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58 Transfer Letter

 Xinya and Wei appeared in Bellport bright and early, they had just logged back in a while ago so they were good to travel for the next three days, earlier Xinya estimated that the trip would only take around 4-5 days but since he wanted to kill some monsters along the way to help Wei level up he thinks that it would take 7-8 days before they reach Errinisworth.

Since they had all the items that they needed, the only thing they had to do was tell their class instructors that they were leaving town. A class instructor job was to guide players with their skills and help them out with job-related quests. If a player leaves a town without telling their class instructor, the class instructor in the new town would not be able to help them because they wouldn't have the transfer letter needed.

The transfer letter would allow the player to transfer over to a new instructor and the new instructor would be the one guiding them from now on. A player can only get one transfer letter, so they have to be careful in choosing what town they want to settle down in.

Xinya knew that he wouldn't be using his transfer letter for quite a while since the town he had his eye on was Arkala. Arkala was the supreme trading town out of the whole region of Ziam, although that was great it wasn't the reason Xinya wanted to settle down there. Arkala's soil was rich and it was easy to grow anything there.

Many people didn't know this until much later and by the time Xinya started playing in his last life, every piece of land in Arkala was claimed, and the people who brought land early but didn't need to use it rented it out for a mass amount of coin.

Xinya also thought about doing that but he knew that there would be a public outcry about how the players who owned the land were taking advantage and the developers would step in and ban everyone who rented out their farms for three months while also taking back the lands.

Although the gains would be great, the outcome was something that Xinya felt wasn't worth it.


When Xinya walked into Melvin shop it was busy as ever, little kids were running all around the place. Glancing around he saw there were new toys on the self that he hasn't seen before, toys that seemed to come out of a dream. Xinya was about to get a closer look when Melvin appeared in front of him.

"Hello, Drifting Cloud. How have you been?" Melvin said his usual smile adorning his face.

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"I have been wonderful," Xinya said. "I actually came here because there is something that I would like to talk to you about."

Looking at Drifting Cloud in a curious manner, Melvin said, "Is that so? Follow me to my office so that we can have a nice quiet place to talk."

Xinya followed Melvin who leads him behind the checkout desk to a door that leads to his office. When they walked inside, Xinya saw that the place was very cluttered with toy parts that were scattered about, blueprints, and documents that littered the floor. Melvin sat on top of his desk pushing a chair towards Xinya.

"So what did you need to talk about?" Melvin asked.

"I'm leaving Bellport for good and won't be coming back. I was wondering if you could give me a transfer letter." Xinya replied.

Melvin tilted his head appearing to be thinking, "May I ask what town are you going to use the transfer letter in?"

"In Arkala," Xinya answered.

"Is that so?" A giant smile appeared on Melvin's face. "What a coincidence, I'm opening a toy shop there. I'm just waiting for a person to come to replace me so I can leave."

Xinya was shocked, he heard of class instructors moving to different towns, but the instructors who did that always had a hidden backstory that can lead to a story quest. For his instructor to move to the town he was aiming for wasn't a coincidence, it seemed he fulfilled one of the conditions for the story quest and the NPC was following him.

A smile graced Xinya face looking at Melvin as if he knew nothing, "This is great, I guess I won't need that transfer letter at all."

"It seems like it," Melvin said while laughing.

Melvin and Xinya talked a bit more, Melvin asking about what skills he obtained so far and if he was enjoying being a combat potion maker, in which Xinya told him that being a potion maker was going well, making sure Melvin knew that he very much enjoyed his class. When Xinya was about to go Melvin handed him a package.

"I saw that you haven't changed your armor yet, so I got you some that you can wear at level 20," Melvin said while gently smiling at him.

There wasn't strange with class instructors giving armor to players, so Xinya just gratefully accepted the package and expressed his thanks to Melvin before leaving, if he turned back he would have seen a strange glint in Melvin's eye as he watched him leave.