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62 Level up!!

 The transformed Murkmouths were almost upon them, Xinya threw a mini fireball potion at one of them while Wei attracted the aggro of the other to herself. Wei tried to keep her distance away from the MurkMouth as she fired her gun at it, but she was barely doing any damage to it even when she used her skills.

Xinya, on the other hand, was bombarding the Murkmouth with his mini fireball potions, it took six potions before the monster hardens instead of one like it took when he was fighting the monsters in the day. Giving a sigh of relief he took out one last potion and threw at the monster causing it to crumble.

[You have gained 4000 experience from killing a monster at night!]

After seeing that notification, he now understood why players took the chance to fight at night, the experience was amazing. Xinya was about to go check out the items that the monster dropped but then he heard Wei scream, it seems her level was a bit too low to handle a transformed Murkmouth on her own.

"Xinya help me!" Wei shouted as she ran. She had long given up on trying to shoot at the monster, she was barely doing any damage to it anyway.

Xinya sprinted over to her with a potion bottle in hand and threw it at the Murkmouth monster that was chasing her. The Murkmouth suddenly stopped moving it was as if it had fallen asleep. Wei looked at the Murkmouth that suddenly stopped chasing her and then at Xinya in amazement. She wondered how he got the monster to stop so quickly.

"Wei come over here near me," Xinya told her, he didn't want her to alert anymore Murkmouths that was in the area.

As Wei ran over to him, Xinya threw a mini fireball potion at the Murkmouth doing double the damage on it because of dreaming dust potion he used before, after three more potions the Murkmouth monster was dead.

"Xinya, what potion did you use on the monster? The first one you threw?" Wei asked curiously.

"It's the dreaming dust potion, remember I told you about it before," Xinya replied. "It makes a monster fall asleep instantly and the first hit you do on it while it's sleeping will have double the damage."

Wei felt a little speechless after hearing the description of the potion, she knew that it had to be a very rare one, "If you had such an awesome potion like that, why haven't you been using it?"

"For two reasons, one, I only have a small supply of them right now, deducting the one I just threw I only have 17 left. Secondly, I don't have the ingredients to make more right now." Xinya straightforwardly said.

"No wonder you weren't using it," Wei said, she really hoped that he could find the ingredients he needs for that potion because she felt that it was a very helpful potion to have and with it, nobody could look down on his class.

Xinya went over to see what items that the Murkmouth dropped, there wasn't anything special, just more of the regular items and a few of the Glimmering Beetles which was all-female for some reason. Xinya tried to give some of the bugs to Wei but she didn't want anything to do with them.

He tried to tell her that they were sellable to NPC for some coin but her bug phobia was too big, so he just kept them all, once the update happens and they become really valuable he would give them to her than he would see which was greater coin or her bug phobia.

Looking around the swamp he saw the other Murkmouths was grouped up into threes and fours, "Wei do you have a sniping type skill that makes no noise when you fire it?"

"Yes, it's called Tranquil Bullet. It lets me fire from very long distances and it's silent." Wei told him.

"That's great! Here is what we are going to do..." Xinya explained his plan to Wei, he wanted to do this as simple as possible, so that they both would get a lot of experience and not be swarmed by four Murkmouths at a time.

The two groups of Murkmouths were about ten feet away from them, Wei backed up a bit and aimed at the closest one and then used her Tranquil Bullet. The one that was hit let out a primal roar and started charging their way but the other monsters weren't affected.

Once it was about four feet away from them, Xinya spammed hit it with mini fireball potions, while Wei tried to help, shooting her gun at the monster, before it was even close enough to see clearly it was dead.

"Your plan worked, as long as we keep luring out one at a time we can get a lot of experience by morning," Wei said excitedly.

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"I think so too, as long as nothing goes wrong," Xinya replied.

Xinya and Wei continued luring the Murkmouths out one by one and killing them all throughout the night, getting a massive amount of experience. Wei had already level twice and Xinya was so close. By the time the sun was appearing in the sky, he got a notification.

[You have leveled up!]

[You are now level 19!!]

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 270/270 (+10) Level: 19

MP: 250/250 (+10) EXP: 1012/1000000

Stamina: 250/250 (+10) Skill points: 13

Str: 4 (+4) Dex: 7(+4)

Int: 8 (+4) Luck: 10 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 996 silver 450 bronze

Stat Points 4