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69 Vex Hound

 "Roaming Wind quickly run away!" Xinya shouted as he saw the undead corpse of the Vex Hound coming in hair's reach of Wei. Its pulpy decayed flesh fell off its body every time it moved. Its mouth was already widening showing its inky black teeth that were about to go in for the kill.

A Vex hound was a level 21 monster, that had mangled black fur, glowing red eyes, superior strength, and speed, also, because of it's undead state, it had a foul odor. Once upon a time, they were the go-to monsters that tamers wanted to be their fighting partners but once the zombification of Baldahurh forest happened that all changed. In their undead state, the Vex Hound became feral and would kill anything that moved.

After being in the Baldahurh forest for about 4 days now fighting different grotesque looking undead monsters, even logging out once during this time before coming back and continuing. Wei had leveled up two times and with just a little more experience she would be level 16, on the other hand, Xinya and Wandering Sound haven't leveled up once yet which led them to the Vex Hounds. They thought by fighting a higher level monster they would all at least level once before leaving the forest.

Since it was already dark when they reached the Vex Hounds they were just going to set up camp and wait until morning to fight them, but while gathering wood Wei accidentally aggroed two transformed Vex Hounds. Xinya who was closest to her at the time used his Dreaming Dust but it only hit one of them, while the other escaped which led them to this situation.

Wei dodged the transformed Vex Hound mouth at the last second while scurrying over to Wandering Sound, the monster hot on her heels. Wandering Sound had already put his flute to his lips to put the transformed Vex Hound into a trance. As he began playing his beautiful melody, the Vex Hound paused in steps, just as the three of them was about to relax the Vex hound shook off the trance-inducing music.

"Beguiling Song isn't working!" Wandering Sound shouted, the Vex Hound begun charging towards Wei once more. Xinya was about to go over and help when he saw the dreaming dust wearing off on the Vex Hound that was near him.

Knowing that he had to get rid of the Vex Hound before it wakes up he starts throwing mini fireball potions at it. Seeing that Xinya was preoccupied, Wandering Sound used another of his skills called Snails Song.

Snails Song is a skill that when played will make the monster or player it's used against, move at a snail's pace for 50 seconds. The skill was created by a female bard because her lover was always over-eager in bed. This skill takes 50 sta peruse.

After the Vex Hound was slowed down and Wei was safely away, Wandering Sound begin playing his flute once again. A haunting melody begins, giant musical notes begin appearing in the air around Wandering Sound, floating stationary in front of him. As the song went on the sharper the musical notes became until they were like knives.

Wandering Sound's music changed from haunting to deadly and the musical notes began to move towards the Vex Hound at a stunning speed, stabbing in and out of the monster making it look like a pincushion. Xinya who was already finished killing his monster came over to watch the spectacle.

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He was a little in awe at what he was seeing, the skill that Wandering Sound was using was no joke. Soon the Vex Hound died disappearing into particles only leaving some coins and items in its wake.

"Wow, what skill was that?" Wei asked Wandering Sound while looking at him with starry eyes.

"It's called Soprano blast" Wandering Sound while picking up the items. "I just got it recently, this the first time I had a chance to use it."

Soprano Blast is an area of effect skill that when played will change musical notes into deadly weapons destroying any enemy they come in contact with. This takes 75 mp peruse.

"I'm glad you did or else I would have been a goner," Wei said.

Wandering Sound looked at Wei quickly before looking away, "I wouldn't have let anything happen to you."

Wei blushingly smiled but stopped when she noticed Xinya giving her a knowing smirk. Ignoring him she begins picking up the fallen wood, "So are we still going to set up camp?"

Xinya laughed at her inside his head before saying, "Well we already know we can kill the transformed Vex Hounds so let's just keep killing the one by one."

"What Drifting Cloud said is correct, why wait, until the morning we can get very good experience by killing them now."

Putting the firewood down Wei got up and said, "Alright, let's do it."

"You sure did change your mind about fighting at night," Xinya muttered but made sure that Wei could hear him.

Wei looked at Xinya and stuck out her tongue before going over to Wandering Sound side. Xinya shook his head and wondered what happened to 'Bros before hoes' or in this case 'vanity before insanity'.

Throughout the rest of the night, the three of them kept fighting the transformed Vex Hounds gaining massive amounts of experience as they did so. Xinya knew that soon he will be level 20.