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92 HouseBoat pt 1

 After talking for a while, Xinya ended the video call with Melting Snow. He really enjoyed teasing that boy, he had to wonder what Melting Snow would say if he knew that he didn't have to worry about him stumbling into any quests since his plan was to do nothing much but make potions. Xinya laughed at the thought of Melting Snow's reaction.

"What's so funny?" Wei asked curiously.

Shaking his head, Xinya replied, "It's nothing. Let's go see if Wandering Sound finished renting the houseboat for us to use."

While Xinya was talking to Melting Snow, Wandering Sound had left them, saying he was going down to the docks to rent one of the boats. So instead of waiting for them here in the busy market place, Xinya thought it would be better to just go down to the docks and meet him.

Wei started smiling slyly and in a childish moment said, "I'll race you there."

Xinya watch as she took off and laughed following after her, he knew he wouldn't be able to catch up to her since elves are quick on their feet, but just being able to run freely like this made him grin. By the time he made it to the docks, he could see Wei was already there excitedly telling Wandering Sound something.

"I see you finally made it." Wandering Sound started. "Roaming Wind was just telling about her flawless victory, in the race, you two were having."

Looking at Wei in a dubious manner, Xinya said, "Flawless victory? More like cheating."

"That wasn't cheating, it's called being efficient," Wei told them.

"Efficient? In what way?" Xinya asked already knowing that some smart remark was coming his way.

"By not wasting your time with the thought you could win," Wei said snarkily.

Wandering Sound started laughing and Xinya was tempted to pick up some of the dirt on the ground and throw it at her. He decided against it, but he would get her back, he might just ask Melting Snow for some ideas.

"So Wandering Sound did you rent the houseboat already," Xinya said changing the subject.

"Yup, it's all taken care of." Wandering Sound said showing them a rectangle-shaped object in his hand.

Confused about why he was just showing them that object and not taking them to the houseboat, Wei asked, "What is that thing in your hand."

"This object right here is the remote that will summon our houseboat." Wandering Sound begins. "We just have to find an empty space so we can summon it."

Looking around Xinya saw that most of the spaces near the dock were filled. It wasn't a surprise since those spots were in the best location. The docks were located in the center of the town, so the players who have those spots don't have to walk too far.

"Hey, there's a good spot over there!" Wei shouted while pointing.

Wandering Sound and Xinya both turned to where she was pointing, to see that there was an open spot some distance away from the docks but not far away enough that it be a hassle to walk through the town.

"Well, what are we waiting for! Let's go get it then before someone else does." Wandering Sound said.

In no time at all they were at the spot, Wei found and Wandering Sound held up the rectangular object in his hand towards the water and press the button that would summon it. A twinkling sound was heard and the area in front of them began to distort and in mere seconds a houseboat appeared in front of them.

Wei squealed when she saw it, complimenting Wandering Sound on his wonderful choice, even Xinya thought it was quite exceptional to look at. It reminded him of those tiny houses he saw in pictures a long time ago, just that it was on the water.

Xinya had a feeling by the look of this boathouse that Wandering Sound had Wei's preferences in mind. By the way Wandering Sound was looking at Wei as she complimented him, he had to say that his assumption was correct.

The houseboat itself was styled like something out of a fairytale. It was shaped like a giant bunny, Xinya assumed that it was a callback to how they first met. It was painted white with blue and red accents. The only word to describe it would be adorable.