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88 Wyatt’s Sword?

 Wei came back home just as the 2 hours was up, Xinya was glad that she did because he was about to break his word and log on without her. He knew that she would have forgiven him if he did, so he wasn't worried about it.

As soon as he logged on the first thing he saw was Wandering Sound sitting across from him leaning against a tree. Seeing that he didn't notice him moving, Xinya realized he must be using his interface to either watch videos or search the web.

Creeping towards him, Xinya poked him on the shoulder scaring the crap out of him, "Hey."

"Hey yourself! You almost scared me to death!" Wandering Sound shouted holding his hand against his heart.

A giggling sound could be heard from nearby, Wandering Sound and Xinya turned to see Wei laughing at their antics, "You do know this is a game right, he can't possibly scare you to death."

"How would you know? This game is so realistic I wouldn't put anything past it." Wandering Sound said.

While Wei and Wandering Sound was going back and forth, Xinya took this time to check his status he had gained about 22k experience points from killing the Oozing Spectres and 80k from Wyatt's death, which would have brought him close to leveling up, but since he lost 50k because of his death he only had about 52k experience.

Sighing a bit, Xinya checked his inventory since a random item would be missing from it. As he looked he saw that his seeds were still there and his potions, he was a little worried that his mysterious egg would be the thing that was missing but it turned out that it wasn't. Not finding what was missing he could only check his inventory records to see what was missing.

It turned out to be one of the recipes from the auction house. Luckily it was only a common one, he could rebuy it later. He must have forgotten to collect it in his recipe journal when he brought it for it.

Turning his attention back to Wandering Sound and Wei, he said, "By the way, after I died, did Wyatt drop anything thing?"

"Nope, as soon as you died I got a notification saying the quest items have been sent to the quest holder." Wandering Sound told Xinya, while Wei nodded in agreement just next to him.

"Let me take a look," Xinya remember the notifications he got before he died about Wyatt's brain and sword. Looking in his inventory once more he found the quest items. Clicking on them he read their descriptions:

Wyatt's brain: This is the place where the dark magic struck Wyatt and turned him into the undead thing he became. The dark magic is keeping the brain alive, it needs to be destroyed by the person who first cast the dark magic before the Baldahurh forest and everything in it can return to how it once was.

After reading the description Xinya understood that Christopher needed to deal with the final blow on Wyatt to become free. It was him who made the dark magic and so he needed to be the one who destroys it. This would also make Christopher realize that Wyatt was dead and he was free. Moving on to the sword, Xinya clicked on it.

Wyatt's Sword: The true owner and name of this sword are unknown. It is a relic of the great war that happened a long time ago. This sword has passed through many hands and each person who owned it died tragically. It's been said that this sword is cursed and only in the hands of its true owner will it's true potential show. To learn more find Bajji the master blacksmith.

Reading the sword's description left Xinya speechless, it seemed that it was part of a bigger quest. It sounded interesting but Xinya had a feeling that he probably wouldn't be able to do it for a while, it seemed like one of those quests where a player needed to be a high level to complete.

Seeing that Wandering Sound and Wei were staring at him, waiting for him to tell them about the quest items, Xinya shared the descriptions of the items with them. As they read them he saw their faces go through all sorts of emotions.

"I was wondering why the quest didn't complete after we killed Wyatt." Wandering Sound said. "I just thought that we needed to talk to Christopher but it seems that it was more than just that."

Wei nodded along as Wandering Sound spoke before saying, "And the sword must lead to an epic quest don't you think?"

"I don't think we should worry about the sword yet until we a higher level," Xinya told her seriously.

"I agree with Drifting Cloud we should just put that aside for now, and come back to it once we think we're ready, but I do think we should find out who this Bajji guy is, so we know what we will be up against." Wandering Sound said.

"Your right." Xinya started. "Once we finished the treasure dungeon, I will look into it."

Wei slapped herself on the forehead, "The treasure dungeon, with everything going on it completely escaped my mind."

"It seems you forgot what your class is." Wandering Sound said while laughing.

Xinya started laughing too, while Wei just rolled her eyes at them. "Come on, let's stop joking around, we still need to save Christopher."

The three of them had smiles on their faces as they walked back to the cabin, knowing that once they go there they could finally free Christopher.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 280/280  (+10)     Level: 20

MP: 260/260  (+10)    EXP:52022/1100000

Stamina: 260/260  (+10)   Skill points: 13

Str: 4 (+4)        Dex: 12(+7)

Int: 11 (+7)      Luck: 11 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 996 silver 200 bronze

Stat Points 0