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94 Unlocking Shilvak’s Journal

 Xinya was happily looking at his stats when he saw his combat potion journal icon glowing. He looked at the glowing icon in confusion, he had already read all of the paragraphs that Shilvak wrote and gained all of the combat potions.

He knew he wouldn't be getting any more until he reached level 50 and do another potion dungeon, so he couldn't understand why the icon was glowing. Clicking on the glowing icon a notification popped up before his eyes:

[A seed in your inventory has unlocked some hidden parts of Shilvak's journal. Be careful, these parts were hidden for a reason!]

Once the notification faded away, Xinya saw that there were two new tabs in the journal. One tab was called secret combat potions, while the other was called failed experiments. Pressing the secret combat potion tab, he saw that there were five potions, but four of them were blurred out.

Xinya wondered if it was like the regular combat potions and he needed to be a certain level to be able to see them. Curious, he touched one of the blurred recipes only to get a pop up saying, 'To view this recipe you must have the main ingredient in your inventory.'

'Oh, so that's how it works,' Xinya thought to himself. It seems that to be able to view these potions recipes it would require luck in finding the right ingredients for them.

He was still happy though, he acquired a new combat potion skill he thought he wouldn't be getting another one for a long time. Xinya started to read about his new skill that, like the others, was written as a journal entry. The more he read the more excited he became about this new skill.

Three years into the War

There is no hope, every day I watch as these brave men go off to their death. Each and every day more and more bodies are piling up. We have run out of room for individual graves now, the mass graves are also full. It has come to the point where it is normal to just burn the bodies. It frustrates me that there is nothing I can do, me the great potion master who invented new ways to use them. There must be something I can do, there has to be.


Months Later

During one of our many covert operations to take down one of the monster's strongholds, I found these dark black flowers growing on rotting corpses of livestock. Curious as to how they grew in such a place I took them back to the base with me. After experimenting with the flowers for weeks, I finally created a useable potion. Although, I don't know the use for it as of yet.


Two Weeks Later

I didn't want to play god! This potion, this creation is doing just that. While in battle, the monsters were winning and more of our brave soldiers were dying. I ran out of my normal combat potions and decided to use the unknown one. I tried to throw it at a monster but I was hit by an attack and the potion landed on a dead soldier. Alas, what happened next was unexpected, the dead soldier came back to life. His wounds were all healed and he was stronger than before. With him, we obliterated the monsters and won the battle.

But what happened next was terrible, the other soldiers shunned him, calling him a demon and a monster. Things escalated to the point where they were considering burning him at the stake, I couldn't let that happen it was my fault that he was like this I had to save him. One night while everyone was sleeping, I snuck him out and gave him money so he could make a new life for himself. This potion, this resurrection potion, I will never make it again.


A notification popped up in front of him as soon as he finished reading the paragraph:

[You have learned the Resurrection potion! You can now see the recipe in your journal!]

Upon reading the description of the potion, he felt that it was too good to be true. This potion would be extremely useful for him and his friends, he couldn't wait to tell them about it.

Resurrection Potion: This potion when broken against a player, will envelop a player in smokey white substance before entering that player's body. For one day, the defense of the player would be greatly raised, while if the player should die, they will be resurrected right away, without the loss of any coins or items and won't have to log out right away. *The hour penalty will still be there, the player must log out after 35 minutes.

Xinya wanted to make this potion immediately, he knew it would come in handy when they go to the treasure dungeon. He didn't want it just because he was scared he would die again, but for the fact that it gave a good amount of defense.

He was sad to learn that he couldn't make it right away since the main ingredient was a death flower and he only had the seeds. That wasn't the worst part, Xinya saw that the only way to grow these flowers was to cover the seeds in rotting flesh. Xinya could only shake his head as he read that and wondered how he was going to do it.

Filing it away for now, Xinya decided to head to town himself. He needed to go to the auction house to see if anyone was selling the flowers he needed to make more Flora Attack potion. While he was there, he might as well search for some Blue Belladonna, so he could try his hand at making the Pulse Strike combat potion.

With that thought in mind, he got up and started heading out. Before he reached the door he caught a glimpse of the kitchen and decided to get some food ingredients while he was out. He could make a welcome back dinner for Melting Snow while working on his cooking skills. Now that would be killing two birds with one stone.


As Xinya walked through the town, following his map to the auction house, he kept hearing whispers around him. It's not uncommon for players to be gossiping about something, but he could tell that those whispers were about him.

In Bellport, there were fewer people and he never really stayed in town for long periods of time, but this town was full of people, and the stares he was getting were making him nervous. He should have known it would be like this.

"Is that a Dryad? I can't believe someone chose that race." Said girl A.

"They must be really stupid to do so, everyone knows that race is completely useless." Replied boy B.

"Is that the same Dryad that was in that video?!" Girl C wondered.

"I highly doubt it, I remember that Dryad was wearing blue armor." Said girl D.

"You're right, I remember now." exclaimed girl C.

"Dryads look cool, too bad they suck." Whispered boy E.

"If you want to be a ranker, never team up with a Dryad." Man F told a young boy next to him.

"Why not?" Asked the little boy G.

"Because they are useless and will just slow you down." Explained man F.

Xinya just shook his head as he heard the different whispers about himself and continued on his way. He would just ignore these people because in two months' time they would be taking back their words. Xinya couldn't wait to see people's faces when the new update hits. This would be like a smack to their faces.

As he walked, Xinya admired the architecture around him, the recreation of the time period was really well done. He always wondered how much research the company did when they made these towns. It was like walking through a history book, well, besides the fact that there were fantasy creatures walking about.

Before he knew it, he found the auction house, it was different from the last one he visited. It was bigger and there were way more people inside, but that was to be expected. Walking inside Xinya sighed, once again he would be spending some of his coins. Hopefully, the auction house would have everything he was looking for.