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83 Battle Begins

 "You made it back in one piece I see," Wyatt said slightly impressed, but also angry that his minions failed in their task. "It seems I get the pleasure of killing you myself."

Looking at Wyatt in contempt, Xinya retorted, "You will only witness my pleasure when you see my smile as I watch you die."

Those words made Wyatt feel more enraged, once again his aura became pronounced. The blackness around his body started spiking, swirling around his body. The wind began to pick up and the surrounding area became stormy, lightning began to flash in the sky.

Xinya looked around to see that the clearing began to take on an ominous appearance, the sky became darker, the trees begin to change looking more twisted and gnarly. It seemed that Wyatt was done playing and was ready to fight.

Sneakily Xinya checks his peripherals catching a glimpse of Wei and Wandering Sound hidden nearby. This was all apart of their plan when they were walking back to the clearing they realized that they wouldn't be able to take on Wyatt straight on.

They knew that Wyatt's weak spot was his head and they needed to take advantage of that fact. Since that was the case Wandering Sound suggested that one of them keep Wyatt's aggro on themselves while Wei uses Soul Shot while aiming for his head.

After talking it out Xinya suggested that he be the one that Wyatt's aggro is focused on because Wandering Sound wouldn't be able to because he was horrible at running while playing his flute. Also this way, Wandering Sound can offer back up for him.

Turning his attention back to Wyatt, Xinya watched as Wyatt's demonic red eyes focused on him, causing a chill to run down his spine.

Sinisterly Wyatt lifted his large black sword at Xinya and growled, "I will use your blood to polish my sword."

"Are you guys ready?" Xinya asked in party chat, gingerly touching the pouch that Wei gave him earlier that was filled with the potions from the Oozing Spectres.

"Yeah, as ready as I can be," Wei replied.

"I got you covered." Wandering Sound told him.

"Alright, start attacking once I say," Xinya said while getting himself ready.

Xinya knew that he had to start attacking before Wyatt did if Wyatt attacked him now only one thing would occur. He would lose most of his health and by the second hit, he would be dead. He checked Wyatt's health to see that it was 100k and knew that they were in for a long fight.

Xinya pulled out his Mini Fireball potions and starting throwing them at Wyatt while sprinting around him. He remembered when he was killing monsters with Melting Snow, Melting Snow used this technique when he was fighting monsters. He would kite the monster while keeping the monster's aggro to himself. After watching him a few times, Xinya was sure he could do it too.

Wyatt roared as the Mini Fireball potions attacked him, he couldn't believe this mere insect wanted to challenge him, he was certain that he would make this Dryad regret ever coming into these woods. Pooling his dark energy into the sword Wyatt sliced his sword down in an attempt to hit Xinya.

Although Xinya dodged the hit, the power from the sword caused him +50 damage and a large trench in the ground. Xinya would have to be more careful, if he gets too distracted he could trip over one and he would be done for.

"Wei start shooting! Wandering Sound use Snail Song on him." Xinya commanded while throwing the Mini Fireball potions at Wyatt, continuously dodging his attacks and jumping over the trenches he made.

Wei was nervously waiting for Xinya to tell her to start shooting when Wyatt started attacking Xinya she didn't think she would have the chance. Who knew that Xinya was so agile on his feet.

From the start, she already had her guns aimed at Wyatt's head and with Xinya words it was time for her to shine. Using her skill Soul Shot, two bullets flew towards Wyatt's head only to miss at the last moment.

Wyatt sidestepped the attack and started laughing arrogantly, causing Xinya to stop throwing his potions. "It seems I overestimated you. Did you really think I didn't sense the presence of your two friends?"