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57 Nascent Soul

 Melting Snow scanned his friend's list until he found his cousin's name and messaged him asking if he was busy at the moment. A few seconds later his cousin replied with a no and wondered why Melting Snow was asking. That's when Melting Snow started a video call with him.

Once the video call was opened, Melting Snow saw his cousin and started laughing. "Zixuan, what is that all over your face."

"It's just soot from when I was blacksmithing," Zixuan said sheepishly while rubbing the soot off his face. "Also, what did I tell you about calling my real name inside of the game."

"I'm sorry, Soul." His cousin's full avatar name was Nascent Soul but Melting Snow always felt that it didn't roll off the tongue and just called him, soul.

"Was there anything you wanted to talk about?" Nascent Soul asked concerned. "You don't usually video call me."

"Do you know someone named Li Ming?" Melting Snow said getting straight to the point. A frown appeared as he thought about that scheming woman.

Seeing how serious his cousin seemed, Nascent Soul thought hard before answering, "That name doesn't seem to ring any bells for me. Why do you ask?"

"She is my brother's girlfriend, but she has always been trying to get close to me. At first, I thought she wanted to look good in front of my brother, but now I think differently." Melting Snow told him.

"Did she do anything improper to you?!" Nascent Soul questioned him worriedly. "You better tell me the truth."

Shaking his head quickly, Melting Snow said, "No, It's not anything like that. It is not me that she is after but you."

Nascent Soul calmed down after Melting Snow said that but was still concerned, "Why would you think that?

"Because it's true." Melting Snow proceeded to tell his cousin about everything that had transpired between him and Rose Lilly a couple of minutes ago. He told him about how she said his real name in that sickeningly loving tone and how she was so sure that his cousin would know her by name.

"You should tell your brother about this." Nascent Soul told him seriously.

Melting Snow just rolled his eyes at him and said, "I have been telling my brother about all her sneaky ways, but he just won't listen. He's too in love with her to see the truth of the matter. I don't know what to do."

"If it's like that then there is nothing you can do." Nascent Soul said with a sigh. "I would talk to your brother myself, but you know how it is between us."

"I know, and I always wondered what happened to make him hate you so much." Melting Snow said curiously.

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"It's funny, now that I think about it. It was because of a girl. It happened when your brother was twelve and I was thirteen. There was a girl that he liked but she didn't like him but me." Nascent Soul said.

"Just because of that, I don't believe it." Melting Snow said.

"Well, he confessed in the middle of the classroom and the girl told him in front of all of his classmates that the only reason she was nice to him because she wanted to get close to me. This spread across the campus and he was known until he left the academy as second best." Nascent Soul replied his expression unreadably.

Melting Snow understood his cousin and he knew that his cousin was very protective of his family. He must have tried to stop the gossip but failed, and because of that incident, it caused his cousin's to hate him. This must-have upset him at that time. Melting Snow also understood his brother's feelings, but at the same time was disappointed in him about his bad taste in women, because the same thing is happening again.

"I will try to talk to my brother once again about her, but if he doesn't listen I will just give up and let him face the consequences of his obliviousness himself." Melting Snow said.

"That's all you can do." Nascent Soul said with a slight smile.

"Either way in less than two weeks I will be able to go back to my friend and won't have to deal with this mess." Melting Snow smiled just thinking about it.

"You mean that dryad I seen in your videos?" Nascent Soul asked.

Just as Melting Snow was about to reply a beeping sound was heard it was a message from Drifting Cloud.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Melting Snow said opening up the message. After reading it, he looked visually upset.

"What's wrong?" Nascent Soul asked after seeing Melting Snow's face.

"My brother sucks, that's what's wrong. I'm missing out on an adventure because of him." Melting Snow said pouting a little.

Laughing, Nascent Soul, "What type of adventure is it, that would make you this upset?

" You don't understand, Drifting Cloud, found a tier 1 treasure map with a gold chain symbol, and I can't join him. He did say I can join him for the next one but still..." Melting Snow replied sadly.

"It seems, with that type of friend you will never get bored." Nascent Soul said a little curious about Drifting Cloud.

Seeing that his cousin was interested in his friend, Melting Snow cheered up a bit and started telling him about all the adventures he had since meeting Drifting Cloud. Not knowing the more he talked the more interested his cousin was becoming.