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84 Battle Continues pt 1

 Xinya was taken aback, but not for long Wyatt was a boss monster after all their power had to great. If Wyatt hadn't sensed them than Xinya wouldn't have thought highly of this so-called conduit of the forest.

Seeing Wyatt lift his hand and remembering how he controlled the trees earlier when he was chasing Wei, Xinya told Wei and Wandering Sound to come out since there was no point in hiding now.

Wei was a little miffed that their plan was completely ruined."What are we going to do now?"

"Just because we don't have the element of surprise anymore doesn't mean we can't take him down." Wandering Sound replied.

"Wandering Sound is right, did you see how I was running around Wyatt throwing potions?" Xinya asked.

Wondering where Xinya was going with this she replied, "Yeah I did."

"Do you think you can do that while getting headshots?" Questioned Xinya, if she could then they still have a chance in this fight.

"I don't think I could do it all of the time but I might be able to get a couple of shots to his head," Wei said.

"That be good enough. Wandering Sound and I will cover you while you're attacking. Just be careful of Wyatt's attacks." Xinya told her.

Looking at the evil man who was laughing contemptuously at them, Wei gripped her gun and said, "Don't worry, I got this."

Wyatt watched as the two from before came out from where they were hidden just before he was going to use his powers to turn the forest against them. It would have saved him some time in dealing with them himself, but he must admit it was better this way, it would give him more of a challenge. The attacks that the puny Dryad was hitting him with barely left a scratch on him.

"So it seems that your friends didn't betray you at all, lucky you. That means you all will get to die together." Wyatt lifted his sword and slashed it sideways, the attack caused a wind that could destroy anything in its path and it was aimed straight at the party.

Moving quickly, Wandering Sound gathered Wei and Xinya close to him and with just a few notes blown in his flute he activated his skill Liturgy for the Damned. A large blue shield made of light surrounded the three of them shielding them from Wyatt's attack.

While the shield itself protected the three of them from the attack, the light that pulsated from it caused Wyatt damage. It was satisfying for them to see Wyatt yelling angrily in pain. Even after Wyatt's attack stopped, Wandering Sound kept the shield up as long as he could just to watch Wyatt suffer.

"It seems the only one who is going to die is you." After seeing Wyatt get really hurt by Wandering Sound's light skill, Wei confidence went up. Going on the offensive, Wei skirted around Wandering Sound and started attacking Wyatt.

Xinya seeing this happen, threw a Mana potion at Wandering Sound and went to help Wei, by throwing the Flora Attack potions at Wyatt. Sadly they didn't work as well on him as they did the Oozing Spectres. They only lasted five seconds before Wyatt was able to burst out of them but five seconds was good enough.

With the way Wei's Soul Shot kept knocking Wyatt back and disrupting him from using his skills, Xinya felt that he was right, they could beat Wyatt. Checking Wyatt's health he saw that it was down already to 60k. He had to hand it to Wei and Wandering Sound, their light skill damage was doing double the damage and when Wei got a shot off to the head it did triple.

Wei, on the other hand, wasn't worried about nothing but killing Wyatt and she would use every trick that she learned so far to achieve that goal. She already got the hang of disrupting his special attacks, but his normal attacks were dreadful, she had to make sure she rolled, ducked and dodged each and every one of them. Although with her skill she could only do so about 60% of the time and her Health was taking a hit.

When her Hp was down to 50 she couldn't stop the inevitable any longer, she needed to use one of their few potions, "Drifting Cloud I need a Health potion quick or I'm going to die."

"Alright, hang on for a second." Xinya took one of the Health potions from the pouch. "Wandering Sound use your shield again, while Roaming Wind gets patched up.

Wandering Sound who had been consecutively using Soprano Blast and snail song on Wyatt throughout the fight, felt as if he was barely helping since compared to Roaming Wind he was barely doing any damage, and he really wasn't that much of a support to Roaming Wind like Drifting Cloud, since sail song was barely working on Wyatt. So now that he could finally be of use he gladly moved in front of Wyatt and activated his shield.