This auction house, on the other hand, had items out for display. Everywhere that Xinya looked there were objects that he had never seen before. Randomly, Xinya went up to one of the displays on the wall and touched it.

A screen popped up showing that it was being bided on and the bid amount was up to 500 gold coins. This surprised Xinya, not because of how many coins players were bidding for that item but that they were actually bidding.

From what he experienced in his past life most players when selling an object would just set a buyout price and wouldn't use the bidding feature. Although his knowledge about the auction house was quite limited, in his previous life he didn't have the luxury to worry about such things as buying something from the auction.

Looking through the other displays he realized that he was right he was lacking in understanding about this because it seems that every item on display in this auction house was one a player had to bid on, and all of them were extremely expensive.

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to afford any of these items on display, he went to one of the empty stalls along the wall that would allow him to open the auction house interface. Inside the stall was a blue window like interface, Xinya tapped on it making a home screen appeared. After entering his account number, the auction house interface showed up.

The auction house interface was broken up into different sections such as weapons, armors, accessories and etc. Xinya calmly scrolled down the list until he found what he was looking for, the plant's section. This section was where people sold their flowers, herbs, seeds, basically any type of inedible plants there was.

Xinya clicked on the section and within a second a wide array of plants appeared on the screen in front of him. It would have taken him too long to go through the list of plants to find the ones he needed without getting distracted.

So he just looked around the window like a screen until he found the search bar. Once he found it, he typed in 'Dancing Girls' before pressing enter. The other flowers on the screen disappeared leaving behind the flower he had searched for. There were dozens of players that was selling it and Xinya was happy to see that the price they were asking for was very cheap.

Xinya brought about 300 of them and only spent around 12 bronze coins on them. After the Dancing Girls was sent to his inventory, he went back to looking for the other flowers he needed, he got 200 glowing flowers, and two packets of their seeds. Xinya also got 400 red herbs, 365, blue herbs and 194 yellow herbs, which all together set him back about 300 bronze coins.

Sadly he couldn't find any Death Flowers or Blue Belladonna for sale. He did manage to get 3 packets of the Blue Belladonna seeds, luckily. Although for some reason the seeds were priced abnormally high price of 20 silver coins Xinya decided to get them anyway. He would just think of it helping out a fellow player earn a bit of coin.

After getting all of the plants that he needed, Xinya decided to browse through the other sections to see if there was anything good. Most of the sections didn't really hold any appeal to him, and the ones that did he knew he wouldn't have enough coin to buy anything from them as of yet.

That's when his eyes roved over the vehicle section, he might couldn't afford anything good there but it wouldn't hurt to look. Tapping on the section, Xinya watched as fantastical transportation devices showed up before him. There were normal ones like carts and wagons, but there were also extraordinary ones like a mechanical horse that a player can ride inside like a car or an airplane shaped like a cloud.

These devices were all made by players, so Xinya wasn't surprised at how weird some of the designs of the transportation devices were, although the price of some of them left him in a little bit of a shock. One transportation device, that was designed to look like a giant teddy bear was price at three million gold coins. Xinya couldn't help but wonder if there was a person rich enough to waste that much coin to buy that transportation device and if there were, he was curious about how to become that person's friend. Xinya laughed at his last thought, he knew he would never become friends with someone because of how much money they had.

Ignoring the pricey transportation devices, Xinya once again looked at the wagons some more. As he was scrolling through them a particular one caught his eye. It was a large white and yellow covered wagon, and it was shaped like a cupcake. Xinya clicked on the wagon and was taken to the description page.

From what he read in the seller's description of the covered wagon it was created by accident, It appears that the seller was attempting to make a mobile campground but it failed and turned into this abomination, as the seller called it. Xinya laughed at the seller's comment and continued reading.

The cupcake covered wagon was a two in one transportation device. It was obvious what the main function was but its second function made Xinya really want to get it. The wagon could transform into a food stall with a working kitchen.

If he saw this device without the seller's comment he would a little confused as to why anyone would make this since the update hasn't happened, but knowing it was an accident made sense.

A good accident for him if the price was right, scrolling down some more he saw the price was too good to be true. The wagon wasn't as expensive as he thought it would be, only 200 silvers, plus it had a movement buff on it that would make the creature that was pulling go twice it's normal speed.

Xinya really wanted it, it would save him and his friends sometime when they went on adventures together. Also while on the road he could sell his food to people, while also leaving the Automat he got in beginner town in different locations.

He would make more coins that way, plus he knew that Wei would get a kick out of riding inside of it, who is he trying to kid, he would also have a blast riding inside a giant cupcake. Taking a deep breath he decided to do it, tapping the buy button 200 silver coins disappeared from his inventory. Now all he needed was a creature to pull it.


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