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50 Fishing

 It had been thirty minutes since Xinya had logged into the game, at the moment he was at Tuttle lake, which was one of the many lakes that were located in Bellport. He was determined to get the last five percent of his fishing skill done. He also knew that it would take hours but he didn't mind, he told Wei that he would wait for her to leave beginner town and get her new class so they could go out fighting monster's together.

Xinya knew that Wei wouldn't take as long in beginner town as he did, he tried to tell her that she should do some quests there but she wouldn't listen to him saying that it faster just killing monsters. Only when he told her that he got all his coins from a cooking quest there that her resolve faltered, but she said she didn't want that skill taking up one of her two crafting skill slots.

He didn't know how to convince her, he couldn't say that in three months time that cooking would be one of the most popular crafting skills, she would ask how he knew. He couldn't tell her that he was from the future, that would sound crazy. Plus, Xinya already knew that Wei thought that he was severely traumatized from what happened with his family if he starts spouting nonsense that he's from the future he had a feeling that she might invite professionals over to look him over.

He was able to convince her to leave one of her crafting skill slots open, although she did potions in the future she wasn't too good at it and could only make low-grade ones, it would be better if she had the cooking skill. That way he knew he could help her make money for her dream of becoming an explorer. Besides convincing her to leave one crafting skill slot open, he also told her that she should buy things she needs at the general store there before she leaves because they are a lot cheaper in beginner town.

Xinya really wished he could have convinced her to do the quests in beginner town, there were a few that gave out some good things, but he also understood why. Most of the quests there are useless and doesn't give anything, and most people who play are trying to earn coins to feed their families, so they couldn't afford to waste time dallying around beginner town even if they wanted too.

He wondered if people in the past who just played these types of games for fun would think less of them for not exploring every inch of beginner town. They probably say that the people who are playing Haven Online are not real gamers.

Sighing a little Xinya continued fishing, he had a bucket full of shrimp next to him already but he wanted to catch some crabs and lobsters too. That's the whole reason he came to Tuttle Lake, this lake only held shrimp, lobster, and crabs. Since he was only level one at the moment he only had a 3% chance of catching crabs and a 0.9% chance of catching a lobster, but that didn't mean he wouldn't keep trying too. If he caught one his experience would go up by 1% plus he had a few recipes that required them.

A sudden ding sound of a notification rang out in the air, shaking Xinya out from his reverie. After clearing his head, looked at what it said:


[A mysterious wind has flown by activating your luck be prepared]

Xinya wasn't surprised by this, it happened a few times since he put his latest stat points into luck. The first time it happened, he was confused, but then he realized that his luck was up to ten without the help of a title. He could only guess that this phenomenon only happens when the luck stat is actually at 10 by using stat points. So far it only happened while he had been fishing and every time it did he gotten an S- grade fish or an item. This time he was hoping that he could get and S-grade lobster, he would be happy with a crab also.

Feeling a tug on his line, Xinya starts smiling, it felt heavy so it definitely wasn't a shrimp. He started frantically reeling up his fishing line while chanting to himself: "Be a lobster, be a lobster, be a lobster."

A fierce struggle commenced for five minutes with Xinya pulling and reeling the line up with all of his might. When finally he managed to pull it out.

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[You caught a wooden box!]

When Xinya saw that notification his smile disappeared, he was a little upset, if he caught and S-grade lobster or crab his experience would of went up at least 2-3%, he gets no experience for items. Grabbing the wooden box he opened it up, hoping for something good.

[You have received a treasure map!!]

Looking it over, Xinya thought that it was probably for a tier-one treasure dungeon since those are the ones people find while fishing, and if he sells it, he wouldn't get much for it. He decided to save it, he thought after finding a treasure hunter NPC to restore it, he could do it with Melting Snow when he comes back. He was always whining at him how boring it was over there hanging with his brother guild. With that thought, Xinya put the map in his inventory and continued fishing.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Fisherman's Recognition

HP: 270/270 Level: 18

MP: 250/250 EXP: 1012/1000000

Stamina: 250/250 Skill points: 14

Str: 4 Dex: 7

Int: 8 Luck: 10

Coins: 9 gold 996 silver 326 bronze

Stat Points 0