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81 Four Minutes Earlier

 Wei grabbed Wandering Sound's hand and sprinted into the forest with him, she felt bad leaving Xinya all alone there with Wyatt but knew that if they were going to defeat those Oozing spectres she needed to prepare. Once those specters were dead, only then can they can give Wyatt the beating that he deserves.

"What's going on?" Wandering Sound asked once Wei stopped running. He could see that they were far away enough from where they left Xinya, but not too far away that Xinya wouldn't be able to catch up to them if he needed to.

Taking out four small circular objects from a small pouch on her belt she said, "During the times when I and Drifting Cloud are logged out, sometimes we watch players going through treasure dungeons. In one of these videos, we watched as a player goes through a high-level one."

Wandering Sound nodded along to her words not really seeing where she was going with this.

"While the player was in the dungeon he couldn't use his inventory, knowing that one day we would be going into dungeons like that we researched how we could carry stuff without using the inventory. We found that there are cloth bags that come in all different sizes. From small pouches that can carry 4-5 things to large bags that can carry 20-30 things. Xinya brought me one and told me to keep my Survival Gear in, he wanted me to get used to the extra weight plus it will slowly gain me more stamina from carrying it." Wei explained.

Wandering Sound suddenly became fully aware of what the pouch that hung from Wei's dress meant, "So does that mean you got potions in there along with the survival gear that Xinya wanted you to carry?"

"Sadly, no. I didn't think we would run into a situation that would lock our inventories yet. I only kept my Treasure Hunter Survival Gear inside of it." Wei replied. She was also upset that she didn't put a couple of potions inside of it just in case something like this happened.

"Oh." Wandering Sound said a little disappointed but wouldn't let it get to him. "So what did you and Xinya meant by bait and run."

Wei gave two of the small circular objects to Wandering Sound, "These are called Dēkoi, they are one of the treasure hunter's survival items. When these babies are activated they will let out a noise that will entice the monster the noise been set to, even if it's in aggro to it."

"Really?" Wandering Sound said, feeling way more stimulated than before. He didn't have that overwhelming sense of doom anymore.

"Yup and once the monster touches it they will become stunned for all of 5 minutes and even is they wake up they will go into a dizzy state for 2 minutes. This is the number one escape tool for Treasure Hunters when they know they can't win against a monster." Wei said smugly.

Wandering Sound was astounded by the Dēkoi and what it could do. He really wanted some himself, they would come in handy. "If you had those things, why didn't you use them before?"

"Be glad I didn't." We replied. "Plus these things are very costly to make, it took me 20 silver coins just to make these four and I had to borrow that from Xinya."

"Ahh, no wonder I haven't seen you use any. But your right I'm glad you didn't. So what do you want me to do with these two?" Wandering Sound asked.

Patting the large rotten looking tree behind her, she said, "This tree will be our starting and ending point. We are going to put one of the Dēkoi's a couple of feet in front of it. The other three we will put each one a little further away from the last."

Wandering Sound agreed with the placement of Dēkois, this will give them more time to kill each one of them. They quickly got to work setting the Dēkois up in different areas, once they were done they went back to the tree where they first started.

"Do you think Xinya is alright?" Wei asked.

Checking the Xinya stats in the party window he said, "Besides the little bit of health he lost due to the blowback by Wyatt he is completely fine."

"That's good," Wei replied sounding a little off. She knew that Wandering Sound wouldn't know that she was talking about mentally and not physically. This quest was cut too close to home and she was wondering how Xinya was feeling right now.

She was about to dwell on the subject some more but as she lifted her head she saw Xinya running towards them at top speed. She was about to ask if he was alright when loud screeching sounds could be heard, startling her. She noticed that Xinya was giving her a look as if to ask if she did she do it. Wei responded to him with a nod, before turning her attention back towards the screeching.

In the distance, she saw four Oozing Spectres running towards them. Before using his camouflage skill on the three of them, Xinya said, "Activate them now."