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75 Two New Combat Potions

 Xinya opened up the combat journal and read the two new entries with great expectations, he wondered if the new combat potions would be better than the ones he already had. He really hoped so because even though he loved his mini fireball potion he knew that fire was only strong against water-type monsters.

With a little bit of anticipation, Xinya began reading the two new entries:

Two and a half years into the war

'It saddens me to say that we have been losing the war, I don't blame the soldiers it is not their fault. The reason for losing is the boss monsters, they are simply too strong. They wield power that the normal monsters do not have and it takes at least 50 of our men to kill one. I researched high and low to make a new combat potion to help us in this predicament but alas so far I have failed.'


A few months later

Something wonderful has happened, while some of the soldiers were on reconisis they brought back tons of different types of flowers for me to use hoping they would be of use in creating combat potions. While most of them were useless in creating anything there were two flowers that seemed to be different from the rest.

The two flowers names were 'Dancing Girls' and 'Blue Belladonna' after experimenting with these two flowers for a while, I had finally created two new combat potions that will help when fighting boss monsters and normal ones. I have named the combat potions 'Flora Attack' and 'Pulse Strike' With these two combat potions I know I can turn the tide of this war.


Once he was finished reading the two paragraphs a notification popped up in front of Xinya, telling him that he had learned two more combat potion recipes. After reading the description of the potions he was extremely excited because they were a great addition to his Mini Fireball and Dreaming Dust combat potions.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Flora Attack potion causes the petals of the Dancing Girl flowers to burst forth and wrap around an enemy causing them to become immobile, the petals will then suck out the life force from the monster for 25 sec doing 60 to 300 damage depending on the quality of the combat potion.

While Pulse Strike is a combat potion that when thrown strikes the surrounding area with electricity and blows all of the nearby enemies away. This potion does 85-400 damage depending on the quality of the potion and it also stuns the monster for 10 seconds.

Xinya was a little upset that he didn't get a light-based potion, it would have been so much easier to take care of Wyatt if he did get one but he was still happy with the ones that he had gotten. There were a lot of monsters that were weak to lightning and earth type skills.

The most common elements in Haven Online were water, ice, earth, air, wood, metal, lightning and fire. While light and dark were very uncommon. Xinya knew by heart every element in this game and what were there strengths and weaknesses.

Fire was strong against Wood and Ice but is weak to Water. Ice can be either strong or weak against Fire, depending on whether it's classified with or separately from Water. If it's separate, then Water will be strong against Fire while Ice is weak to it

Earth is strong against Electricity and very weak against Air. Lightning is strong against Water, but otherwise equal against Fire and Ice and is weak against Earth. Water is strong against Fire, weak to Ice and Wood.

Air is strong against Fire, weak to Earth and Electricity. Wood is weak to Fire and Ice and strong to Water and Earth. Metal is strong against Wood and Fire and is weak against Water and Lightning.

Light and Dark are usually conflicting forces who are equally strong against each other, but weak as a defense. Light is usually effective against the undead and other evil beings, while Dark is effective against "good" beings.

Since this region's monsters were mostly of the water element Xinya knew that Pulse Strike would be his new best friend when fighting monsters, the only bad thing is he hasn't seen any Blue Belladonna flowers as of yet, so he wouldn't be able to make that potion yet.

Luckily he did have the Dancing Girls flowers so he could try making the Flora Attack potion. Although he was level 7 in potion making and the recommended level in making the Flora Attack potion was level 8 he still felt confident that he could make a decent amount without failing too terribly.

Taking out his potion kit and all of the ingredients that he would need, he began trying to make the Flora Attack combat potion. Following the recipe, he boiled some water in his potions cauldron than added in one stamina potion, two Ortoclony or yellow herbs that are used in the creation of stamina potion, and stirred it well for 15 seconds.

Letting the concoction boil for a minute removed the petals of the Dancing girls, once it was done boiling he put 11 petals into the cauldron and stirred it well. After stirring it off and on for 3 minutes the potion was completed. Taking the caldron of the boil, he waited for the results.

[You have failed in making Flora Attack!! Please try again.]

Xinya wasn't surprised that he failed, the potion only had a 35% success rate because of his skill level. He would just keep trying he had a bunch of these flowers and seeds so it didn't matter if he uses them all up. All he needed was a few of them anyway if he could immobilize Wyatt even for a few seconds they would have a chance of beating him.