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59 Galling Swamp

 After Xinya left Melvin's shop he headed to the main gate that leads out of town, where he would meet up with Wei. As he walked he saw NPC's milling about and players going about their own business. The town looked peaceful as ever and he made a lot of good memories here, he couldn't help but take one last look around before he departs.

His little detour cost him twenty minutes, and by the time he reached the meeting place, Wei was already there leaning against the wooden gate. To Xinya it looked as if she was spacing out, he really needed to talk to her about not leaving herself defenseless like that. Who knows what type of pervert she would attract.

As a matter of fact, as he was thinking that he saw two of male players gawking at her as if she was a piece of meat and they wanted a taste. From their body language, Xinya could tell that one of the guys were egging on the other to go and talk to her.

Seeing that the guy was about to go to her, Xinya jogged towards her. Seeing that Xinya appeared a big smile appeared on Wei's face and she poked him with one of her guns. "What took you so long?"

"I wanted to get one last look at the town before we left," Xinya replied, while slightly turning his head to see the guy was slinking back to his friend. 'As if I let someone like you talk to her.' Xinya only had a few people he cared for in this world and Wei was one of them, he would only give her away to someone he approves of.

"Oh," Wei said with a laugh in her voice. "I didn't take you as someone who is sentimental."

Shrugging Xinya said, "What can I say, I admit it, I'm a sentimental guy."

Wei wanted to continue teasing Xinya but decided not to, he can be sentimental all he wanted. She found it to be a quite endearing trait. "Should we get going?"

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"Yes, let's get going," Xinya said.

Xinya and Wei left town, following the dirt road. They would need to follow this road for about a day than they would reach Gallling swamp. At first, Xinya thought to just pass through it but he realized it would be a good place to level. Galling swamp held monster's that were level 13- 15. So it would be a great place to level before they reached Baldahurh forest.

After going through Galling Swamp, they would have to walk a whole day before reaching Baldahurh forest. Baldahurh forest held regular monster that was level 15-20 and boss monsters that were level 25 - 30. It would be truly dangerous for Wei going in there at level 11.

Wanting to make it close to Galling Swamp before nightfall, they upped their pace, instead of strolling along, Xinya and Wei was basically, speed walking. Even though they were walking fast they still had time to check out the sights.

There was a beautiful lake to one side of them and they could see players and NPC's in a boat fishing. Every so often there would be covered wagons full of goods passing by them. There were also a couple of farms, Xinya had to hold back the urge of collecting some of the produce. If it wasn't for the fact that he had them already, he didn't think he could.

They were making, great time, and within an hour before sunset, they made it to the entrance of Galling Swamp.

"I can't believe we made it here so fast," Wei said plopping on the ground.

"To be honest, I didn't think we would either," Xinya said. "I thought that it would be already in the middle of the night before we arrived."

"We exceeded your expectations, you thought so little of us," Wei said playfully.

A wry smile appeared on Xinya face. "Whatever, go collect some firewood. I will start setting up camp.

"Yes, sir." Wei laughingly gave Xinya a salute before rushing off to do her task.

Looking at her retreating back, Xinya only shook his head at her antics before starting the task of setting up camp. There wasn't much to do, he just needed to dig a fire pit and gather some stones to place around it. It only took ten minutes before he was done and Wei was back with the firewood.

Once the fire was set and they registered themselves to it, the only thing they had to do was wait until daybreak. They were both proactive people so while they were waiting for sunrise, Wei pulled out a target dummy that could move around on its own, so that she could practice her aim.

Xinya, on the other hand, decided to practice making potions, the regular kind, and the combat ones. He wanted to have good amount for when they head into the swamp tomorrow.