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90 Melting Snow is Coming Back

 Melting Snow stared at the Haven Online homepage in disbelief, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was a featured announcement on the front page of the game website called the Saviours of Baldahurh Forest.

Everyone knew of Baldahurh Forest, the forest of the undead as most players called it and the story within it. The tragic love story of the little mage and his ex-lover. From what Melting Snow saw there were many people on the forum who were addicted to the story, mostly Fujoshi's.

They would go into the forest from time to time and try to look for the cabin or try to catch a sighting of the little mage and the ex-lover, which in most cases lead to their death. Melting Snow thought those girls were crazy but had to admit some of the fanfictions they came up with was interesting even if it was boylove.

The announcement of the Saviours of Baldahurh Forest wasn't why he was in disbelief. Melting Snow always knew that one of these days someone would stumble on the quest of saving the forest, he always thought that as he read the forums about the place, but he would never in a million years guess that the person who would stumble on it would be his friend Drifting Cloud.

Although there were two other names on the list of saviors, he knew for sure that it was Drifting Cloud who found that quest. Melting Snow knew Drifting Cloud well and he figured that he must have tripped and fell and landed on the quest.

How he wanted to kick his brother in the head, he missed an epic adventure because of him. If he was a little bit younger he would be throwing a tantrum right, but as a mature 14-year-old boy, he would just spike his brother's drinks with chili powder for the next couple of weeks.

Melting Snow scanned down at the comments, he really wanted to know what people were saying about this. He bet the comments would be amusing.

[I can't believe what I'm seeing! Someone actually completed the hidden quest in Baldahurh forest?! I need to get my eyes checked...]

-[ If you need to get your eyes checked than I need to get my eyes checked too.  (・□・;)]

-[If you want, you can have one of my spare pairs of glasses. hee hee.]

[Drifting Cloud, Roaming Wind, Wandering Sound... I never heard of there names before, are they rankers?]

-[I have checked the rankings twice, their names are not on it. I refuse to believe they newbs. I they must be retired professionals who are playing for fun.]

-[Professionals? As if... Professionals wouldn't bother with Baldahurh forest.]

-[How would you know?! (¬▂¬) ]

-[ Because I am one. Now bow down to my greatness.]

-[(◆◆メ ]

[Wandering Sound... I heard that name before.]

-[Do tell!! I want to know!!]

-[ Me too!! Who is he!!]

-[(≧∀≦) I know who it is!! It's that famous eastern singer! Look up the song Sweet Lovely You by Wandering Sound.]

-[OMG!! It is really him!! Is this what he is doing after he stopped singing?]

-[ No my handsome prince, why must you go and fight. Just keep singing and I pay you with all the coins you would ever need.]

-[You sound like you want to be his sugar mama... lol]

-[For my Wandering Sound... I would be his sugar mama, papa, and everything in between. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡]

Melting Snow was cracking up at these comments, how he wished he could go on the forums and brag about knowing who Drifting Cloud was but he couldn't, he had promised that he wouldn't draw attention to him. Sighing, Melting Snow was still a little upset about missing doing the quest, but he wouldn't miss anymore. His brother already got his sponsorship so there was no point for him to stay with his brother guild anymore.

Opening up his interface, Melting Snow video called Drifting Cloud after it beeped a couple of times Drifting Cloud finally answered. Looking at Drifting Cloud, Melting Snow saw that he had changed, gone was the blue gear that he used to wear, now he wore a black and red getup that Melting Snow had to admit looked lovely and badass at the same time.

Behind him, he could see two other people, he already knew who the girl was since Drifting Cloud told him about her in one of their chats but the boy was new. Melting Snow felt a little worried that Drifting Cloud might replace him, but seeing Drifting Cloud smile patiently at him like always, he put that thought out of his mind.

"So you became the Saviour of Baldahurh Forest..." Melting Snow begins.


Xinya started laughing when he heard the whine in Melting Snow's voice, he really did miss the kid, "You know how I am."

"Yes, a trouble magnet!" Melting Snow begins. "I can't believe I missed it. Don't do anything else give me a day and I meet you."

Smirking, Xinya said, "Anything can happen in a day."

"That's true, knowing you. Just stay put and make potions or food while you wait for me please." Melting Snow all but begged.

"Since you rushing here, I guess your three weeks are up." Xinya started. "Don't worry everyone needs to restock after the battle, so we won't do anything while we wait for you."

"Awesome!! See you soon." With that Melting Snow hung up the voice call.

"Your little friend is sure is lively." Wandering Sound said.

"Yeah, he is," Xinya said a gentle expression crossed his face. "He is like the little brother I never had."

Wei just smiled at Xinya happy that he had someone like that in this game, but if that little boy ever hurt Xinya in any way she would make him pay.