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78 Let’s Begin

 Once the hour was up, Xinya and Wei immediately logged back on. They couldn't wait to set their plan in motion and free Christopher from the evil clutches of Wyatt. When they logged on they didn't see Wandering Sound yet so while they waited Xinya made sure the place where Wei needed to lure Wyatt was marked clearly on her map so that no problems would arise.

After five minutes, Xinya and Wei saw that Wandering Sound had finally logged back in. Seeing that the two of them were raring to go Wandering Sound asked, "What are you two doing?"

"Xinya was just making sure my coordinates are correct, while we waited for you," Wei replied.

"That's a good idea, we don't want you to get lost while Wyatt is chasing you." Wandering Sound joked.

Although what Wandering Sound said was just a joke but Xinya felt it was pausable since he knew how Wei was. Looking at the clock, he saw that it was only 10 am in-game, still early. With this extra time felt that Wei should practice some.

"Since it's still early, let's do a run-through. That way Wei can get familiar with the terrain, and won't trip over anything as she runs through the woods." Xinya told them.

Indignant, Wei said, "Hey! I'm not some weak girl in a horror movie who falls when someone is chasing her."

"You could be." Wandering Sound said seriously while looking at her avatar up and down.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Wei yelled angry.

Holding up his hands in surrender Wandering Sound said, "Nothing, I meant nothing."

"You better meant nothing." Wei was annoyed, she knew what Wandering Sound was thinking. If this was a horror movie she would be the brainless hot girl who dies first.

Hiding a smirk, Xinya clapped his hands together to get their attention. "We are getting sidetracked, Wei I don't think you will fall but I do want you to familiarize yourself with the path you will take."

"Alright," Wei said, while slyly shooting a glare at Wandering Sound.

Xinya took both of them near the cottage, close enough for them to see it but still far enough that they weren't on the property. That way Wei could just take a beeline when she enters the woods that way she would still be going down the same path that would lead her to the clearing. Xinya made her practice the run a few times that even without looking at her map she would be able to make it the clearing with no problem.

When it was a little over 11:30, Xinya told Wei to get in position while he and Wandering Sound made their over to the clearing. It didn't take long for everyone to get in position so all they had to do was wait. Since they needed to buy time, they just talked about random things in party chat.

Wei was a little bored with just waiting, so she was just teasing Wandering Sound about his poop incident to get back at him for what he implied earlier. She was about to say something else to him when she saw the cottage door open.

RW: Guys! Wyatt is on the move get ready!

WS: ok.

DC: Be careful when bringing him here.

WS: Don't worry, I got this.

Wei watched as Wyatt came out from the cottage, he was very different than she thought he would look. She was expecting a massive bodybuilder physique, similar to the hulk, with facial features that were very unappealing. What she thought and what she saw was completely different. He looked like a young master going out for a hunt, with leather hunting clothes and a long black sword by his side that was pulsating some unknown energy.

His appearance was extraordinary too, besides his greying skin he was utterly gorgeous, with long blonde hair that reached his back, she couldn't see the color of his eyes but they were almond-shaped and matched perfectly with his face. She guesses the saying was right, evil does come in pretty packaging.

Seeing that Wyatt was walking away from the cottage, Wei sprung into action. She ran onto the cottage property, right in his line of sight. She knew that Wyatt would try to kill anyone he sees near the cottage because of what Xinya told her when they were logged out.

This way she didn't have to waste time using any skills or taunting him and just begin running immediately. Hearing an angry roar behind her and a coming of footsteps she knew the chase was on.

"How dare you step foot in this place and think you can escape!!" Wyatt shouted angrily behind her.

As she was running, she realized that he was closer than she thought he was, she couldn't believe how fast he was. She quickened her pace, dodging in and out of the dead looking trees to create distance. She thought everything was going well until the trees started to come to life in front of her. She felt like she jinxed herself, this was just like a horror movie.

When Xinya told her that Wyatt had power over the forest she didn't think it meant the trees also. Tree branches were getting in her way, the roots were coming up trying to trip her. She only needed to run a couple more feet and she would reach the place where Xinya and Wandering Sound was waiting, she hoped she could make it.

Glancing over her shoulder to see how far away Wyatt was, she was surprised to see that he was almost on her with a sword drawn. As he was about to bring it down on her, she dodged, as she did so she tripped over one of the tree roots.

She fell on the ground but managed to roll out of the way of Wyatt's sword strike, seeing that there is no way she could escape while he was so close, she used her skill Soul Shot at him causing him to be knocked back.

[Quest has been activated!]

[The Battle of Baldahurh forest has begun!]

[Wyatt's area of effect has been triggered!! All party member's inventories will be lock doing the duration of the battle!]

These notifications popped up in front of Xinya, Wei and Wandering Sound. As they saw them, they all had a similar thought....Shit.

Seeing the notifications Wei was was stunned for a moment, but quickly snapped out of it when she realized that Wyatt was starting to change into something terrifying. Hurrying she ran those last few feet to the clearing where Xinya and Wandering Sound was waiting.