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72 Christopher

 The muscular man pulled away from the embrace and said something to the little mage, although Xinya couldn't hear what was being said, he could read the body language. The muscular man was leaving and was saying goodbye to the little mage.

Xinya ducked down when he saw the muscular man turning to leave, moving over to a nearby tree he used his racial skill to camouflage himself against it. He watched as the muscular man left the cottage door then walked around the perimeter of the cottage a couple of times before heading deeper into the woods.

Luckily it wasn't in the direction that Xinya friends were coming from, letting out a breath that he didn't know he was holding Xinya undid his camouflage. Rushing back over to the cottage, Xinya suddenly felt a sense of urgency because he knew this would be the best time to save the little mage.

When he got to the window the little mage was already there looking at him, when seeing all of the desperation and hope that the little mage was feeling at that moment aimed at him it hit him so hard that he felt like he couldn't breathe for a minute.

The feelings of desperation and hope that someone would come and save him he remembered them well. How he wished that someone would save him from that house, from her but nobody ever did. If it wasn't for his stepmother being cornered and his father being an idiot he knew he would still be there.

Although he couldn't save himself he will save the little mage even if it kills him. Xinya was about to try to open the cottage window to try to talk to mage but he was stopped by the little mage shaking his head telling him no.

Holding up one finger, as if to say wait one minute the little mage ran as fast as he could to the side room that he just came out from with the muscular man earlier. Coming back out from the room the little mage held a small square chalkboard for writing.

Hurrying back to the window to where Xinya was waiting. The little mage started writing something quickly on the chalkboard before showing it to Xinya:

( Do not try to enter the house, it's been spelled.)

"Spelled how?" Xinya asked quietly but he could see that the little mage could understand him.

Wiping off the chalkboard, the little mage wrote:

(I can not leave and if someone other than 'him' tries to come inside he will know.)

Xinya knew helping the little mage escape wouldn't be as easy as breaking in and grabbing him and leaving, but he wouldn't give up he will still save the little mage from his possessive ex-lover.

Seeing the determination in the young dryad eyes made the little mage tear up, he finally had some hope that he might be able to escape from this prison of love that he was in. He wished for this for centuries, but nobody ever came close enough to rescue him.

The people who wandered by were always killed by 'him' before they could even see the cottage in its entirety. Over time the little mage just gave up and learned to separate his mind from his body. That's how he survived this long without having a mental breakdown, but now there was hope.

The little mage once again wiped off the chalkboard and wrote:

(Will you help me escape from this place?)

"Yes, of course. Just tell me how to get you out of there." Xinya said.

[Quest has been created!]

The mage Christopher in desperation used black magic to get away from his ex-lover Wyatt, in doing so he made the Baldahurh forest become a place of the undead with his ex-lover Wyatt as a conduit. The only way to rescue Christopher is to kill Wyatt. Wyatt being the conduit of the spell is very powerful and can make anything inside of the Baldahurh forest do his bidding. Once Wyatt is truly dead, everything in the forest will return to its normal state including Christopher. *Quest is shareableFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Reward: 1000000 exp / 20 gold coins / Special Item for player class

The little mage basically just reiterated what Xinya read on the quest notification with some extra details about where Wyatt's weak points were and the best tactic when trying to kill him. After they finished talking Xinya promised the little mage that he would kill Wyatt for him.

Christopher broke down when Xinya said that and starting mouthing thank you over and over again. As he did Xinya could see that part of his tongue was bitten off, he finally realized why Christopher didn't speak. Xinya told Christopher that he would see him soon and went off to find Wei and Wandering Snow.