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74 Rose Armor

 After killing the Vex Hounds Xinya made Wandering Sound and Wei set up a camp before he would tell them anything. He found a nice place for the camp near a riverbank and it was also far away from any monsters.

Once the camp was set up, Wandering Sound was the first to bring the subject back up. He was buzzing with curiosity and was barely holding himself back from going over to Xinya and shaking the answers he wanted to know out of him. "Drifting Cloud, come on and tell us everything."

Xinya started describing everything that he saw when he was at the cabin, how the little mage and his ex-lover looked and how they interacted with each other. He told them how when Wyatt had left he had a talk with Christopher and found out how to save him from his eternal imprisonment.

"So all we have to do is kill Wyatt and Christopher would be free?" Wei asked. Xinya saw the determination shine brightly in her eyes, he had a feeling that Wei was overlapping the little mage life with his own.

"Yes, once Wyatt is dead, Cristopher will be free from the binds that are holding him," Xinya replied. "But it will be difficult, Wyatt is the conduit for this forest and his strength will be unimaginable."

Wandering Sound rubbed his head thought, "So how are we supposed to kill him than? It seems like he is this forest's boss."

"Christopher told me some of Wyatt's weaknesses. They will help up when we are fighting him." Xinya said.

"Oh?" Wei responded happily to hear that Wyatt had some sort of weakness. "What are they?"

"From what Christopher told me Wyatt was created out of dark magic so he would be weak against light skills. Also, his other weak point is his head, Christopher told me that was the point where the dark magic first entered him so that would be his weakest point." Xinya told them.

"Hmm... I have a light-based skill but since only a small percent of monsters have the dark element I never leveled up the skill." Wandering Sound said.

Wei's eyes lit up with realization, "I also have one but since I read on the forums that there are few dark element monsters I didn't level it up but I have some skill points left so I could, but I need to use it on monsters to gain experience for it."

Knowing that they needed those light-based skills to defeat Wyatt, Xinya had an idea, "Alright, I need you two to level up those skills, there are Vex Hounds around you can practice on them. Although the Vex Hounds are not a dark element monster but because of the dark magic in the forest your light magic attacks should damage them more."

"Are you coming with us?" Wei asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I need to make more potions, plus I only have 5 more dreaming dust left and since I can't make more of that potion yet, I'm going to stay here and make more mini fireball potions since they are running low at the moment."

Nodding his head in agreement Wandering Sound said, "Yeah you should stay here and restock, me and Roaming Wind will be fine. I have beguiling melody and snails song after all."

"Alright let's go then, Mr confident." Wei started. "I want to see if my damage really does change because I'm using a light skill."

Wei and Wandering Sound got up from the camp and begin walking in the direction of the Vex Hounds. Xinya could hear that they were joking with each other as they walked, and he felt that they looked closer than they did before.

"Don't forget to come back before dark and Wandering Sound, please practice playing the flute while running!!" Xinya shouted when they were a little ways away.

Seeing them nod at him, he turned his attention away from them and opened up his inventory, he was about to pull out his potions kit when he saw the armor package that Melvin gave him. He almost forgot about it since it took him so long to get to level 20.

Opening it up he saw it that the style wasn't different from what he was currently wearing, the only difference was the color and the designs on the clothing. Like his current outfit, it was just a pair of pants and a shirt, the shirt was just the tattoos that would showcase on his chest.

The armor was red with black rose prints on it and the shirt tattoos were also black roses in bloom. The armor also had some very nice stats on it, it gave +16 defense, +3 intelligence, +3 Dex and it was also upgradable to a certain point. Xinya knew he would be able to wear this for a long time and was very grateful to Melvin.

Xinya quickly put on the new armor and checked out his new stats:

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 280/280  (+10)    Level: 20

MP: 260/260  (+10)   EXP: 22/1100000

Stamina: 260/260  (+10) Skill points: 13

Str: 4 (+4)       Dex: 12(+7)

Int: 11 (+7)      Luck: 11 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 997 silver 700 bronze

Stat Points 0

"Nice," Xinya said quietly to himself as he saw his new stats with the armor on. He was about to close his interface when he saw that his combat potion journal was blinking.

Opening it up it seemed he leveled up enough to see the other two paragraphs that were blurred. He was very excited this meant that he can learn a new combat potion, he couldn't wait to see what it would be.