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48 Roaming Wind

 One week had passed in the real world since Xinya started playing Haven Online, after finishing the quest from Wynter he used his time to level up his cooking, fishing and potion skills. Leveling up his cooking skill was very easy, there was an abundance of different food recipes in the auction house that was selling very cheaply.

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Xinya wanted to grab them all but he knew that some ingredients would be hard to get since the region that he was in might not have the certain plants or monsters needed to make the dish. Although he did grab a few recipes that needed ingredients from other regions, mostly fruit and vegetable dishes.

Since the auction house in Haven Online connected to every region in the game, a player could get items from far away without having to go to other regions, unless the item was hard to find or too expensive for the player to buy. At this point, seeds were sold very cheaply so Xinya made sure to get a huge stockpile of them, for when he had his own land.

While searching through the auction house, Xinya was surprised to find a certain recipe, it was a recipe called Karrykarry. It was an ice dessert with sweet toppings that included chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. It was from the Bingsoo region where there are a lot of ice caves located. The recipe was highly sought after in the future but was very hard to get, because it only dropped from a monster called the Bigoloo, but that monster was extremely hard to find.

The reason why the Karrykarry recipe was so highly sought after was because of the stats it temporary gives HP +29~30 Str +37~38 Int -14~15 Dex -14~15 Luck +24~25. Although it takes away some stat points from the intelligence and dexterity stats, It was still wanted because it could temporarily allow a player to have the luck stat with 24-25 points in it. For Xinya to see it in the auction house for only 10 silver coins, when in the future it would be over 10 thousand gold coins, of course, he had to snatch it up.

He really felt bad for the guy who sold it so cheaply, even if cooking wasn't popular right now the player could have gotten a lot more for it, but Xinya knew that player didn't know what he had. A player could only see the stats of a recipe once they collected it. Xinya thought that this is what it meant to gain from someone else's cluelessness. The hardest part about making that recipe is that it would need ice, but Xinya decided to worry about that later and just keep the recipe for now.

Fishing was something that Xinya was trying his best to level after he was done getting supplies and leveling up his cooking to a decent level he went to the lake to fish. It took him about two weeks ingame to finally get to 95% exp, now he just had to get that last 5% before he could go find the level two fishing master.

His inventory, on the other hand, was now full of all different kinds of fish. Xinya didn't mind he got a lot of seafood recipes that he could use them for, although one good thing happened while he was fishing he managed to find a Jade Pearl.

A Jade Pearl is an ingredient used by mages to make a life drain orb. A life drain orb is a last-ditch effort used by mages against monsters, once the mage health goes below 5%, they can use the orb against the monster they are fighting, draining its health to get back their own. Since the orb takes 2x of the monster health in the process, the orb would most likely kill it. The Jade Pearl isn't anything rare, but it would at least bring in a one hundred silver if he sold it.

His potions making skills were coming along as well, he managed to get to level 11 sooner than he thought, but it was all due to the lucky potion he drank in the dungeon. It gave him the recipe to make medium mana potions. These mana potions allowed a player to get back 500 points back to their mana. Xinya didn't have a hard time making this potion since it was following the same steps as making a regular mana potion, but it did eat away at his blue herbs since it takes five blue herbs to make one medium mana potion. Xinya knew he probably would have to go out and gather more herbs very soon, but he would worry about that once he is back inside the game.

"Xinya!! Xinya are you listening to me?!?"

Xinya snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Wei, "Yeah, I was listening."

"Than what did I say?" Wei said.

"Okay, I admit I wasn't listening," Xinya replied sheepishly.

"Urg!" Wei exasperatedly shook her head. "I said the men are almost finished setting up my pod and I have to think of an avatar name."

"What do you mean, you came up with one last week," Xinya said confused.

"I did, but now I don't like it. Help me think of a new one." Wei pleaded.

Xinya was a bit bewildered, the name she thought of last week was the one she had in the future when she played, but now she wants to change it, Xinya wondered if this was a ripple effect. "Well you know my ingame is Drifting Cloud, maybe it could be similar to mine. Everyone will think we are brother and sister."

"We might as well be," Wei said smiling. "Let's see what would be similar to your name."

The men who were fixing up the pod came out saying that they were done installing, Xinya showed them out since Wei was busy thinking. When he wheeled himself back in the living room Wei had a big smile on her face.

"I got it! My name will be Roaming Wind!" Wei announced proudly.