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68 Baldahurh Fores

 The closer they got to the Baldahurh forest entrance, the more daunting the atmosphere around them became. The once tall lively trees that surrounded them blossoming with multicolored leaves were gone, now all that remained were these enormously gnarly ancient looking trees, that were showing signs of decay.

That wasn't the only thing that had changed the sky started to become a darkish red the closer they got, ominous noises also started appearing out of nowhere causing Wei to get startled from time to time. Xinya was a little on edge too, not because of the noises but because he knew what was within Baldahurh forest.

Xinya read about the Baldahurh forest in his last life, the player's tales about the forest was always very interesting but they always creeped him out a bit too. The reason he was creeped out was that the monsters in the Baldahurh forest were dead, to put it more precisely, undead.

From what he read in one of Haven Online libraries, he found out that there was once a mage who was kidnapped by his ex-lover. His lover was very possessive to the point where if the mage even glances at another person, it would set his lover off. Seeing how deranged his lover was becoming the mage tried to leave him, but was caught.

The lover took him from his home in the dead of night and drugged him so he wouldn't put up a struggle. He took the little mage deep into the dangerous Baldahurh forest where the little mage wouldn't be able to escape. The lover must have been planning to do this for a while because when the mage awoke he was in a nice looking cottage.

The little mage tried to plead with his ex-lover to let him, but the lover wouldn't allow him to go. He wanted the little mage to love him again and he would do anything to make it happen. The little mage suffered unspeakable things from his ex-lover in the name of love to the point where he couldn't take it anymore.

After several failed escape attempts, the little mage finally snapped and only wanted to kill his ex-lover. His magic responded to his wish and turned from light to dark, and on one occasion when the lover was tormenting the little mage it was released. The magic killed the lover and everything else in the Baldahurh forest.

That should have been the end of it, the little mage should have escaped and been free and happy, but sometimes there is no such thing as a happy ending. Dark magic is unstable and there are always side effects to using it. The little mage who was so happy that his ex-lover was dead and was about to push him off to escape was startled when he came back to life.

The lover became an undead corpse, but he could speak and think like normal and he would live forever, the little mage was horrified. He knew that his ex-lover would never let him go, so he bit his tongue to suicide but as if driven by instict the ex-lover grabbed him and bit him on the shoulder turning him into an undead creature like him. The little mage screamed after waking from the bite because he knew he would be trapped with the person he hated forever.

There is a legend that the little mage and his lover still lives in the cottage somewhere in the woods, Xinya read multiple accounts of people seeing it but before they got close they mysterious died. Xinya never expected that he would be traveling through the very forest that he loved to read about on the forums. Hopefully, he won't die inside, that would upset him.

"We're here." Wandering Sound announced.

Snapping out of his thoughts Xinya looked around, they were indeed at the entrance to Baldahurh forest. "So we are."

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"This place is freaking creepy," Wei said looking around wide-eyed at everything.

"Once we go inside it will be even more so," Xinya said looking at Wei with a smirk. "Are you scared?"

"No way, I have been practicing my special technique just in case," Wei said smugly.

"What technique would that be?" Xinya asked a little curious.

Trying to contain her smile, she said seriously, " My special technique is called running away."

Xinya just rolled his eyes, while Wandering Sound said while laughing, " That is a good technique, but I think everyone has it."

"Although everyone has it, I perfected it." Wei smiled while shrugging.

"Well, make sure to use it when you get into trouble," Xinya said humoring her. "Let's go in now."

"Wait, do you everyone have enough potions?" Wandering Sound asked before Xinya could take a step towards the entrance.

Laughing Wei said, "Don't worry about potions, Drifting Cloud is a potion maker he has tons. We couldn't run out if we wanted to."

"Oh, that's good." Wandering Sound said while looking at Xinya in a new light. "Than let's go.

Taking their weapons out, the three of them headed inside of Baldahurh forest without once looking back.