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 It could be said that there was around 2-3 Treasure Hunter NPC's in each town of Haven Online, you could even find some out in the wild searching for Treasure. While this class wasn't popular with players it was certainly a popular one for NPC's

Xinya knew exactly where to go when looking for a Treasure Hunter NPC, the marketplace. Although there is an auction house, each town also had a marketplace where players can go and set up shops. There were different types of shops that players could set up, they could rent or buy an actual one, they could buy a cart to sell from, they could sell from a vending machine or they could use the cheapest option and get a personal shop briefcase and sit on the ground and sell items. This is what most Treasure Hunter NPC's did.

The market place was in the middle of town and it was always full of people. Xinya thought that he and Wei should split up to cover more ground to look for the NPC but changed his mind, there were too many people and they could lose each other in the crowd. Just as he was thinking about how they were going to find the NPC he heard a man's voice advertising his wares.

"Hey! Hey! Come and Look! I'm selling crystals orbs, rare gems, the eye of Vulcan and much more!! Come over and take a look."

Xinya recognized those items, they were items that could only be obtained from a treasure dungeon. Looking over at the man, Xinya saw that he was a dark-skinned elf with broad shoulders and muscular chest that was glistening with sweat from the hot sun. Just looking at him Xinya knew he was a Treasure Hunter NPC.

Seeing that Wei was busy looking around, Xinya tugged at her sleeve to get her attention, "I found one follow me."

They made their way through the crowd of people until they were finally near the elf. He was surrounded by a group of girls who, from what Xinya could tell was recording him. Xinya rolled his eyes at them and looked back at Wei, only to see she had a blush on her face and shyly kept sneaking peeks at the elf.

"I need a picture of him." Wei muttered to herself, while Xinya just gave her a look that said 'Really? You too.'

Although he did understand her feelings and if he was new to the game like Wei, he would probably be staring too but after playing so long he got used to all the beautiful people in this game to the point where the outer appearance of a person no longer had a hold on him.

Ignoring the fangirls and Wei's drooling, Xinya walked up to the elf and said, "Excuse me."

Hearing a voice call him the elf looked up and seeing that he might have an actual paying customer put a megawatt smile on his face. "Hello there, how may I help you."

"Yes, I was wondering, are you a Treasure Hunter?" Xinya asked.

"Indeed I'm am. Do you need help with something?"

Showing the elf the map, Xinya said, "Yes, can you help me restore this?

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"For the right price I can." The elf replied in a sly manner.

Xinya already knew how Treasure Hunters were, well the NPC's anyway. They were a greedy lot that was only happy when they had money. That's why when treasure hunters got more popular and contracts were discovered they were used religiously because if a player takes a map to a Treasure Hunter NPC and doesn't make a contract, and the map turns out to be a high tier one it would most likely disappear along with the Treasure Hunter NPC and their coin.

"Sure no problem, how much do you want?" Xinya asked.

"Ten silver coins." The elf said with a smile.

"That's too much!" Wei said when she heard the price. No matter how good looking the elf was she wouldn't let him cheat her friend.

"It's fine, Wei," Xinya told her soothingly.

The elf was trying to rip Xinya off and he knew it but Xinya didn't care about losing 10 silver coins he could always make it back. "Alright, let's make a contract."

The smile on the elf face disappeared, getting up he closed his shop. The elf then proceeded to walk over to Xinya. "It seems you know your stuff kid, let's do it."

Xinya lifted his left hand his palm facing outward toward the elf, the elf followed suit raising his hand towards Xinya. Together they said, " Contract! A deal that been set can not be broken. If one breaks it they will be punished with the loss of all their worldly possessions."

A glow formed around the two, making the contract binding. Some of the people in the marketplace stopped and started but didn't understand what was happening, so they just carried on what they were doing.

"The contract is set," Xinya said. "Now restore my map."