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95 Blackmailing Rose Lily

 "Melting Snow, wait for me!" a woman's voice called from behind.

Ignoring the voice, Melting Snow just walked faster. He was extremely pissed off, and the cause of his anger was the one and only Rose Lily. As soon as he told his brother that he was going back to his friend, Rose Lily started whispering in his brother's ear.

Melting Snow didn't know what she said to him, but his brother made Melting Snow bring her along with him, with the fake reason that he needed someone to watch over him. Like Melting Snow would believe that nobody watched over him for weeks when he started playing this game, but now he does. That made no sense to him.

He tried to tell his brother over the course of the month, what Rose Lily been trying to do, but it was like his brother became deaf when he mentions any wrongdoing of hers. To see his brother being played by this woman caused Melting Snow to a lot of respect that he had for him.

"Melting Snow, I know you hear me!" Screamed a shrill voice.

Sighing, Melting Snow continued walking faster not caring a little about the woman behind him, he hates to admit it but seeing the way his brother treats that woman angered him to death.

It's gotten to the point where he wants to slap some sense into him. Anyone could see that Rose Lily is only pretending to like him. Sometimes he wishes he could go live with his cousin so he won't have to worry about his idiot brother.

Melting Snow was pulled to a stop and turned around to face an angry Rose Lily, "Why are you walking so fast! You better listen to what I say or I will voice call your brother and you won't be able to go to your little Dryad friend!"

"Tch..." A sly smirk appeared on Melting Snow's face. "I listen to you? Ha! I think it's you who will be listening to me."

"What are you talking about?! I'm the one in charge here!" Rose Lily yelled angrily.

Melting Snow just huffed at her, "Unlike my dear older brother, I'm not stupid. I know you like my cousin."

As Melting Snow spoke those words, Rose Lily paled. She couldn't believe that this little boy knew her feelings. This could turn out bad if she plays it wrong, "So what if I do. Your brother is so wrapped around my fingers that he won't believe a word you say."

"Your right," Melting Snow nodded at her. "He won't."

Rose Lily let out a sigh of relief that she didn't even know she was holding, she was just trying to bluff, it's a good thing he fell for it. She actually didn't know if Frozen Ice would believe his kid brother over her or not.

Just as Rose Lily was calming herself down, Melting Snow said, "Although my brother might not believe me, my cousin will. You should know how he dotes on me."

Melting Snow watched as Rose Lily's face transformed into a sheer panic with delight. He had already told his cousins about all of this, but she didn't know that and what she didn't know would work in favor of him.

"Are you going to tell him?!" Rose Lily desperately asked completely giving in.

"That depends on you." Replied Melting Snow.

Never would she have thought that Melting Snow would blackmail her, she always thought that he was a naive, childish boy who knew nothing. She still wouldn't give up,  Zixuan was hers, she just had to find a way to work this into her favor.

"What do you want?" She asks.

"Nothing much really, since you want to follow me so bad.." Melting Snow started but Rose Lily interrupted him.

"I didn't want to follow you!"

"Really now?" Melting Snow said while looking at her in disbelief.

"It's true." She began. "Although I wanted to follow you, in the beginning, to get closer to your cousin, after you said you tell him I said hi, I decided the best way was just to be nice to you in real life so you mention me more to him."

Melting Snow now knew why she kept coming over to their house these days and trying to interact with him. He just figured that his brother said something to her about his suspicions and she was pretending to play big sister to fool his brother more.

"Well if you didn't want to follow me, why are you?" Melting Snow asked.

"Your brother really wanted me to keep an eye on you, he wants to know what's so special about that Dryad that you rather go to him than, be with a sponsored team." Rose Lily replied.

Melting Snow puffed out his cheeks in anger, he couldn't believe his brother, he was so sick of his inferiority complex. Not everyone wants to be the best, he just wants to have fun and go on adventures, what's so wrong with that.

"I see," started Melting Snow. "This is what is going to happen, you will follow me to the town where my friend is at. If we go to other towns you can follow us there but you will stay away from us. I will give you information to report back to my brother, so you don't have to worry."

"But, what if.." Rose Lily started.

"But nothing, just do what I say, if you can make it so that my brother stops paying attention to me and my friend, I will give you my cousin's in-game name." Melting Snow said.

"You promise?!" Rose Lily asked disbelievingly.

Melting Snow snorted at how happy she was becoming, "I won't lie, I will give you a name. If you can do it, that is, then I will give it to you."

"Don't worry I will, I will do anything for Zixuan." Rose Lily said with determination, before becoming lost in a fantasy about her and Zixuan.

If Melting Snow looked hard enough he could practically see pink flowers blooming all around her. He just shook his head at her stupidity, just having the name doesn't mean his cousin would add her, and whoever said that he would give the real one.

"Let's go, I want to make it to Errinisworth by tomorrow." Melting Snow said and started walking again with Rose Lily trailing behind.


Wandering Sound after separating with Roaming Wind walked throughout the town until he found a run-down library. It was said to be the oldest library in Errinisworth, that it was here even before the town was built. As he walked inside, the smell of mold hit his nostrils, it was like he was being hit over the head with it.

Going deeper inside, he looked all around but couldn't find anyone. Just as he was about to give up looking and search for books on his own he tripped over something. Looking down to see what tripped him, he saw that it was a leg sticking out from a pile of books.

Hurriedly he removed the books off of the person that was underneath, with as many books there was he hoped that the person wasn't dead. After removing all of the books he saw that it was an old man underneath the books and he wasn't dead at all but sleeping.

Wandering Sound couldn't believe it he panicked for nothing. As he shook the old man awake he watched as the man awoke with a start. The old man looked around wondering who woke him when he saw a handsome siren in front of him.

"What do you want sonny?" The old man said a little cranky at being awoken from his afternoon nap.

"I need your help, do you have a book, map, or anything that could give me information on the Forgotten valley of Ensworth?" Wandering Sound asked.

"Ensworth you say?" The old man got up and went towards the back of the library. Wandering Sound followed him to see the old man rummaging through some books that were piled up in the corner. " You know I didn't hear that name in a long time, I thought that most people forgot about the place."

The old man suddenly pulled out a tattered old book from the pile and showed it to Wandering Sound, Wandering Sound her a ding followed by a notification and knew he had found what he came for.


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