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43 Into the Fores

 After saying his peace, Melting Snow went back to fishing, while he was doing that Xinya continued making potions. Xinya decided to use only 40 of his 50 dewy-eyed fruits, he wishes he could use them all but he knew he couldn't. The dewy-eyed tree doesn't grow in this region, so he would need to save some to plant so he would have his on supply, as he would with the glowing flowers.

Xinya was going to find small farmland to grow herbs and food products he needed for cooking and potions, but as he thought about it he would need to buy a house that has a couple of acres of land. In Haven online buying a house in the future would cost over 200 thousand gold coins and that would just be for the cheaper ones, but right now since the update hasn't happened yet they will still be cheap. They should be going for around 2-5 thousand gold coins, but there was one house that Xinya knew that he could get really cheap.

Putting that thought in the back of his mind, for now, he continued working on the dreaming dust potion. It was as hard to make as he thought even with his experience in making potions. When the first two times he tried making it failed, he turned on the guide and followed it step by step. The guide was different from letting the game help him. When the game helps it controls a player's body in making a potion, it helps get the player's body used to how to do it but it also degrades the players skill, so it's only useful for beginners, while the guide is a holographic image of an instructor showing a player the correct way of doing things.

After following the guide three times, Xinya finally got the hang of it and started trying to make the potion in earnest. It seems he got a little cocky about his skills and realizes he can't do that. He will be making a lot of different types of potions now and not just the ones that he was used to when he was in the future. The night passed like that with Xinya making potions and Melting Snow fishing.

When the sun rose, Xinya made 22 out of 40 dreaming dust potions, and his potion-making level also rose as well he was now level 10 out of 50. It was nothing to brag about getting those first ten levels were always the easiest. Looking at the 1 million experience he needed to level up and since most of the potions besides the dreaming dust one only gives him 5 exp, he knew it would take a while until he could level up his potion-making skills again.


After tidying up their campsite Melting Snow and Xinya walked to the entrance of the forest. It looked so foreboding to them, there was smog seeping out from the trees, and they kept hearing ghastly noises coming from within. Xinya walked closer and peeked his head inside, there was no light, although it was daylight and the sun was shining, inside the forest there was no light.

Pulling his head out of the forest, Xinya turned to Melting Snow and said, "It's completely dark in there."

"What are we going to do? If we can't see where we are going, how are we going to make it out safely?" Melting Snow asked a little panicked.

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Xinya had a hunch that Melting Snow was a little afraid of the dark, he thought about teasing him a little but felt that was wrong. Everyone had something they were afraid of, even him.

"Don't worry," Xinya said while pulling out two glow flowers from his inventory. "I got these."

Melting Snow let out a breath that he didn't even know that he was holding, "That's great, now we will be able to see."

Xinya begins tinkering with the glow flower, tying it together and making it into a bracelet for Melting Snow. Since Melting Snow was a dual blader, he would need both of his hands free in case they encounter something in the forest, but Xinya would try his hardest to make sure they won't.

"It seems you will have to be the brawn once again, Melting Snow," Xinya said jokingly.

"Why do you say that?" Melting Snow asked.

"Because I'm going to navigate. I leveled up my map." Xinya replied.

Huffing, Melting Snow said, "Why did you do that, it's a waste of skill points at this stage. I know it's helpful but if we never went to the potion dungeon we would never need it."

"You wouldn't need it, but I would. Once the map is level three it will show exactly where to find herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the forest."

"Oh, right. I forgot about that feature, but still, to get it to level three is throwing away 15 skill points and we already get so few as it is." Melting Snow said.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing," Xinya said soothingly. " Anyway let's get this over with, the faster we go in the sooner we can leave."

"Alright, let's go." Melting Snow said walking into the forest with Xinya trailing behind him.