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 After coming from out his brother's office Melting Snow felt a little depressed, he wouldn't be able to hang out with Drifting Cloud for a whole three weeks. Ingame that's about two months in-game, Melting Snow couldn't even imagine what kind of craziness that Drifting Cloud could get up to during that time.

Melting Snow decided when he is with his brother's guild during this period, he would strive to get stronger and train his monster to be the best. That way when he returns to Drifting Cloud's side he could handle any adventures they go on, but first, he had to tell him goodbye. With a sigh, Melting Snow got back into the pod and logged back into Haven.

By the time Melting Snow had logged in Xinya had already reached Bellport. He couldn't wait to complete the quest, there was so much that he needed to now that he got his combat potion skills. He needed to work on his fishing, cooking, potions and he been meaning to take the mysterious black egg he got from the King Bellyborg to the beast tamer NPC. He wanted to see if it was a pet, if not he would just use it as an ingredient.

There were a lot more things he needed to accomplish before the update in three months that his head hurt just thinking about it, although he wasn't sure if he could get a headache in virtual reality but he could feel one coming on. A beep interrupted his thoughts, It was a video call from Melting Snow. With a slight smile, Xinya opened the call only his smile went away when he saw Melting Snow's face.

"What's the matter?" Xinya asked concerned.

Sighing, Melting Snow said, "My brother needs me to help out with his guild. So I will be gone for three weeks, four at the most if something happens."

"That's alright, it's only a couple of days. You won't miss much here, go help your brother." Xinya replied.

"No." Melting Snow said while shaking his head sadly. " It's not three weeks ingame time but real-world time."

"Oh, I see," Xinya said. He could understand why Melting Snow was so upset, a lot could happen during that time. Xinya would miss the energetic boy, he made things lively. He was like the little brother he never knew he wanted, but it was only three weeks and they could still video call each other, he told Melting Snow that.

"I know." Melting Snow said reluctantly. "Just don't go on any adventures without me."

Chuckling, Xinya said, "I'll try my best not too."

Xinya and Melting Snow talked a bit more before they ended the video call. As he was talking Xinya already made his way to the library where he had to complete his quest. Walking inside he saw that it wasn't as empty as it was before, there were a lot of people all around reading. They were most likely newbie explorers looking up information about the different places in the world of haven.

The three librarians had their hands full, checking out books and answering questions, it seemed it wouldn't be as easy as walking in, completing the quest and leaving as he thought. Holding back a sigh, Xinya stood in line and waiting for his turn. Twenty minutes had past and it was finally his turn, he stood in front of Wynter and gave a smile. She was so startled to see him that she stood up so quickly that she turned over her chair.

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"Your back!" She exclaimed. "Did you complete the dungeon already."

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "I am and I did."

Seeing that he was about to pull something out, Wynter stopped him and told him to follow her, not forgetting to inform the other two librarians that she would be back. As they walked to her office, Wynter asked him to tell her everything that had happened in the dungeon in detail. Xinya did as she asked he told her about all the puzzles and eerie statues and carnivorous plants. By the time they were sitting comfortingly in her office, he was almost done telling her everything.

"Wow, that was some adventure you had, I wish I could have experienced it with you," Wynter said her face filled with regret. "And where is Shilvak's book?"

"Here it is," Xinya said pulling a book bound in leather from his inventory and handing it to Wynter.

Wynter held the book with care, tears coming to her eyes as she caressed the cover, "I never thought I would be able to see this book in my lifetime. Thank you so much Drifting Cloud I'm forever grateful.

Quest Completed!!

Reward: 1000 experience points

The two of them talked a little more before Wynter needed to leave and go back to work. Xinya left the library feeling self-satisfied, he accomplished what he set out to do, but he knew that he had to work harder, there was a lot of things he needed to do. With those thoughts and seeing that 23 hours had passed he logged off the game.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 270/270 (+10) Level: 18

MP: 250/250 (+10) Exp: 1012/1000000

Stamina: 250/250 (+10) Skill points: 28

Str: 4 (+4) Dex: 7(+4)

Int: 8 (+4) Luck: 6 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 996 silver 326 bronze

Stat Points 4

End of Arc 2