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 Once they entered the forest it felt as if it went from day to night in a blink of an eye. The only difference was that this night was devoid of the light from the moon and stars, there was only darkness everywhere they looked. If it wasn't for the glow flowers, they probably would have been tripping over every step that they took.

The glow flowers surrounded them in a sphere of light, because of them they were able to see a few steps ahead, behind and next to themselves. Xinya caught up with Melting Snow and pushed him behind him, "Let me lead."

"Alright." Melting Snow said moving a step behind him.

Xinya opened up the map and zoomed in on their location, the map showed the entire forest and the monsters and plants within. While looking at the map he saw that there were some good plants that he could collect here in the forest, but since he couldn't see the plants exact location, plus he wasn't prepared Xinya decided to come back later. Using his new feature, a swarm of red dots appeared on the map, showing the level and exact location of every monster in the forest.

Most of the monsters him and Melting Snow could handle if they run across them, but there were few that if they were not careful would be able to kill them and unfortunately they were in the direction they needed to go. Sighing softly to himself, Xinya begin walking while Melting Snow closely followed.

"It will take us around 3 hours to exit this forest, maybe 4 if something happens. We need to be on our guard and speak softly as to not to attract any attention from the monsters." Xinya whispered.

"Okay." Melting Snow quietly said.


They had been following the map, and everything has been going smoothly, so far there hadn't been any real trouble, one might say they found a lot of benefits while walking through the forest. Every time a monster got near they would make a detour and find a plant or a fruit tree that Xinya had to stop and collect from. One time when they had to bypass a monster, Melting Snow tripped over something that turned out to be a gemstone, worth at least 20 silver coins, Although Melting Snow wanted to share the coins with Xinya, he told him to keep it for himself.

The way they were going Xinya thought for sure that they could make it out of this forest without having to fight a single monster, it wasn't until 2 hours later and they were a mile away from the exit that Xinya realized how wrong he was. He should have known that nothing would be that easy, especially for him.

Rubbing his forehead in annoyance he turned to Melting Snow and whispered, "There's a monster stalking us."

"I already know." Melting Snow replied.

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"You know? Why didn't you tell me?" Xinya asked.

"It's my beast senses, and I didn't say anything because I didn't sense any aggression from it, It feels like it's more curious than anything."

Xinya did notice that Melting Snow had been acting weird from time to time as they were walking. He would oddly look around as if searching for something, or he would ready his swords as if something was about to attack him, Xinya didn't see any monsters on the map when these things happened so he just thought that Melting Snow was acting a little jumpy, because of his fear of the dark.

"Next time tell me please," Xinya said a little aggrieved. "I wonder why it didn't show on the map."

Sheepishly, Melting Snow rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry, but since it wasn't making no move to attack us, I didn't deem it as important enough to tell you."

"It's alright, but it must be stalking us for a reason," Xinya replied.

Xinya went back to check the map, they were about ten feet away from the exit, Xinya was about to tell Melting Snow when the monster from before started moving towards them quickly. "Melting Snow, get ready the monster is quickly coming our way!"

Melting Snow ready his swords looking every which way but not seeing or hearing anything, "Where is it?"

Xinya really didn't know how to answer Melting Snow, because one second the monster was running towards them and then the next second it had completely disappeared. The monster was circling them appearing and disappearing, Xinya thought maybe the game had a bug for a minute or so, but then he caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared again. That's when he realized what was happening, there was only one skill that lets a monster disappear from the map.

"Oh shit!! Melting Snow the monster has 'Hide'." Xinya quietly yelled at Melting Snow while pulling out a potion.

Hide is a rare skill that only a few monsters have and something a few players can obtain. The skill allows a player or monster to become invisible, although they cannot attack in that state, they will be able to sneak up on their enemies while having another skill ready. In the PVP arena, it's the most overpowered skill to have.