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73 With Roaming Wind & Wandering Sound

 Opening up the map Xinya looked for his two wayward party members. Seeing the two blue dots that represented Wei and Wandering Sound was very far away from his current location Xinya couldn't help but wonder what happened during the time between now and the last time he talked to them.

'Did they get lost or something?' Xinya wondered as he followed the map to where his friends were at. 'This is why they should have upgraded their maps as I did.'


20 Minutes earlier

Wandering Sound could hardly believe what he saw in the party chat, everyone knew the lore about Baldahurh forest, but to actually find the mysterious cottage that's something nobody could ever imagine. He couldn't wait to get there and see the place with his own eyes.

"What were you and Drifting Cloud talking about in the chat?" Wei asked. She felt a little left out and wanted to know why the two of them were so excited.

He looked at Wei with a smile, the smile on his face made Wei a little weak in the knees it was so beautiful. "In the Baldahurh forest, there is a tragic story of a little mage and his ex-lover...."

Wandering Sound begins to recount the story to Wei while following the coordinates that Xinya gave him earlier. As they walked he told her everything he knew and what he learned from people on the forums.

By the end of the story Wei had tears in her eyes, she felt so bad for the little mage. It also reminded her of Xinya's situation, she couldn't help but speculate what would have happened if Xinya never got out of that house. She didn't want to think about it, she couldn't because it was too painful to even think of.

How she hated Xinya's father and stepmother, although she knew that Xinya just wanted to let things go, she didn't. She wouldn't let them get away with what they did to Xinya. No matter how long it takes, she will find a way to drag them down and sully them as they did to Xinya.

With Wei being so quiet, Wandering Sound turned to her and was surprised to see the tears in her eyes. His heart started to beat a little faster as he looked at her. He felt at this moment that she was the loveliest woman he ever saw, inside and out.

Moving closer to her he used his fingers to wipe away her tears, Wei was startled by his actions which caused her to snap out of her thoughts. She didn't know when she stopped walking or how he got so close to her.

"Are you alright?" Wandering Sound asked. He was a little embarrassed by his bold actions and removed his hand from her face.

Blushing a little bit, Wei touched her cheek still feeling the warmth from Wandering Sound's hand. "I'm fine, the story just got to me." She replied while thinking, ' The effects in this game is too realistic.'

Her unconscious action of touching her face made his heart skip a beat. These feelings were new to him, living in a world where people only idolized him he could never be sure if the feelings other people had for him. So he closed himself off, but now with her, he was just a regular person and he knew if she had feelings for him they would be genuine.

"Let's hurry and find Drifting Cloud." Wandering Sound awkwardly said.

Not noticing the atmosphere Wei wiped away the tears from her eyes while smiling at him, "Yes, let's go."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Since they went the opposite way when they were looking for Xinya they had to go back in the direction where they set up camp at. As they were walking they bypassed a couple of Vex Hounds, it seems that the ones they killed had already respawned.

So far they were able to not aggro any of the Vex Hounds they came across but soon their luck disappeared as they were walking they somehow managed to aggro not one but three Vex Hounds. They ran for it but they got chased further away from where they needed to go.


Xinya finally found his friends only to see them running towards him with three Vex Hounds on their heels. Sprinting forward, he already had a dreaming dust potion ready. Throwing it at the Vex Hounds they immediately fell asleep.

"Wandering Sound you really need to learn how to play the flute while running," Xinya said as a greeting.

"Goodness! Drifting Cloud you came in the nick of time." Wei said happily because she didn't have to run anymore. "And Wandering Sound you do need to practice running and playing the flute."

Rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, Wandering Sound said, "I know, I know, let's just deal with these Vex Hounds." Suddenly a thought hit him, "Drifting Cloud why are you not waiting back at that place?!"

"It's not going to disappear if I don't stay there," Xinya replied, laughing at Wandering Sound's reaction. "Plus I got a quest. I tell you more in detail after these monsters are dead."

Wandering Sound already had his flute to his lips, he couldn't wait to hear about what kind of quest Xinya had gotten.