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79 Oozing Spectres

 Wei barreled through the last bit of woods before reaching the clearing. She kept running until she was near Wandering Sound and Xinya. "Be ready he is coming!"

"What happened?" Xinya asked wondering why the notifications suddenly appeared.

"I don't know, while Wyatt was chasing me I had to dodge an attack and fell so I had to use my Soul Shot on him," explained Wei.

Understanding appeared in Wandering Sound's eyes, "It must be that the first attack triggers everything."

"That makes sense." Xinya begin. "And now Wyatt knows why we are here."

As soon as Xinya stop speaking and loud roar echoed throughout the woods. The three of them became tense, looking in the direction where the sound came from, they saw the trees moving apart making a straight path towards them.

Footsteps could be heard coming towards them along with a dragging sound. Xinya already had his Dreaming Dust prepared and ready to throw. He was happy that his gloves had slots for his combat potions or he would be out of luck.

Wandering Sound was gripping his flute hard, anxious about what was going to happen. On the other hand, Wei was filled with anticipation, she had her guns cocked and were ready to destroy Wyatt.

Barely a minute passed when Wyatt appeared in all of his glory, he looked different from how he did previously. Gone was the young master, he now looked like a cold-blooded killer. His greying skin was even more apparent, veins were protruding everywhere on his body, his eyes were glowing red, and a black aura surrounded his entire body.

The sword that fits nicely at his side was now five feet long, it created a trench on the ground as he dragged it behind him. Wyatt looked evilly looked at the three of them and laughed maliciously, "Weaklings, you think you can take him from me!!"

"We will." Xinya calmly stated. "He will be free from you."

"That's where you're wrong, you fools! He doesn't want to be free, he loves me!" Wyatt roared at them.

"He doesn't love you! He hates you, and once we kill you he will be happy!" Wei angrily said inching to start attacking him.

"Kill me?" Wyatt laughed at the mere idea. "I would like to see that."

Wyatt lifted the five-foot-long steel sword with ease, and without blinking an eye struck it onto the ground so hard that the impact blew the three of them back, causing them to land heavily on the ground a couple of feet away.

Without even touching them Wyatt caused Xinya to lose 20 health points, getting up Xinya saw that Wyatt was summoning something from the crack he created on the ground. Quickly he threw his Dreaming Dust potion at him, to interrupt him, It landed but it didn't work, it seemed Wyatt was too strong for that potion.

Cursing a little inside his head he yelled, "Wandering Sound quickly use Beguiling Song!"

"It doesn't work!" Wandering Sound yelled back, it turned out that Wandering Sound already tried to use the skill but it failed to work.

Wei was about to use Soul Shot which would have been helpful in this situation but she was blown back further than the guys and she needed to be in range for her skill to work. Just as she was about to fire, Wyatt had finished his summoning and four monsters appeared by his side.

The monsters were called Oozing Spectres, they were ghastly looking things. It had a human head that was attached to the body of a beast. It was covered in green slime that smelled horrible that constantly dripped everywhere. They were only level 26 but they were mini-bosses. They were also hard to kill because the green slime was acid and if it touched a player their health will go down a lot.

Wandering Sound was constantly saying shit under his breath as he saw them appear, Xinya was also feeling a little discouraged, it was one thing to fight Wyatt by himself but now there were four mini-bosses to attend with.

Wyatt laughed maniacally at the looks on their faces, "You think you can beat me when you're scared of my minions. It seems I won't have to lift a finger to defeat you all."

A fire lit in Xinya eyes after he heard Wyatt speak, he wouldn't give up the little mage was counting on him, he would not let him down. He looked around he saw that Wandering Sound and Wei was looking pessimistic. He couldn't have that if they think they can't win then they won't be able too.

Opening his interface he opened the party voice chat, that way when he talks only the three of them could hear. "Guys, don't give up yet."

"It's hard not too. If those four monsters attack us at the same time were done for." Wei said via party voice chat.

"What she said." Wandering Sound said. "But if I have to die, I'm not not going without a fight.

"Don't worry, I got an idea, we need to separate the monsters from Wyatt and fight them in the forest. That way we can deal with them one by one" Xinya told them while giving Wei a knowing look.

"I see where you're going with this, you want us to play bait and kill," Wei said.

Smirking, Xinya replied, " Exactly."