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60 Murkmouth

 When the sun rose Xinya had already amassed a great number of different types of potions. He made tons of health and stamina potions for him and Wei. He also made a lot more of the mini-fireball combat potions, he wanted to make the dreaming dust potion but he couldn't find any dewy-eyed fruit before he left the town. There wasn't some even in the auction house.

Xinya was now even more determined to go to Arkala after they finished doing the treasure dungeon. He needed to buy some land quickly so that he could plant the few dewy-eyed fruits that he had left. Only then he would have enough fruits available to make all the dreaming dust potion he wanted.

"Wei, come here," Xinya said.

Wei was trying to grab her target practice dummy that was moving all around when she heard Xinya's call. Finally able to catch it, she put it in her inventory before running to see what Xinya wanted. "Something wrong?"

"Take these," Xinya said, handing her some potions.

"It's alright." Wei began. "I have tons of potions from the NPC's. I have about 500 of each.

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With a smirk, Xinya replied, "Those are normal potions, these ones are high quality. Just keep them, for now, you might need them when we get to the dungeon."

As soon as Wei heard high quality she didn't need to be told twice and took the potions from Xinya and tucked them into her inventory. Although potion making is a useless crafting craft, Wei felt that if Xinya sold these high-quality potions he might make a small bit a coin. "Thanks, Xinya."

"You're welcome," Xinya said while smiling.

After clearing up their campsite, they entered the swamp. Once they entered the scenery changed, they sky turned dim and there was fog all over the place. The ground was muddy and hard to walk in and every couple of steps they had to walk through a bit of swamp water. Xinya thrived in this environment, but Wei was having a hard time.

All around them was tall trees, Xinya recognized some of them as trees that could be seen in the real world, there are different varieties of the cypress tree. Such as the pond cypress, swamp cypress, and red, yellow, white and black cypress. There was also the water tupelo, also known as the cotton gum or swamp tupelo, but unlike their real-world counterparts each tree gave off an aura.

The older the tree was the stronger the aura it gave off, swamp trees were the best to make boats with. If a player made a boat out of a swamp tree the boat would be extremely faster and durable than any other wood-based boat. If a player needed to cross the sea being on a fast boat was better than being on a slow one.

Xinya and Wei were walking for a while before Xinya motioned for her to stop. " The level fifteen monsters or just ahead. We are going to use them to gain experience."

"Level 15... are you sure that I will be able to handle them?" Wei asked a little worried.

"Don't worry I will draw them to me, you just shoot them from behind until you level up enough that you can kill them yourself."

Seeing that it was a good plan, Wei said, "Alright, let's go and get me some levels."

As they kept walking they came upon the level 15 monsters, they were called Murkmouths, they were shapeless mud monsters that only had a giant mouth for a face. They used that giant mouth of theirs to attack players. Once a player was grabbed by the monster's mouth, they will be incapable to move and the Murkmouth monster would eat them up.

Xinya knew how dangerous these monsters were and from the look on Wei's face, she did too.

"Are you sure we will be able to handle these monsters, I read on the forums that a lot of players died while fighting them."

"Don't worry I have a theory and if it is correct, these monsters will be a piece of cake to kill," Xinya replied.

Wondering what Xinya theory was, she watched him with guns ready as he opened his gloved hand and a fiery potion appeared. She watched as he tossed it in the air a few times before throwing it at the nearest Murkmouth monster.

The Murkmouth monster was consumed in flames but it still ran towards Xinya with a roar, Wei was worried and wondered why Xinya wasn't throwing more potions until she realized the Murkmouth monster was slowing down until it couldn't move at all. The mud had hardened.

"I guess my theory was correct," Xinya said with a smug smile. "Shoot it."

Wei aimed her guns at the now statue-like monster and used a skill called Blazing Bullet at it. The shot hit and the Murkmouth monster just crumbled, causing her to gain a lot of experience. She was astounded by what happened, what she read on the forums seem like a lie right now. She felt as if she was seeing the beginning of something, she just didn't know what.

Looking at Xinya with eyes filled with disbelief, then watching as the Murkmouth monster disappeared into nothing she smiled widely at him saying, "Do it again."

"Alright," Xinya said a tiny smirk appearing. Once again a fiery orange potion appeared in his hand.