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86 Battle Ends

 Xinya ran through the trees, while constantly dodging Wyatt's attacks. This was hard to do since in his berserk mode Wyatt lost all common sense, he was like a wild beast only knowing how to kill. All that made him human was gone, he even stopped using his sword properly.

Wyatt's once thought out attacks were now gone, he was now like a mad man swinging his sword back and forth wildly. His powerful swings cut through the trees around them causing them to fall, he would then use the fallen tree to throw at Xinya.

"You shall never take him from me!" Wyatt kept shouting. His mind was hazy and the only thing he knew was that he must kill that Dryad.

After ducking from another thrown tree, Xinya shouted in party chat, "Where are you guys at! I need help here!"

"We are right behind you, we see you but we are not in range. Try slowing him down some." Wei told him.

'Slow him down?! It's not like I'm running for my life or anything.' Xinya thought to himself as he zigzagged through the trees trying to put more distance between them. Wyatt let out another roar, slashing down his sword causing another wind attack.

This time Xinya was to slow and before he could completely hide behind a tree the attack nicked him causing him to lose -35 health. Altogether he lost -195 out of the 290 health he had. Knowing if he took on another full-blown hit it would kill, he wanted to drink a Health potion, but it was too late Wyatt had already caught up to him and sliced through the tree he was hiding behind.

He began to run again this time he tried to throw Flora Attack potions over his shoulder to slow down Wyatt. It was hard to do while weaving in and out of the trees and trying not to get hit by Wyatt but he managed to make contact on his third try.

When the Flora Attack potion landed on Wyatt, Xinya stopped running and started throwing more Flora Attack potions at Wyatt to keep him bound. Finally, when Xinya was about to run out of the potion Wei showed up and started shooting Wyatt.

Wandering Sound was right behind and he was about to use his Soprano blast but Xinya stopped him, "Wandering Sound spam Snail Song at him, I ran out of Flora Attack potions, so slowing him down is our only option now."

Nodding his head, Wandering sound started playing a ballad tune at Wyatt. After Flora Attack wore off, they could see how Wandering Sound skill affected Wyatt. Unlike the Vex Hounds, there wasn't much difference in Wyatt's movements. Although he did appear a little slower than he did before.

In Xinya's opinion, as he ran through the trees once more with Wyatt on his tail, Wyatt was significantly slower. He could even throw his mini fireball potions at him while missing less often than before. Although he didn't understand why Wyatt was so laser-focused on him, with the way Wei is dealing damage on him.

Looking at his health bar, Xinya saw that it was down to 2k now, just a little more and Wyatt would be dead. It seems that Wei realized too because she ran in front of Wyatt trying to get a better shot, so they could kill him quicker. Wei started running right next to Xinya while shooting backward at Wyatt.

"What are you doing Roaming Wind, go back to where you were!" Xinya shouted at her.

"Don't worry, all I need is two shots straight at his head and he is dead. It's quicker this way." Wei said.

"Quicker?! You're missing all of your shots! Go back to where you were!" Xinya yelled.

Ignoring Xinya, Wei kept on trying to shoot Wyatt from her position. She was always relying on Xinya in this game and it was finally her time to shine. It was mostly because of her that Wyatt was dying, this was her moment to show Xinya that she wasn't just some useless person that he had to always protect, she was strong too.

Although she wanted to show off, she saw that shooting backward wasn't working, so she became a little more daring and ran alongside Wyatt and started shooting him from the side. As more of Wyatt's health went down, his attention, that was on Xinya transferred to Wei.

Wyatt's health was already down to 500, just as Wei was about to fire the shot that would end this battle, Wyatt slashed down his sword at her. Xinya already knew something was wrong when Wyatt stopped chasing him. Seeing him charging up his power to attack Wei, Xinya took action and rushed to her.

Xinya got to Wei just as she fired the last shot needed to kill Wyatt, he pushed her out of the way, just as Wyatt attack made it's way over to her. Xinya watched as his health disappeared from the attack but before his avatar died he saw that they were successful.

Wyatt started to scream loudly, crazily yelling that Christopher will bring him back before the dark energy around his body disappeared. His body started aging becoming older and older until it was just a dried-up husk. As Wyatt fell to the ground in death the three of them could hear him whisper Christopher's name over and over again.

[The Battle of Baldahurh forest has Ended!]

[You have gained 80000 experience!]

[You have gained the quest item Wyatt's Brain!]

[You have gained the quest Item Wyatt's Sword!]

As his avatar lay on the forest floor in death he could still see everything around him. Xinya saw Wandering Sound and Wei run towards him, how visibly upset they were. That's when more notifications sounded:

[You have Died!!]

[You have lost 50000 experience and 1 silver 600 bronze coins and a random item from your inventory!!]

[Since you died you will be auto-logged out of the game!]

He heard Wei panicky screaming his name as everything faded to black. Xinya awoke in his pod as he expected after dying. He was a little upset because once you die in the game, you couldn't log on for 2 hours, something about calming the mental state of a player who experiences death. He was also a little pissed off at Wei if only she listened to him this wouldn't have happened.

He was about to brood some more when he heard a timid knock on the door, knowing that it was Wei he got out of his pod and in his wheelchair. Going over to the door he opened it to see a crying Wei, who proceeded to throw herself into his arms.