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51 Butterfly Effec

 It took Xinya three days in-game before he was finally able to get his fishing experience to 99%, now all he had to do was go to the next town to find the rank 2 fishing master so he could level up the skill. He was relieved that he could finally stop fishing, there were so many fish in his inventory that he didn't know what to do with them all and they were not the lobster and crabs that he set out to get. After spending a whole day at Tuttle lake and only catching shrimp, Xinya gave up on trying to fish there.

Just as he was about to go to town and sell some of the low-quality fish that he didn't want or need a ding sounded signaling him that he received a message from someone. Clicking on it, he read it to find that it was from Wei. It seemed that she was finished changing her class and wanted to show off. Xinya already knew what her class was going to be, she even goes on and on about how the explorer is a good class and great at making coins when they are eating a meal together. If he didn't know that's the class she wanted to be he would have to be stupid, that's why he didn't understand why she was acting like her class would be a surprise.

Xinya shook his head in confusion, he didn't know why she was acting this way but he just shrugged it off, he can act like her class selection was a surprise. He did want to see her in her beginner explorer gear anyway, by the time he was able to play with her she was wearing normal fighting gear. Xinya walked over to the meeting place that Wei decided on, it was the west gate that leads out of Bellport. The west gate leads to monsters that were level 10-15, so Xinya assumed that Wei wanted to show off her fighting skills along with her avatar class change.

Out of nowhere a woman appeared and grabbed Xinya arm while saying, "Hey."

Xinya was startled, quickly pulling his arm out of her grasp he moved a couple of steps away from the girl while frantically wiping at the place where she touched him looking as if he was about to have a panic attack.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." The girl said sounding upset. "It's me, Wei. I can't believe I did that, I was just so excited. I'm sorry."

Knowing that it was Wei helped him calm down, taking a deep breath he said, "It's okay, I'm alright."

Wei knew that he wasn't alright since he was still rubbing at the place where she touched him, but she didn't say anything, he was coping a lot better than he used too. When she used to go over to his house when he lived with his father if a woman so much as brushed him lightly he would have a full-on panic attack and wheel himself into the bathroom to wipe off the place that has been touched. The way she sees it Xinya has come a long way.

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"That's good," Wei said with a smile, then bringing out her guns and twirled them. "What do you think."

After his panic eased, Xinya finally got a good look at Wei. He was really surprised, she wasn't a beastman or explorer. He knew that she was an elf, but she looked different from the other elves that he has seen. She had more sex appeal than the female elves that he seen, her body was more voluptuous, she also had golden tattoos across her chest, arms and legs. Besides that, the avatar still looked similar to how Wei did in real life. Xinya could tell she made her eyes a little bigger and made her nose thinner and her hair changed from black to a deep blonde.

"What's going on? I thought you wanted to be an explorer?" Xinya asks genuinely confused.

"I did, but for all the wrong reasons.." Wei proceeded to tell him why she thought being an explorer was good in the first place, but then told him that it wasn't the class she wanted to be. She told him that when she first researched the game, the treasure hunter appealed to her most, but since she knew she needed to make money that's why she decided on explorer and talked herself into believing that's what she really wanted to do.

"But after seeing you becoming a dryad, learning cooking and potions even though you need to make money, made me change my mind," Wei said looking at him as if he changed her life.

Xinya didn't know rather to laugh or cry at this situation, it seems that meeting her this early really did cause a butterfly effect. Xinya didn't know how to help her now if she was an explorer he planned to help her save money by opening a shop where she could help out at, but treasure hunters didn't need to save up for gear. Treasure dungeons are everywhere in the world, a player just needs to find a map. Maps aren't that hard to find, but the good ones are.

In the future, after a treasure hunter found a crystal mine, more and players decided to become one. At first people thought it was easy since finding a 1teir map was easy as fishing for it or researching in libraries about clues on where treasures were located, but they came to find out that tier 1 treasure dungeons rewards were only at best 400-500 bronze coins and at worst 200 bronze coins and if they were really lucky they could get an item that was worth 3-4 silver coin. This was a tough road that Wei put herself on, but Xinya would do his best to help her down it.