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76 A Funny Acciden

 By the time, the night was upon him, Xinya had used up all of the Dancing Girls flowers he had collected making the combat potion Flora Attack. He had amassed a total of 42 potions from the flowers.

Looking at the lavender potion bottle in his hand he felt quite satisfied with himself, none of the potions were bad quality and he made more than he thought he would. He was itching to try out the combat potion but he understood that he still had to make other potions.

Putting the Flora Attack potion away he began working on the Mini Fireball potions. After taking out the ingredients for it, Xinya speculated that he probably has enough to make about 93 of them is he doesn't fail while making them. As he began making them he heard a strange sound coming from behind him freaking him out a little.

Turning around he let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was just Wei and Wandering Sound coming back to camp. When they got nearer, Xinya gave them a closer look to see that Wei was silently cracking up and Wandering Sound looked worse for wear.

"What's so funny?" Xinya asked Wei once she was inside the camp.

Chuckling a bit Wei said, "You won't believe what happened."

"Nothing of importance happened." Wandering Sound said while eyeing Wei as if to tell her not to say anything.

Either Wei didn't see it or pretended not too because she just carried on gleefully, "While we were in the woods leveling up are skills, by the way, my damage went up so much using my light skill that I couldn't believe it."

"I knew it would," Xinya replied while motioning for her to continue with her story.

"So, me and Wandering Sound was kicking the Vex Hounds butts, so I suggested that he should practice running while playing the flute." Wei could barely contain her giggling as she spoke.

Wandering Sound irritably looked at her, "Yes please do remember that you're the one who suggested it. What happened was your fault."

Xinya was very curious about what happened to Wandering Sound in the woods. With how Wandering Sound was acting it had to be something very embarrassing.

"What happened?" Xinya asked.

"Well, as you know this game is very realistic," Wei began holding back a laugh. "And as we walked through the Vex Hounds territory every so often we would pass a turd pile...."

Xinya's eyes widen as the realization seeped in, he looked at Wei for conformation, when she nodded he looked at Wandering Sound and started cracking up, "Gosh, that's hilarious. I can't believe you fell in a pile of shit."

"Face first!" Wei said laughing some more.

Wandering Sound had his hands covering his face, which was already bright red in embarrassment. He couldn't believe that this had happened if his fans ever find out he would never live it down. "Let's not talk about this anymore."

"Alright, we won't," Xinya replied holding back his laughter. "I just have one question and I won't bring it up anymore."

"What is it?" Wandering Sound asked a little wary.

"Did any get in your mouth?" Xinya asked making Wei laugh uproariously again.

Wandering Sound just rolled his eyes at the two of them, before moving farther away from them huffing as he did so. Wei just laughed as she watched Wandering Sound go off to pout. After calming down she looked over at Xinya, she finally noticed that his avatar looked different.

"Nice amour, when did you get it?" Wei asked.

"My instructor gave it to me, remember I told you about it before we left Bellport," Xinya replied.

After thinking about it for a bit, Wei did remember, but that was a while ago she couldn't be faulted for it slipping her mind, "Oh, right. It's really nice, I hope my instructor gives me some armor too."

"If not you can always buy a used one, it would be cheap and that way you can save up for a really nice one."

"That's true," Wei began. "By the way besides getting new armor did anything happened while we were away?"

"I got two new combat potions, but I will only be able to use one of them for now," Xinya replied.

"That's awesome! Will it help us when we fight Wyatt?" Questioned Wei.

Nodding his head Xinya said, "I think it will be able too."

"That's great!" Wei said excitedly. "Wandering Sound and I had already leveled our light skill to level five, so once your done making potions we be all set."

"That's wonderful, once I'm done we can make a plan on how we are going to take down Wyatt," Xinya responded.

Smiling Wei got up from where she was seated, "Alright, while your busy making potions I'm going to go cheer up Wandering Sound."

"Cheer up? Don't you mean tease some more?" Xinya asked.

"Nope," Wei said while shaking her head. "I'm going to go cheer him up, he will need it with how fragile the male ego is."

"Hey, I take offense to that," Xinya said to Wei who was already walking away laughing. He watched as she went over to Wandering Sound and sat down next to him while patting him on the back. A smile graced his face as he looked at them before he turned away and continued making potions.