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64 Wandering Sound

 The Floret Buns were about a few feet away from the road when Wei tripped over something and fell face-first on the ground. When she fell the nearest Floret Buns swarmed her and started dragging her to one of the newly formed holes that they made when coming out from the ground.

"Xinya, help me!" Wei screamed while struggling against the massive amount of Floret Buns that was dragging her.

Xinya turned around when he heard Wei scream, he could have sworn that she was right next to him a couple of seconds ago, he really wanted to know what could have happened in those couple of seconds that caused the situation to become like this.

He was about to pull out a dreaming dust potion and throw it at the Floret Buns that had Wei, but before he could a couple of Floret Buns caught him by the feet throwing him off balance causing him to fall.

Suddenly he was swarmed by the Floret Buns and started being dragged to his death, his gloved hand was still free so he summoned a mini fireball potion and threw it at the Floret Buns that was on him causing them to go up in flames.

Lucky the Floret Buns were only level 11 monsters or he would have a harder time killing them. Getting back up he was about to go save Wei but more and more Floret Buns started coming at him. He knew that even if spammed potions at the Floret Buns he wouldn't make it to Wei in time.

'What to do?' Xinya frantically thought as this situation became increasingly out of hand. He didn't want Wei to die but there was nothing he could do to stop it. The only thing he could do was kill as many as possible and try to make it over to her in time.

Just as Xinya was about to start to besiege the Floret Buns with potions, a bewitching melody was heard from nearby and suddenly all the Floret Buns stopped as if they were in a trance and started going towards the music.

Turning towards the sound, Xinya saw that there was a male siren standing twenty feet away from him holding a flute to his lips. He was an extremely handsome man, with long bluish-grey hair a classically defined face and a body that could do no wrong.

Moving towards Wei, Xinya pulled her up from the ground and together they watched as tons of Floret Buns walked in a line towards the guy. Wei in a mild stupor and Xinya with a slight fascination.

"How is he doing that?" Wei asked as she watched.

"It's a racial skill that most sirens have called Beguiling Song it allows him to entice nearby monsters or players if it's PVP. Once enamored, the monster or player will mindlessly follow the music, wherever it goes." Xinya replied.

"The skill sounds so overpowered," Wei said, but Xinya could tell that Wei was in awe of it.

Xinya just shook his head, "It's really not..."

Before he could finish the siren stopped playing his flute and looked towards them, " The music will wear off in 30 seconds please kill them quickly."

After he said that Xinya and Wei quickly got to work killing all the Floret Buns. With them all, in a trance, it was super easy to take them all out quickly, especially with the use of Xinya mini fireball potion. Although it only damages two monsters at a time once thrown but the flames spread to the surrounding monsters that are in close proximity and does damage over time.

It took less than a minute before all of the Floret Buns were destroyed and a whole bunch of items littered the ground. Wei walked over towards the siren and said, " Thank you so much for your help, if it wasn't for you I would have been a goner."

"She's right, we really appreciate your help back there," Xinya said with a smile. "Would you like some of the items for your help?"

"That's alright, none of these items would be of any use to me." The man said expressionlessly.

Xinya looked down at the items that dropped and agreed silently with the man, for most people they items were useless but for Xinya they weren't. The items that the Floret Buns dropped were flowers and seeds. Picking one up a notification popped up.

[ *Dancing Girls has been added to your plant collection tab.]

Opening his plant collection tab, besides Glowing flowers he saw Dancing Girls clicking on it he read:

[Dancing Girls: A perfect flower to liven up your home, these flowers once full grown will be able to dance attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. It's not just a mere decoration, it is also an ingredient for a special type of combat potion.]

After reading that Xinya busied himself picking up all of the flowers and seeds that dropped while Wei and the siren talked.

"Your friend must really like flowers." The siren said as he watched Xinya pick up every single flower and seed that dropped.

"You can say that," Wei said sheepishly. "By the way, what's your name mine is Roaming Wind and his is Drifting Cloud."

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"It's nice to meet you, my name is Wandering Sound." the siren said with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you too," Wei said, blushing a bit at his smile. Seeing that Xinya was almost done picking up the items, she asked, "So where are you heading?"

"I'm going to Errinisworth." Wandering Sound replied.

"Really, we are going there too. Want to join us?" Wei asked.

Xinya who had just finished picking up all the items heard her asked this of the unknown person they just met and gave her a look that said, 'Didn't we just had this conversation about not being too trusting of others.'

Wandering Sound who saw the look said, "I don't want to intrude..."

Seeing the dirty looks Wei was giving him, Xinya relented, "It's fine, you can come along with us."

"If you don't mind then I will." Wandering Sound said.

*A/N: There is actually a flower named that and it's super pretty.