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70 Bad Flirting

 All throughout the night the three of them fought the transformed Vex hounds. It was a very tiring ordeal because of their strength and speed while fighting they had to make sure not to get to close to the Vex Hounds, so the fighting style they use was basically hit and run.

Although Wandering Sound helped a lot by using his skill Snails song, as everyone knows Vex Hounds tend to travel in packs. This became apparent during the night, when they were trying to aggro one Vex Hound but somehow aggroed 5 of them.

Xinya wasted 6 dreaming dust potions because he kept missing as he was running and Wandering Sound wasn't of any use because he wasn't proficient enough in playing his flute while running. Xinya for one thought he should practice doing just that. After taking care of the Vex Hounds they found themselves deeper in the forest.

Checking the map, Xinya saw that there was only one Vex Hound around them and realized they must be at the edge of the Vex Hound territory. Looking at his experience bar he saw that he only needed 100 more experience to level. Smiling Xinya looked towards the single Vex Hound in a predatory manner.

"Hey guys, I'm about to level up let's kill this last Vex Hound than we can rest," Xinya said while looking at Wei and Wandering Sound.

"Same here, let's kill the little beastie," Wei replied already readying up her guns.

Wandering Sound just looked over at Wei and laughingly said, " I'm with you two, let's finish off this last one."

Using her guns, Wei aggroed the monster, while it was chasing her Wandering Sound used snail song on the Vex Hound slowing it down. When Wei was a fair distance away from it, Xinya started throwing his mini fireball potions at it, Wei also got some good shots on it.

In a matter of seconds, the Vex Hound was dead and a notification popped up in front of Xinya:

[You have leveled up!]

[You are now level 20!!]

"Yay! I leveled up I'm now level 17!" Wei said excitedly.

"Gratz, I have also leveled up, I'm now level 20," Xinya stated happily.

Wandering Sound pretended to be sad and said, "It seems that I'm the only one who had yet to level."

"What level are you anyway?" Xinya asked curious. He knew that Wandering Sound was a higher level than him but he didn't know how high.

"I'm level 25, and at the rate, things are going, I'm going to stay 25 for a while." Wandering Sound said pitifully.

"Aww, don't worry you will level up soon," Wei told him as she patted him on the back, completely falling for his pitiful acting.

As Wei patted him, Wandering Sound's expression changed from being sad to happy, "Of course I will as long as I stay with you... um... Two."

After watching the bad flirting that those two were doing, Xinya decided that he needed some alone time, " I'm going to go find a stream and soak my feet why don't you two set up camp and we meet back here in an hour."

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"Are you sure it's okay to separate, what if you run into something?" Wei asked.

"Don't worry, the stream is only a little ways away. You will still be able to see me." Xinya replied while pointing to a stream that was about ten feet away from them.

"Let's just go together, we can just set up camp over there." Wandering Sound suggested.

Seeing as he won't be able to get some alone time he agreed with Wandering Sound. The three of them walked over to the stream and while Wei and Wandering Sound were setting up camp Xinya begins soaking his feet.

He had been lucky up to this point, this is the first in a while that he needed to stop and soak his feet. When they went to the swamp there was water everywhere, on the road he could walk along the river banks, in the forest, there were many puddles of water around, only after they started moving deeper into the forest that the puddles become scarcer.

The hour passed by quickly enough, Xinya was about to go to the campsite that was a little ways away but seeing Wandering Sound and Wei in deep conversation, he decided to take a quick look around. While he was soaking his feet he had looked at the map and there was a large black spot on it. Since it was near them he wanted to go check it out, he wondered if it could be an unexplored dungeon or something.

Walking in the direction of the black spot by following the map, Xinya didn't notice that there was a steep hill in front of him. Tripping over the air, he rolled down the hill at breakneck speed. It happened so fast that he reached the bottom of the hill before he could even scream. All the while -2 damage notifications popped up in front of him as he fell. He slowly got up to collect his bearings when he became spell bounded by the scene in front of him.

Name: Drifting Cloud  Title: Bird Killer

HP: 280/280  (+10) Level: 20

MP: 260/260  (+10) EXP: 22/1100000

Stamina: 260/260  (+10) Skill points: 13

Str: 4 (+4)       Dex: 9(+4)

Int: 10 (+4)      Luck: 10 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 997 silver 700 bronze

Stat Points 4