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80 Stalling

 Wandering Sound was a little confused about what the two of them were going on about but as he watched Wyatt smirk get more sinister and the four Oozing Spectres begin gearing up to attack he didn't care for an explanation. All he wanted at this moment was for them to put whatever idea they had into action.

"Wei takes Wandering Sound into the woods, you already know what you need to do, explain it to Wandering Sound. I will stall Wyatt for a couple of minutes than lure the monster inside the forest." Xinya said.

"Alright, I will only need 3-4 minutes," Wei told Xinya while grabbing Wandering Sound hand dragging him into the forest leaving Xinya all alone with Wyatt.

Wyatt watched as the two left his smirk becoming even more pronounced, "It seems your friends have abandoned you to die alone. How does it feel? Are you sad, that you been betrayed?"

"Why would I be sad?" Xinya begin. "I let my friends go because I care for them. Unlike you, who can't let go even though you know you are hurting the person you say you care for."

The smirk on Wyatt's face disappeared as if it was never there. His face became cold, so cold that it felt like if you kept looking at it, it would freeze your whole entire body. "What do you know boy?! I have never hurt Christopher, he is loved and safe."

"Loved?" Xinya started laughing sardonically. "You call that love! That's not love, that's an obsession!"

"I do love him and he loves me!!" Wyatt hollered angrily. The way that Xinya mocked his feelings for Christopher filled him with fury. He couldn't wait to destroy him, afterward, he would use his body to fertilize the plants around the cottage.

"He loves you? Don't make me laugh. From what I can see he despises you, loathes you, hates you. To him, you are nothing more than his jailer that kept him locked up all these years." Xinya watched as Wyatt gets more and more upset after each word he spoke, but it wasn't enough he wanted his words to pierce deeper into his heart.

"Do you think, once I free him, that he will ever think about you once your gone?" Xinya asked seriously. "I bet he won't, you will be just like a bad nightmare that will fade from memory after a while."

Wyatt was shaking from rage, his fists clenched hard enough that his fingernails were digging deep within his skin. He wanted this boy dead and he wanted it now, how dare he besmirched the love he had for Christopher, even implying that Christopher hated him, that was absurd.

Thinking back through the years they spent together after Christopher failed suicide, he knew that Christopher came to love him again. He never rejected any of his advances, he always did everything he told him to do, and he always waits for him when he goes off hunting. Wyatt knew that this was Christopher's way of showing that he loved him and he won't allow this boy to belittle it.

As soon Xinya saw Wyatt raised his arm he was ready, he knew that he pushed Wyatt to far and he was about to attack. Just as he expected Wyatt swept his arm down in flourish, signaling the monsters to attack.

Xinya already had his map open and saw Wei and Wandering Sound location, making a break for it he ran into the forest with the Oozing Spectres hot on his tail. As he ran he heard Wyatt's chilling voice coming from behind him.

"Don't completely kill him my Spectres, bring his half-dead body back to me. His death needs to be slow and painful." Wyatt's voice menacingly echoed throughout the forest. Once that Dryad was dead he planned to display his head on a pike in front of the cottage as a warning to everyone. Nobody would take his love away from him.

Xinya ran as fast as he could, the four Oozing specters were hot on his tail he had to keep ducking and dodging because they kept spitting acid at him. Luckily enough all of their attacks had missed or he would be down a lot of Health points right now.

Seeing that the dots of Wei and Wandering Sound on the map were only a couple of feet away Xinya knew that he would have to shake off these Oozing Spectres before they met up. He wondered what he could do when he saw a low hanging branch on a tree in the opposite direction of where he needed to go. Quickly he beelined to the right and rushed to the tree. He grabbed the branch and pulled himself up disappearing from view.

The Oozing Spectres stopped for a minute in confusion before continuing to run in the direction they last saw him going. Knowing that won't fool them for long, Xinya jumped down from the tree and continued to run to Wei and Wandering Sound.

It took him less than two minutes to meet up with them, but just as he was about to relax he could hear the screeches of the Oozing Spectres and knew that they would be here soon, but it didn't matter, Xinya looked at Wei and he saw her nod. Everything was already prepared.