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 As they walked to Baldahurh forest Drifting Cloud, Roaming Wind and Wandering Sound fell into a wonderful comradeship. The way wandering sound integrated himself into their group was very natural and not forced at all.

When they had to log out because their 24 hours were up, Wandering Sound also logged out because he felt it would be best to sync up their logout times since they were traveling together. He didn't want to have to log out when the three of them were in the midst of doing something dangerous and be the cause of causing an accident.

Xinya was very impressed with Wandering Sound, as he talked to him he found him to be a very pleasant and sensible guy. He didn't get any bad feelings when he was around him, but he still didn't let his guard down. There are many people who hide their evil intentions behind a nice facade, with those sort of people one can never predict they're true agenda.

Wei would tell him if she knew what he was thinking, that it was just his trust issues acting up, and he would agree with her. He had seen the worst in people more than he had seen the good, because of this he couldn't give out his trust easily. He wasn't Wei who basically saw the good in everyone.


After logging off the game, Xinya got out of the pod and wheeled himself to the living room. Along the way he passed Wei's room, hearing movement inside, he was about to call out to her but she started speaking. Knowing that she must be on the phone, he wheeled himself away as to not intrude.

Feeling a little hungry Xinya bypassed the living room and went straight to the kitchen, he hasn't really cooked since his previous life, not counting instant ramen and microwavable foods. Thinking about it, he realized he hadn't had time to cook inside of the game recently, it's understandable with everything that has been going on that he wouldn't have time to do so.

He swore that once he and Wei finish this treasure dungeon he would head to Arkala and buy that piece of land. He had been slacking on his cooking skills and he needed to start preparing for the update.

He didn't know how he strayed off from his course so far, in his head his plan after getting his class and some skills, was to go out and collect different types of plants, make potions, and cook amazing food which he would sell later for a massive amount of coin.

Shaking his head, he admitted to himself that life doesn't always go the way you envision it. Not to say that he disliked how things were going, he didn't, he quite enjoyed it actually. In this life Haven Online is fun and exciting, it was not like how it was in his previous life a boring grind to make money.

This outcome is what he wanted to happen anyway but he never thought it would happen by a simple divergence. As he thought about it, he realized that divergence was Melting Snow. If he had never met him in beginner town his path would have probably been way different. Xinya smiled as he thought about that silly boy.

Wei also became a divergence in his path, her becoming a treasure hunter instead of an explorer, also by joining her early he felt that he had to take care of her as she once did him. He didn't mind doing so, but the Wei right now didn't see the harshness of the game and wasn't as guarded as her future counterpart and that made him not want to leave her by herself.

Now there was Wondering Sound, Xinya could clearly see that Wei developed a small crush on him. He couldn't blame her, a handsome guy coming in the nick of time-saving her life from peril. That is what romance books are made out of. Of course, that would sway a young girl's heart. To be perfecting honest it caused Xinya's heart to beat, but only briefly. He was never one to indulge in the silliness of love at first sight.

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Plus for some reason, Wandering Sound's name felt very familiar to him. He had a feeling he saw it in his previous life but for the life of him he couldn't figure out in what context. The only thing he knew was it wasn't anything bad since he never read gossip in the forum. To be on the safe side he will still treat him as an unknown variable that he needed to figure out.