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77 The Plan

 After Xinya was finished making the Mini Fireball potions it was completely dark, only the glow from the campfire illuminated the area. Looking around he saw the Wandering Sound and Wei was sitting closely together, quietly chatting among themselves. He didn't want to ruin the peaceful atmosphere but he knew they needed to make a plan, so they could deal with Wyatt.

Xinya cleared his throat trying to catch their attention, after doing it a couple of times without any results because they were wrapped up in their little world Xinya gave up and shouted, "Hey guys!"

When they heard Xinya's voice, Wandering Sound and Wei were a bit startled. Wei turned around and looked at Xinya only to see that he was giving her a knowing look. Paying him no mind, she grabbed Wandering Sound's arm telling him without words that it was time to discuss the plan.

Once everyone was settled around the fire Xinya began speaking, "Before we start planning how we will kill Wyatt. I need to ask what your light skills do."

"Alright I'll go first, my light skill is called Soul Shot." Wei taps her skill icon in her interface and sends the description to Xinya and Wandering Sound.

Soul Shot is a skill that compresses the user's soul inside the bullet which on impact releases the light of a living soul on the enemy. It does 240 to 300 knockback damage against dark monsters, it also has a very small chance of paralyzing a dark monster for 5 seconds.

"Ah, no wonder the Vex Hounds kept flying back when you shot them." Wandering Sound said.

"This is a very useful skill to have, with a knockback skill at our disposal, we can keep Wyatt away from us in case one of the other skills fail."

Nodding his head to what Xinya said, Wandering Sound agreed that Wei's skill would be very helpful in this fight. "I guess it's my turn now, my skill is called Liturgy for the damned."

Following Wei's example he also sent his skill description to them so they could read what it says:

Liturgy for the Damned: is a song from the heavens that gives a player a shield of light that protects them from dark creatures. This shield is very powerful and will do 300-400 damage to any dark creature that looks upon it, while also protecting the teammates of player from attacks. To sustain it, a player's mana will be drained, 10 mana every 5 seconds. The less mana a player has the weaker the shield will become.

"No wonder you were chucking back those mana potions like they were water when we were fighting those Vex Hounds," Wei said not believing how much of a mana killer that skill was.

"Tell me about it, I don't have that many are left now." Wandering Sound replied.

Xinya just opened his inventory and grabbed a stack of Mana potions from tons he had in his inventory and gave it to Wandering Sound, "Here take these."

"No, I can't possibly take these for free at least let me pay for it." Wandering Sound said a little hesitant to take the potions.

"It's fine, just take them," Xinya told him while trying to push the potions into his hands.

Seeing how Wandering Sound was going to refuse, Wei took the potions out of Xinya's hands and gave it to Wander Sound. "What are you hesitating for you are already paid him for any potions he wants to give you by helping us not die from the Floret Buns. So just take them."

"Alright, alright. I can't fight you with that logic." Wandering Sound said as he put the potions away in his inventory, giving a thankful look to Xinya.

"Since that's settled let's start making the plan." Wei eagerly said.

The three of them thought long and hard about how they could use their skills to take down Wyatt, when an idea came to Xinya mind, "I think I got an idea on how we should handle this."

"What is it?" Both Wandering Sound and Wei said at the same time.

"From what Christopher told me, Wyatt leaves in the afternoon around 1 every day. We shouldn't fight him near the cottage since I think he will be more powerful there since it is the nexus where the black magic originated from. So I think once he is outside one of use should catch his attention and lead him to a clearing that has no monsters around."

"I think that should be me since I am the fastest runner out of the three of us," Wei said.

"Are you sure it will be dangerous," Xinya said worriedly.

Filled with determination, Wei replied, "Yes I can definitely outrun him.

"Alright, once Wei leads him to the clearing, I will hit with my dreaming dust potion and if that doesn't work Wandering Sound will use his Beguiling Song or Snail song on him. At that point I will use Flora Attack, Wei I will be counting on you to spam Soul Shot at Wyatt once I used it."

"What about me?" Wandering Sound asked.

Thinking about it Xinya said, "I'm going to need you to stay close to Wei since the aggro is going to mostly be on her, once you see that she need reload put up your light shield. That way we are constantly doing damage to Wyatt all the time."

"Your plan makes sense, but where should we lead Wyatt at?" Wandering Sound asked.

"Don't worry, I already found the perfect place on the map, I will send you the coordinates," Xinya replied.

Happy that everything was settled, Wei said, "I think maybe we should log off now because we don't know how long this will take us."

"Roaming Wind is right, we should log off and once we come back we can free Christopher."

"Yup, with Drifting Cloud plan nothing can go wrong," Wei said.

For some reason after Wei said that Xinya felt a chill run down his back. Shaking it off as nothing, Xinya logged off the game.