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54 Gold Chain Symbol

 The elf took the map from Xinya while looking at him with a cocky smirk on his face. Unrolling the map the elf waved his hand over it while saying, "Contract Restore."

A faint blue glow appeared on the surface of the map, signaling that the restoration had been successful, the elf looked down at the map and a pained expression appeared on his face. He reluctantly handed the map back to Xinya. "The map has been restored, pay me and go."

Xinya handed the elf the ten silver coins and without saying anything turned around while motioning to Wei and walked away. They didn't see the elf clenching his fists in frustration or a figure that was hidden in a white cloak tailing them as they left.

Xinya led Wei to an empty campsite that was just out of town not even realizing that they were being followed. Sitting down at one of the tables with Wei he opened the map and was surprised. His expression must have shown on his face because Wei reacted.

"Is the map bad? Did you waste ten silver coins for nothing?" Wei asked agitated.

Shaking his head Xinya said, "The map isn't bad, but it is a one-tier map."

"How is that not bad? God... we got scammed." Wei said as if she was about to break down crying at any moment over the lost coin.

"Let me finish," Xinya said. "It is indeed a one-tier map, but it has the gold chain symbol."

His words left Wei confused she didn't understand what that meant but from the excitement in Xinya voice, she could tell that it was good. "What does a gold chain symbol mean?"

Xinya almost forgot that there was no information about these types of maps on the current forums yet. He would have to be careful from now on about his knowledge of things he learned in the future but if she asked him about how he knew about this he could easily make up an excuse. "A gold chain symbol on a map means that the map is a part of a chain."

"A chain? What do you mean?" Wei asked.

"I mean, once the one-tier dungeon is complete the reward chest at the end will hold a map to a tier two dungeon. I don't know how far the chain will go but since it started with a tier-one dungeon that it will probably only go up to tier three." Xinya replied.

Wei let out an excited gasp, "Really? How do you know all of this?"

"Oh.. Well why I was in the woods gathering items a group of Treasure Hunter NPC's were setting up camp and I heard them talk about it." Xinya lied with a straight face.

That made perfect sense to Wei, so she just nodded and said, "So are you going to keep the map or sell it for coins."

"No, I won't be selling. This will be something we will be doing together, my treasure hunter friend or do you not want to go on a treasure hunt with me?" Xinya asked with a sly smile.

"I want!! I want to!" Wei replied happily.

Smiling Xinya said, "Than let do..."

Before he could finish his sentence a scream was heard, Xinya and Wei turned their head towards the sound only to see that it was a woman wearing white running out the woods that was near their camp being chased by Phaseflyers. Something about this situation seemed odd to Xinya but he couldn't put his finger on it. Storing away the map, Xinya just watched the woman being chased as if I was some sort of entertainment.

"We need to help her!" Wei said.

Xinya just looked at her and asked, "Why?"

"What do you mean why? If we don't help her she will die." Wei said looking at Xinya as if he was crazy.

"So what. This is a game, even if she dies she will just lose some experience a few items, that all. Why should we help her?" Xinya responded while looking at the woman trying to fight off the Phaseflyers with mild interest.

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Wei knew that Xinya logic was sound and she also knew that besides her and maybe her mom Xinya didn't give a damn about any other woman but she couldn't watch the player die. She knew how hard it was to gain experience, so she felt that it was only right to help the girl.

"If you won't help her then I will," Wei said drawing her guns running to the woman to help her out.

Xinya just shrugged and kept watching, there were only two Phaseflyers, plus they were only level 11 monsters, he knew Wei could handle it. Turning his attention back to the woman he finally knew what was odd her robe and weapons was very expensive items also they were something that only a level 20+ player could wear. Xinya had to wonder why a level 20ish player was pretending to be scared of level 11 monsters. As he was thinking the woman started running towards him.

A disgusted look appeared on his face as she got closer. Those eyes were the same as his stepmother when she looked at him full of want. As for what this girl wanted, he didn't know but Xinya wasn't going to let his guard down.