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42 Making Potions

 Making the combat potions were harder for Xinya than he anticipated, because his level in potions was still low, even though with his past experience he did all the steps perfectly he still failed 40% of the time when making the mini fireball potion. After creating about 50 of the potions he stopped, Xinya didn't have a large supply of the glow flowers and he needed to save a few of them for something else. Xinya was about to start making the dreaming dust potion when he saw Melting Snow walk overlooking curious.

"Drifting Cloud, why are you making so many potions. Do you think we will need them tomorrow when we walk through the forest?" Melting Snow asked.

"The potions I'm making right now are combat potions. While I was soaking my feet, I was reading the notes I got from the book in the dungeon and gained a new combat potion."

"Really? That's awesome!!" Melting Snow exclaimed. "What kind of combat potion you get."

"It's called mini fireball, it can cause damage to two monsters at a time, but it also said the damage isn't that high, but I'm happy to have it either way. Plus if I pair it with dreaming dust it should be fine." Xinya replied.

"Dreaming dust? What is that?" Melting Snow asked confused since he had never heard of that skill before.

"It's another combat potion, remember it dropped from the potion monster after we killed it?" Xinya said.

Melting Snow thought for a while before saying, "Oh yeah, I remember now. I thought the recipe was for a regular potion and didn't really pay it any mind. So what does that combat potion do?"

"It can put monsters to sleep for a short period of time and while they are sleeping the damage done to them will be greater. I think it would only be the first hit done to them while they are sleeping because I assume they will wake up after being hit once." Xinya said his excitement about this combat potion was clearly showing on his face.

"Wow!! I never heard of that skill or anything else like that before." Melting Snow said in wonder. "It must be rare, check the circle rating."

"I think it will be a waste of time, there's no way a rare recipe would drop from a monster in a low-level dungeon like that one, a person would need a lot of luck for that to happen and...." Xinya stopped mid-sentence when he remembered that he did have the luck stat. He almost facepalmed himself. "Right, let me look."

Melting Snow was a bit confused with the quick turn around but just said, "Alright."

Xinya opened up the circle rating tab, which was conveniently located next to his character tab and scrolled through it. Circle ratings were on almost everything, skills, recipes, plants, etc. It showed how rare an object was, for example, the green herb for potions is considered one star since it's extremely common. The more circles an object has meant the more difficult for it to be obtained.

Scrolling through the list, Xinya finally found the potion section. Going straight to the combat potion section he quickly looked for dreaming dust and what he saw surprised even him. Dreaming dust had six circles, the highest amount there was, which meant that this combat potion was extremely rare to get. Which meant his luck really worked in his favor this time.

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Seeing the dumbfounded look on Xinya face, Melting Snow asked, "What is it? What does it say?"

"It says that the combat potion is a six circle on," Xinya replied.

"No way, are you kidding me right now? Melting Snow asked.

"Nope, a monster in a low-level dungeon dropped an extremely rare potion," Xinya said matter of factly.

"Man, if we had sold it. We would be swimming in money right now." Melting Snow said with regret.

Laughing, Xinya said, "This is a combat potion, besides me, who would be dumb enough to get this class."

"Oh, that's right. Even if it is extremely rare, nobody would've wanted it anyway." Melting Snow said feeling better now that he knew that there wouldn't have been any coin gain from it.

Rolling his eyes at Melting Snow, Xinya begins trying to make the Dreaming dust potion, now that he knew that it's a six circle potion, he knew that the failure rate would be really high at his current level in potions. The potion required stamina potions and the dewy-eyed fruit. Although Xinya had tons of stamina potions he only had 50 dewy-eyed fruits, the dewy-eyed trees were good for the soil and help the plants grow, so he collected a few in beginner town for when he buys his own land. If he knew a day would come that he would need the fruits he would have collected more of them.

"Drifting Cloud, I can't wait until our next battle to see your combat potions in action, I will make sure to record it, and rub it in everyone's faces at how awesome you are." Melting Snow said gleefully as he watched Xinya prepare his ingredients.

Stopping what he was doing Xinya said, "Melting Snow don't record me when I start using my combat potions, please."

"Why not?" Melting Snow asks in confusion. " I hate how everyone bad mouths you saying you're useless, once they see your combat potions in action that will shut them up."

"Yes, it will. I agree with you, but it will also bring problems. What do you think would happen if ranker, guilds, see that I can put tons of monsters to sleep with just one potion?" Xinya asked seriously.

Melting Snow thought about it and realize exactly what would happen, "They would come after you, trying to make you join them and if you didn't they would harass you."

"Exactly, right now I'm still a newbie with no backing, so until I get some I have to hide my true strength, do you understand?"

"I do, once I get a sponsor, you won't need to worry about anything I will have your back, then you can show your true skill without any worry." Melting Snow said.

Xinya humored him and said. "I'll be waiting for that day."