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61 Transformed Murkmouth

 Xinya and Wei spent the whole day repetitively killing Murkmouths by the time it was almost nightfall, Wei leveled up three times. While Xinya did get some experience from these monsters it was barely a drop in the bucket with how much he needed to advance to the next level.

Although, on the upside, Xinya did get some nice coin from fighting the Murkmouth monsters all day, and some sellable items. The items themselves weren't anything great, they were things like the tooth of a Murkmouth, a mud ball from a Murkmouth, these monster didn't seem to drop anything worthwhile but Xinya knew that the NPC's would buy these items so he kept them anyway.

After reaching level 13 Wei felt confident enough to start killing the Murkmouths on her own without Xinya assistance. So for quite a while the two of them had been fighting separately. When Wei saw that it was almost night, she finished killing off the Murkmouth monster that she had been fighting and went over to Xinya who upped his killing spree from one Murkmouth monster at a time to two.

"Xinya it's almost night shouldn't we leave?" Wei asked.

Killing the two monster off, he said, "We should, but I think we should try fighting one at night."

"Are you crazy? These things will get 3 times stronger at night!" Wei looked at him as if he lost his mind.

"It will be fine," Xinya told her.

Wei didn't understand why he appeared to be so confident, "Really?"

"You probably didn't notice but as we were fighting these monsters we were moving forward," Xinya said. "The swamp's exit is right next to us."

Wei turned around to where Xinya was looking and saw through the swamp trees glimpses of a road. Now she understood why Xinya was so confident if something happens while they were fighting a Murkmouth at night than they could just hightail it out of there.

Turning back towards Xinya she gave him a smirk, "Alright, I'm game. Let's try and if we fail we'll just have to get stronger."

"That's the spirit," Xinya said, but he felt a little bad, he only wanted to try fighting them at night because he remembered something.

In his past life, he once read about a group of players who were traveling through the Galling Swamp and didn't make it out before nightfall because they were fighting Murkmouths. When night fell the Murkmouths transformed, bugs from the nearby trees swarm the Murkmouths making them stronger and faster.

That wasn't the most interesting part though, the interesting part was that when they killed one of these transformed Murkmouths, it dropped the bugs. These types of bugs were great for farms, they had the ability to allow a player to get double the harvest.

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These bugs were called Glimmering beetles and if a player could get a male and female of the species they could breed them. After breeding them, a player can either sell them to farming NPC's for some silver coin or to other players. After the update, once it gets out what these bugs could do they would be worth around 50 silver for a 100.

Xinya wasn't planning on breeding them so he could sell them but he did want to use them for his own purpose. He will tell Wei to hold on to them and save some for Melting Snow, after the update they would understand how much money they could make from them.

Night fell and the whole swamp became, even more, creepier than ever, the fog permeated their surroundings, hoots of owls echoed from above, but the worst part was the loud growls of the Murkmouths. The sounds they made was enough to make a person's hair stand on end, and Xinya knew that if he wasn't inside a game he would be.

The Murkmouths bodies cracked as they all transformed, they became bigger in size and body, the trees around them lit up with the glow of thousands upon thousands of Glimmering Beetles that took flight landing on different Murkmouths merging with them. The newly transformed Murkmouths now glowed with an eerie green light. They looked terrifying.

"They look like something that nightmares made..." Wei whispered as she moved closer to Xinya.

Xinya had to agree with Wei description of the monster's, he felt a little creeped out just by looking at them. "Let's move closer to the exit just in case."

"Okay," Wei responded already walking to where the exit was, Xinya figured that she was more scared than he thought.

As they moved closer to exit, Wei stepped on a fallen twig that was on the ground causing it to snap. The noise alerted the two Murkmouths that was nearest to them, letting out a loud roar the two Murkmouth started charging towards them with their mouths wide open.

"Oh shit!!" Xinya said while bringing out a potion. Wei who had her back turned, quickly turned around when she heard Xinya. She readied up her guns and prepared to do battle.