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82 Conviction

 Wei pressed the activation device that she was holding just before Xinya camouflaged them against the tree. Xinya and his party heard the repetitive screeches coming from the Dēkois and watched as it stopped the Oozing Spectres in their tracks. The sound began to lure them and each Oozing Spectre split up from the group and followed the sound to a respective Dēkoi.

Once the party heard a zap they knew one of the Oozing Spectres was down for the count. Xinya quickly brought down the camouflage and ran towards the nearest Oozing Spectre. As soon as he was near it he heard three more consecutive zaps, there was no time to waste they needed to kill them fast before they wake up.

Knowing that Dreaming Dust potion would be too weak to put these guys out, he wouldn't even waste a bottle to test. He couldn't wait until he had the materials so he could make higher quality ones. Looking to his left he saw Wei and Wandering Sound was ready to start blasting the monster, holding a hand up he stopped them.

"The first attack will awaken it from its stunned state, but it will still go into its dizzy state which will be trouble for us. So this is what we are going to do, Wandering Sound ready up Soprano Blast, I'm going to use Flora Attack potion, it will bind the monster for 25 seconds, while it's bind Roaming Wind use Soul shot on it to knock it back away from us, that's when Wandering Sound will use his Soprano Blast on it. We will keep doing that until it's dead." Xinya said.

Since it appeared to be a sound plan and they couldn't think of anything that would go wrong, Wei and Wandering Sound did what Xinya asked of them. Wandering Sound put his flute to his lips and the same haunting melody as before when they were fighting the Vex Hounds begin to play.

After a few seconds, the musical notes around Wandering Sound was sharp and ready to attack. Seeing that Xinya threw the Flora Attack potion at the Oozing Spectre causing it to come out of its stun state, but before it even got the chance to move a cloud of purple petals swarmed the Oozing Spectre. They begin drying, turning the Oozing Spectre into a statue of sorts.

Xinya checked the Oozing Spectre Health to see that it was at 24k but was going down. "Roaming Wind shoot it."

Wei used her skill Soul Shot knocking back the Oozing specter that was still bound up by Xinya potion and dealt 500 damaged to it. After Wei knocked it back, Wandering Sound used his Soprano Blast.

The Oozing Spectre was pierced deep with the multiple sharp musical notes. Each musical note did about 75 damage to the monster, altogether Wandering Sound did about 750 damage on the Oozing Spectre.

Between Xinya, Wei and Wandering Sound they did around 5k damage to the Oozing Spectre, after doing it the same thing four more times they killed the Oozing Spectre.

"Omg, it dropped some potions," Wei said happily.

Xinya looked down and saw that the Oozing specter did indeed drop some potions, but not a lot only 2 health potions and 1 mana potion. It was better than nothing and hopefully, the other three Oozing Spectres would drop some as well.

Besides the potions, the Oozing Spectre didn't drop anything useful and even if it did it wouldn't matter since they wouldn't be able to put it in their inventory anyway. Xinya gave the potions to Wei so she could put it in her pouch and the three of them went to take care of the rest of the Oozing Spectres.

The other three monsters were dealt with the same as the first, the last one was the toughest to kill though. By the time they got to it, the last Oozing Spectre had already woken up from its stunned state. Now that it was in its dizzy state it was harder to handle.

The Oozing Spectre was crazily running around, the acid from its body was being flung everywhere. The three of them had to keep dodging behind trees as to not get hit by the disgusting ooze. A stroke of luck happened when the monster tripped over a log, causing it to fall. Because of that fall, Xinya was able to use his potion to subdue it, and like the others, the monster was killed.

With the deaths of these four monsters, they had gained 5 health potions, 2 mana potions, and 3 stamina potions. It wasn't nearly enough to deal with Wyatt but it was something at least. They decided to rest for a bit, although it's slow it would help them slowly recover their Health, Mana, and Stamina without using the potions. After about six minutes they were ready.

"Do you think that we can really beat him?" Wei asked a little concerned.

Looking at Wandering Sound and Wei worried faces, Xinya said, "Stop worrying about if we can and start thinking that we must. We have to save Christopher."

"He right." Wandering Sound says. "We must."

"Yeah, we must," Wei said with a newfound conviction.

With a strong resolve, the three walked back to the clearing where Wyatt was waiting.