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56 Scheming Rose Lilly

 "Melting Snow! Melting Snow!!" A woman's voice called from the distance.

Sighing Melting Snow closed his message window and stood up, that woman had found him again. He was so sick of her, he really didn't know what his brother liked about her. Even a 14-year-old kid could tell that she didn't like him back and was just using him, but would his brother take his word for it... nope.

Melting Snow long ago stopped trying to talk sense into his brother, he felt that he had changed a lot after they went bankrupt and his father suffered from the stroke. At first, he just thought that he had to mature fast, especially with everything he had to handle but now he doesn't think so. His brother became more cold and calculating, even willing to use people. He wasn't the brother he knew anymore and that made him quite sad.

He felt as if he had lost his father and brother if it wasn't for his cousin he didn't know what he would do. His cousin Zixuan was older than him by 5 years but he never treated him like a kid, when he was with his cousin he always felt as if he had another big brother. Sadly, his cousin and his real brother didn't get along, not that his cousin didn't try to get along with Melting Snow's brother but for some reason he always disliked him.

The reason for the dislike was unknown, but if Melting Snow had to guess he would say his brother felt inferior to their cousin. Be it looks, brains, skill his cousin had them all the only thing he was lacking was money, which Melting Snow brother made a point to repeatedly rubbed his face in. After a while, he couldn't do that anymore, once they heard that their cousin was making good money from playing Haven Online and a little after that they had no money themselves.

Melting Snow once suggested that they asked their cousin for help, but the look that appeared on his brother's face when he said that scared him so much that he never spoke of their cousin aloud to his brother again. He just really wished he knew why his brother hated him so much.

"Melting Snow there you are. Where have you been?" Rose Lily asked coming into the room where Melting Snow was hiding.

"Nowhere. I have been here the whole time." Every time Melting Snow saw Rose Lilly a frown appeared on his face, he really didn't like her.

"I see." Rose Lilly said a doting smile appearing on her face. "What have you been doing?"

Shrugging, Melting Snow said, "Nothing really just checking my messages."

"Who from? Your little dryad friend?" She asked.

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Melting Snow didn't see how it was any of her business who was messaging him and wanted to tell her exactly that but it had been ingrained in him to respect his elders so he just told her. "No, actually it was a message from my cousin asking how am I doing. I was about to reply when you came in."

"Zixuan..." Rose Lilly spoke so softly that Melting Snow almost couldn't hear her. The keyword being 'almost'. The loving tone in which she spoke his cousin's name he heard it clearly. He now understood her persistence of sticking close to him and having an affair with his brother.

Clenching his fist and trying to hide the disgust that she brought out from within him he asked, "Is there something you needed."

"Oh.. no, no. I was just checking up on you for your brother." She said snapping out of her reverie. "Continue messaging your cousin, um... tell him I said hi."

"Does he know you?" Melting Snow couldn't believe that gall of this woman.

Rose Lilly didn't notice the attitude of Melting Snow she was busy thinking about how right she was. She knew if she gets Melting Snow here she would have an easier way to get in touch with her Zixuan. At first, she thought that if she got together with Frozen Ice she would be able to meet him often, but who knew they hated each other.

After catching Melting Snow on a video call with him once, she knew that she needed to get closer to him, but an 18-year-old hanging around a 14-year-old people would think she was a pedophile. The only way was to get the older brother to like her, which she did. Everything was going perfectly until Melting Snow and Frozen Ice went their separate ways inside the game.

Rose Lilly now had a chance to get in contact with her Zixuan, she could still remember when they first met. It was just before he went to America. It was at a school reunion party that she attended as a guest of a friend. When she first saw him she was awestruck but when she had her men get information on him, she fell in love. Since her parents wouldn't let her go to America, she had to find another way to get close to him and now she has a chance.

"Not my ingame name, no, but tell him Li Ming says hi." She says while leaving sure that she made a big impression on Zixuan as he did her.

Melting Snow just shook his head as he watched her leave and went back to where he was opening his interface once more.