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52 Tier One, I think no

 "So, what do you think?" Wei asked a little self-conscious since Xinya was just staring at her without saying anything.

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Coming out of his reverie, Xinya smiled and said, "As long as it makes you happy then I think it's fine, but this class will be challenging.

"I already know that, but I read on the forums that tier 1 dungeon maps are not that hard to find," Wei said.

"Wei..." Xinya started. "Although they are not hard to find, since you can get them by fishing and researching, but those methods are a long process it can take days or weeks until you get one and tier1 dungeons don't reward a lot."

Wei looked down, it was as if she was questioning her decision on becoming a treasure hunter. She knew what Xinya said was right, she even thought about it herself, but still, this is what she really wanted to do.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Xinya said, "Look, if this is something you want to do, then I'm behind you 100%, but you will still need to make coin, did you at least think of a side plan. Don't forget you still need to pay back your mom."

"Thank you Xinya," Wei said with a happy smile. "I actually did think of a side plan to make coin. Although I dislike fishing it's a good way to get tier 1 maps, and I remembered you saying that you fished up some good items that could sell well, so I got the fishing skill in beginner town."

Xinya could work with this, her having fishing was better than having her work in a shop for him. He just needs her to get to level 5 then they could get the scuba diving skill and they can find treasures that are underneath the water together. "That's great, I will have a fishing partner now."

"Hopefully if I'm doing it with you, I won't be bored," Wei said.

"You do know you can connect to the internet interface while doing it, you could listen to music or watch a movie," Xinya said.

Wei was surprised, "Really you can? Is that what you do?"

"Yeah really, and no I don't do it. I like the quiet relaxing atmosphere that fishing gives, it allows me time to think." Xinya said.

Wei could understand that people needed time alone with their thoughts. She also had a feeling that it was a sort of therapy for him. Whether it was or not he was getting better and if it was the game influence than the money spent was worth it. "So, should we go train, I want to show you my gun skills."

"Actually when you were talking about fishing it reminded me. I caught a treasure map the other day." Xinya said pulling the map out from his inventory.

"Really!?! No way, this is called fate." Wei said excitedly while taking the map from Xinya hand.

Wei placed her hand just above the map and started using her skill 'Map Restoring'. Map Restoring is a skill that allows a player to attempt appraisal and restoration of a map. There is a fixed coin cost for every appraisal or restoration attempt based on the player's skill level.10 bronze coins at level one go down to one bronze coin at level 10. There is also a cooldown of thirty ingame minutes after every appraisal or restoration attempt.

Just as Wei used the skill a notification popped up causing her to stop, with a frown on her face she looked at the map than at Xinya. "Are you sure you fished this up from the lake?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," Xinya said a little as to why she was asking. "Why?"

"Well when I tried to restore the map, I got a notification saying that my skill is to low to do so. But a level one tier map can be restored with Map Restoring at level one, so I don't understand." Wei said.

After Wei said that, Xinya realized that he got the map while his luck stat was activated. He quickly took the map from Wei's hand and started walking into town. Wei seeing him leaving her was flustered because she didn't know what was going on.

"Where you going," Wei shouted at him.

"Hurry up and follow me, we are going to see the Treasure Hunter NPC," Xinya shouted back at her while continuing to walk.

Wei ran to catch up with him, realizing the map was probably not a tier-one map at all. Excitement built within her, she felt as if she was about to start a grand adventure. The feeling of happiness multiplied within her because she was going to be able to do it with her best friend... no, her brother.