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63 Floret Bun

 The sun was riding high in the sky, and the transformed Murkmouths was already turning back into their daytime versions. Xinya went over to the items that were left by the transformed Murkmouth they had just finished killing. Looking at the items, Xinya finally became a little happy, after killing so many of those transformed Murkmouths he finally gained two male Glimmering Beetles.

Putting them in his inventory, Xinya was ready to say goodbye to this swamp. "Wei are you ready to leave here?"

"I have been ready, Wei said giving a small shiver as she looked around at the lumbering Murkmouths. "If I don't ever have to see these giant mud monsters and their bug friends again I will be a happy camper."

Laughing, Xinya said, "You know there will be a lot scarier monsters out there than these."

"I know." She said. "But I also know it will be very unlikely that we will be fighting those monsters at night."

"Well..." Xinya said looking everywhere but at her.

"Well.. what Xinya?" Hmm? Come on spit it out." Wei said looking at Xinya like there was something wrong with him.

"I mean, you know. We might not have any choice but to do so." Xinya said logically.

"Come here," Wei said to Xinya walking towards him. " Let me explain clearly why we would have choices to do so.

Laughing Xinya ran towards the swamp exit while Wei chased behind him shouting.


Once they exited the swamp, Wei became more cheerful, well after poking Xinya a few times with her guns anyway. The road they were on now would lead them straight to Baldahurh forest. It would take them a day and a half to reach it if they didn't rush and Xinya didn't feel like rushing and neither did Wei.

After a couple of hours of walking their surroundings changed a bit, glancing around they saw that there were two roads, the one that they were on and another one that would let a player bypass entering the swamp to reach their position. That was the road Xinya was going to take before deciding that Wei needed to level up.

There were also a lot of tall leafy trees to the left of them, the trees gave the impression of a wall because they couldn't see what was hidden beyond them. To the right of them was an open field covered with colorful flowers. Most of them he had seen before, these colorful flowers were mostly what tailors used to make dyes.

Wei squealed when she saw all the pretty flowers, she felt that the scene was something out of a beautiful dream. Leaving the road she ran over to the flowers intending to get a better view. "Hey, Xinya. Let's pick some flowers."

"They are not worth much," Xinya said with a smile, but he was also curious about the different types of flowers that were over there.

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Rolling her eyes, Wei replied. "Who cares, I will just use them as decorations for my house when I save enough to buy one."

"I didn't know you want to buy a house," Xinya said surprised.

"Well I didn't before but as a treasure hunter, I need a place to store the treasure I want to keep," Wei replied.

Xinya just nodded, "Sure, that makes sense."

Wei wasn't sure if Xinya was being sarcastic or not, so she just carried on picking the prettiest flowers she could find. Xinya on the hand was just looking around he had the Ingredient Hunting skill so he could just pass his eyes over the different types of flowers to tell what they are.

Suddenly a blooming white and gold flower caught his eye it looks as if it was a mixture between a lily and a carnation. It was slightly glowing and swaying back and forth. Xinya tried to identify what sort of flower it was but couldn't he just assumed his Ingredient Hunting skill was to low.

Going over to it Xinya tried to pick it but couldn't, for some reason it was strongly rooted to the ground. Using all his strength Xinya pulled at the flower with all his might, there was a loud pop and the flower was uprooted only it wasn't a flower at all.

At the end of the stem wasn't roots but a Floret Bun. A Floret Bun was a bunny-shaped monster that was made out of flowers and lived underground. They were basically harmless unless they are disturbed then it would let out a cry which would alert its kin. Hundreds of Floret Buns would than gather and pull the unlucky players who disturbed them underground to die.

"Wei hurry back to the road!" Xinya shouted throwing the Floret Bun in his hand away from him.

Holding numerous flowers in her hands, Wei was just about to ask why when the ground began to shake. Sensing danger Wei ran as fast as she could, back to the road.

"What's going on," Wei asked as she ran, turning around to see the dirt opening up and hundreds of bunnylike monsters started to chase them. "Why are these cute little monsters trying to kill us.

Running next to her, Xinya let out a sigh, "I fucked up okay, I let my curiosity overrule my brain."

"Well, at least we can say we died by the cutest monster in the game," Wei said trying to cheer him up.

"I don't plan on dying today." Xinya said with confidence. "Especially not by Floret Buns that would be a lame way to go."