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46 Frozen Ice

 It had been two very uneventful days, on the journey back to town, but Xinya wasn't at all upset by it. Along the way, he had found a variety of plants and herbs to collect, at the moment his inventory was overflowing with items he could use to cook and make potions with. Which was exactly his plan for when he returns back to Bellport and turn in his quest.

Melting Snow, on the other hand, was extremely bored, he became so accustomed to things happening when he was around Xinya that these two days of peacefully walking was very boring for him. He understood that he had to learn that every day wouldn't be exciting, plus now that he had tamed a monster he would need to take out to train it. From what he read it could take up to three to four weeks, it will take hard work and patience. While Melting Snow was thinking about this, he heard a beeping sound, it was a message. Opening it Melting Snow saw that it was from his brother saying: ' Log off, we need to talk.'

Melting Snow was very confused about what his brother wanted to talk to him about and why he needed to log off to do so, he was worried that it might have something to do with his father or something equally important.

"Drifting Cloud, I have to log off my brother needs to talk to me about something."

"Should I wait for you to return?" Xinya asked.

Shaking his head, Melting Snow said, "No, continue going to town, I don't know how long I will be."

"Alright, I will see you later then," Xinya said waving goodbye to Melting Snow.

Melting Snow waved goodbye to Xinya than logged off the game. After a few seconds of getting his equilibrium back, Melting Snow got out of the pod and went to search for his brother, their new apartment wasn't as big as their previous house, but it was big enough that it took a couple of minutes to find his brother. When he found his brother, he was sitting in his office with the door open waiting for him.

"Jun, please come in, I was waiting for you." said his brother.

As Melting Snow walked into the office he had a bad feeling. "Sorry to keep you waiting, gege."


One day ago

Frozen Ice was going over the items he and his guild got from the latest dungeon they cleared. So far his guild was ranked in the top 5000 for the fastest clear time and he invidiously was ranked in the top 1000 on the leaderboard, for newbies like him and his guildmates that was spectacular. He also had a sponsor get in touch with him, saying that if he makes it into the top 500 they would sign a contract deal with him. This was everything he wanted, all the planning, sabotage, things were finally going how he wanted.

A cold smile appeared on his face as he thought about the future, soon everything he worked for would come into fruition. While he was daydreaming, the sound of abrupt laughter shook him out his thoughts. Turning he saw it was just Silken Envy, his 'girlfriend'. His lips curled in disgust at that, to him she was just an uncultured swine if it wasn't for her money he would get rid of her. An as soon as he signs that contract he would, then he wouldn't have to hide his relationship with Rose Lilly. Just thinking about her brought a smile to his face.

"What's so funny my dear?" Frozen Ice asked while making his face appear loving.

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Turning to him with a loving smile, Silken Envy said, "Your younger brother is just so cute. He put out another video, his skills are really great, it's like he playing bodyguard for that Dryad."

The other members of the guild heard her and got curious and opened the internet interface to watch the video also. They started commenting on how great Melting Snow's skills were and how he should join their guild. Plus with a cute, energetic boy around it would make the guild more lively.

Frozen Ice knew his brother didn't want to be a ranker and he didn't mind, because he knows if his brother tried he could be competition. So he told his guild that his brother wouldn't like cramped up in one place, and he wanted him to go and have fun. He could tell they all thought he was a kind and caring brother, just the way he wanted it. He was about to go back to checking his inventory when a private chat opened up in front of him from Rose Lily.

RL: Sweetie, we need to talk about your brother.

FI: Why?

RL: He's making a fool out of himself, hanging around with that dryad. Everyone can see he's being used.

FI: So what? Why do you care?

RL: Of Course I care. If people find out that he's your brother, they might use him against you. Your just rising up, if that happens it could ruin your chances. I don't want him to mess up your sponsorship.

FI: Your right baby, I will talk to him about staying away from that dryad until I get into the top 500. That way once I have a sponsor it won't matter what he does.

RL: Why only until then, he should just join our guild and help you.

FL: No, there's no need, a couple of weeks away will be good enough, by then I will be in the top 500.

RL: But sweetie, with his help, our guild could be able to rank higher.

FI: I said no! Why do you want him here so bad anyway?

RL: I don't, he's your little brother I'm just worried.

FI: Don't worry, he can take care of himself.

Frozen Ice and Rose Lily stopped chatting, While Frozen Ice went back to checking his items, Rose Lily thought about what to do, she only joined this game to get close to Melting Snow, even lowering herself to fool Frozen Ice into thinking she likes him so she could manipulate him into letting her see his brother. She really hated that dryad, if it wasn't for him, Melting Snow would be here with them right now. Letting out a deep breath she just had to figure out how to make Melting Snow stay with them while he was here for the next three weeks or she will just go with him when he leaves. Either way, she needed to get close to him.