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85 Battle Continues pt 2

 These fighters were stronger than Wyatt expected, especially the girl that kept disrupting his skills. If it wasn't for her these pests would be dead by now. Wyatt was irritated as he watched as the girl run over to the dryad. Quickly while the girl was gone he took the chance to activate his powers bringing the trees around them to life before he could revel in the elf oncoming death, the siren activated a skill that caused him immense pain.

As soon as Roaming Wind was out of the way, Wandering Sound got in position and was going to activate his shield, but it seems that Wyatt had something up his sleeve because before he had a chance to put his flute to his lips, Wyatt had already finished chanting something. Although he was too late he did enjoy watching as Wyatt was pushed back in pain by the light of his shield.

As Wandering Sound was holding off Wyatt, Xinya handed the health potion to Wei who quickly drank it, but before she could go back into the fray, a dragging sound was heard coming from all around them. Xinya looked around to see that about twenty trees had come to life.

They had transformed from normal-looking trees to ones that had a monstrous appearance, their roots became legs and their branches became arms that had claw-like hands attached to them. As they dragged their feet closer to them, Xinya could see that they were aiming for Wei.

He expected as much, with how much Wei was damaging Wyatt and how her attacks and kept stopping Wyatt from using his skills, Xinya knew that Wyatt wanted to put a stop to her first. This little trick of Wyatt was nothing to Xinya, it was just a hindrance and nothing else.

Xinya pushed Wei towards Wyatt, "Go and help Wandering Sound before his shield fails, I got this."

"Are you sure?" Wei asked looking at the oncoming trees and then back at Wandering Sound shield whose light was steadily going out.

"Yes, I'm sure now go," Xinya said. After Wei left he took out one of his mini fireball potions with a smirk. "I always wanted to see what it feels like to start a forest fire."

The trees begin their attacks using their branches as whips striking at Xinya. Because they were so large the attacks were very slow, allowing Xinya to dodge them with ease. Seeing some of the trees start following after Wei, he jumped in their way triggering their aggro.

He proceeded to throw Mini Fireballs at the surrounding trees, the dry wood lit up so fast it was like Xinya threw gasoline on them. He only had to throw one potion and 3 trees caught on fire. After a few throws, all of the trees was on fire, the trees were screaming in pain as they burnt.

It seemed that since the trees weren't originally monsters, their Health was really low only about 400, because of that they died very easily. It took him only a couple of minutes to deal with them, once he was done he went back to the real fight.

"Drifting Cloud we need you!" Wei shouted over party chat.

Wyatt had smartened up after Wandering Sound shield had fallen, he used his speed to escape from Wei's soul shot. By the time Xinya was close enough to throw a Flora Attack potion at him, Wyatt had already lifted his sword and struck it down.

It was the same skill that he used before, the wind from his sword sliced through the air blowing all three of them back doing 160 damage in the process. The impact of falling bodies as they hit the ground made a horrible sounding thump.

Giving a mocking laugh, Wyatt lifted his sword drawing in his power readying to strike at them again. Xinya quickly got up and ran to Wei and Wandering Sound, he passed the final Mana potion to him.

"Hurry up and drink the potion, we need your shield!" Xinya said panicking.

Just as Wyatt poured his power into his sword so he could use his attack again, Wandering Sound with just a second to spare used his Shield skill. With Roaming Wind and Drifting Cloud behind him, he began to walk toward Wyatt making him unable to escape. Once the effect of Wyatt's skill disappeared Xinya jumped from behind Wandering Sound and used his Flora Attack potion.

While he was bound, Wei started using her Soul Shot again, the two of them worked in tandem with each other, Xinya binding him, while Wei kept shooting him. This kept on for a while until Wyatt's Health was down to 10k, at this point Wyatt started roaring and became berserk.

He became stronger and faster than before, he swatted Wei away like she was a fly, he rushed to Wandering Sound and kicked him against a tree hard, before turning his attention to Xinya. Xinya checked the party stats to see that Wei and Wandering Sound were still alive but just barely and there was no way he could get a Health potion to them.

"I'm going to lure Wyatt away, his aggro will be on me, so attack him from behind," Xinya said just before taking off with Wyatt hot on his heels.