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55 White Lotus

 The girl ran towards him with a Phaseflyer trailing close behind her. Xinya knew her type, either she was leading the monster over to him to kill him, which was highly doubtful with how low the monster was or she was putting on some kind of play, which Xinya thought was more likely.

There were some players, mostly girls, who pretend to be a white lotus to lure in men. Once these men and in some cases women are under their control, they will bleed them dry until they don't have any coins left. As to why this woman wanted to target him, well he had an idea.

She must have been around when he was having the map restored. Anyone could tell that Wei is a Treasure Hunter, but for him to need an NPC to restore the map must mean that it was a high tier map. The higher the tier the better the treasure and better treasure equals a lot of coins. Xinya had this woman all figured out.

"Help! Help! Save me!" The woman shouted running towards Xinya at breakneck speed.

Just as she was about to reach him, Xinya got up and moved away at the last moment causing her to crash to the ground face first. The Phaseflyer caught up to her and started attacking her from behind while Xinya watched in silent amusement.

Wei had already finished killing her monster and was running over. "What are you doing?! Help her!"

"Help her?" Xinya tilted his head as if he was confused with what Wei was saying. "Why do I need to help her? The monster damage to her is only 1 point."

Wei paused her actions, in which she was about to scold Xinya and looked down at the woman who was screaming bloody murder while fighting off the monster. It was indeed only damaging her by only -1 point. Wei felt confused about what was going on. That's when a message from Xinya popped up.

DC: She playing us, she knows about the map.

RW: Are you sure? How does she know about it?

DC: I'm sure. Plus when we were getting it restored we weren't discreet at all. We should have been, we are lucky more people didn't notice.

RW: What should we do about her than? What if she tells more people and they come hounding us.

DC: Just ignore her, we don't need to waste our time on her. She doesn't know are names and we are leaving this town anyway. She won't be able to find us.

RW: We need to leave this town? What for?

DC: The place on the treasure map is in Errinisworth.

RW: Errinisworth? Isn't the monsters around that town around 20-25? I think I should lvl up before going there.

DC: Don't worry, it will take 4-5 days to get there. You can level up along the way.

RW: Alright.

Closing the chat, Wei was a little irritated, not at Xinya but at herself. She should have just listened to Xinya in the first place and not get involved. Who knows what would have happened if Xinya didn't catch on as quickly as he did. Seeing that Xinya already begin she immediately followed him but she couldn't help but look back once.

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The woman was so immersed in her acting that she didn't even notice them leaving. She was screaming and batting at the monster like a damsel in distress. After five minutes of doing this, she realized she couldn't hear anyone talking around her. Opening her eyes she realized she realized she was all alone. Confused she pushed the monster off and with a quick motion, she stabbed it, killing it instantly.

Putting her blade back she stomped her feet in irritation and said, "Where the fuck did they go!

She couldn't figure out how any man would leave a beautiful frightened woman alone like herself. The only reason she could think was he was putting up a front because his girlfriend was there. After thinking about it more, she felt that was the only reasonable explanation.

A nasty smirk appeared on her face, she would just have to make the guy believe that his girlfriend isn't worth his time..., "and then all his items will belong to me."

After the woman left, Xinya and Wei appeared in front of a tree that was three feet away from where the woman was. Xinya knew that Wei probably would be feeling some doubt even if she said that she believed him, so using his Dryad skill he camouflages them against a tree, so they could watch what she would do.

"That bitch! Urg... I feel so stupid." Wei angrily said.

Consoling her, Xinya said, "It's because you have a kind heart, but remember, although this is a game, it's also a way to make lots of money, and when it comes to money people will do anything. So be careful with the people you try to help from now on."

"I will." Wei took Xinya words to heart, she wouldn't rush into anything until she examined the situation. This one event made Wei become more careful about everything in the game.