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67 Black Bean Shrimp with Gai-Lan

 Going to the stove he set his wheelchair to hover mode so it is easier to cook. He ordered this special wheelchair the last time he had logged out of the game since he knew it would make it easier for him to move around. He also had one when he was living with his father, but his stepmother replaced it with a regular one so he will be more dependent on the household staff.

He couldn't be happier that he was away from her and her atrocities, this new wheelchair signifies freedom and he was going to enjoy it. A stray thought of his father came to him before he pushed it back inside the little box in his heart. He wouldn't think about him, it's all in the past now and he would leave it there.

After forcing those stray thoughts away he looked inside the refrigerator to see what he could make, seeing that they had shrimp, black beans and gai lan (Chinese broccoli), he decided to cook Black-Bean Shrimp with Gai lan.

Xinya took and the ingredients and utensils that he would need to cook after preparing everything he proceeded to stir together the broth which consisted of, rice wine, soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar, and salt into a small bowl until the cornstarch was dissolved. He then removed any bruised or withered outer leaves from the gai lan, afterward, he trimmed and peeled the stalks. He made sure none of them was too thick if he found any that was he cut them again

He cut the gai lan crosswise into 2 1/2-inch pieces, separating leafy parts from thick stems. Once the salted water that he had on the stove began to boil he put the stems inside leaving the pot uncovered, he lets it boil for 4 minutes until crisp-tender, then he added the leafy parts of the gai lan, letting both parts boil until they become tender.

After 5 minutes he took them out and patted them dry, he then transferred them to a large dish to keep warm while loosely covering them with foil. Going over to the shrimp he rinsed them off and patted them dry. Setting them to the side, he heated up a wok over high heat until it was hot enough that if he dripped water inside it would vaporize instantly.

Xinya poured some oil inside of the wok, once it began to sizzle he added some ginger and stir-fried it for 5 seconds, then he added black beans, garlic, and jalapeño and stir-fried it for 1 minute. Working quickly, he added the shrimp cooking it undisturbed for 3 minutes.

Then he stir-fried it until the shrimps were pink on both sides for about 1 minute more. After that, he added the shrimp to the broth mixture and stirred it together while bringing it to a boil. About two minutes later he removes it from heat and drizzled it with sesame oil. He stirred it together than he poured the shrimp and sauce over the gai lan.

"Ooh, what smells so good," Wei asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Smiling, Xinya said, "I made Black-Bean Shrimp with gai lan, and it's ready, so help me set the table."

Wei went over to set the table happily, "I think this is the first time that I will be eating your cooking, in real life and online."

"Don't worry, soon you will be experiencing my cooking all the time in the game," Xinya told her.

"Why do I feel as if that is a threat," Wei said, as a chill went through her body.

Rolling his eyes at her he said, "How is that anything like a threat, do you think the food I make will be bad?"

"Well..." Wei said slyly. "Even if food smells good it can taste bad." Wei knew Xinya grew up with servants waiting on him, so she was a little skeptical about the food.

"I see. Remove your dish, I will eat all of this myself." Xinya said while tasting the food after the flavor hit his tongue a pleased expression appeared on his face. He understood Wei's reluctance and wouldn't force her to eat his cooking if she didn't want to.

Wei after seeing how much Xinya enjoyed the shrimp he just ate, she choked on air when she heard Xinya telling her to remove her dish, "Hee..hee... You know I was just joking, of course, your food will be delicious."

Xinya ignored Wei antics and put the food on the table. Wei filled her bowl up with the delicious-looking food and tasted it. She was overwhelmingly surprised the food was so delicious. The pleasant bite of gai lan compliments the stir-fried shrimp beautifully. She couldn't believe someone who grew up surrounded by servants could cook so well.

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"When did you learn to cook so well?" Wei asked in wonder.

Xinya couldn't tell her the truth so he just said a little white lie, telling her that he learned in secret, when he found time to hide away from his stepmother. There were many holes in his story but he knew Wei wouldn't look deeper into it in case of touching on a sore spot.

After they ate their meal, they logged back on. Wandering Sound was already waiting for them. Wei gave him a shy hello when she saw him while Xinya just nodded and smiled. Once the pleasantries were over they once again began their trek to Baldahurh forest. Checking his map, Xinya saw that they were only an hour away from arriving.

There he would see if Wandering Sound was someone he could begin to trust around his friends.