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40 The Final Room pt2

 While Melting Snow was fighting the monster, Xinya ran over to the podium to get the book only to find that he wasn't able to open the glass covering. Looking closer at it, he found that it was locked. Xinya figured that would be the case, they would have to kill the monster first before even thinking about getting the book.

"I can't get the book, we need to kill that thing first," Xinya yelled.

Melting snow sucked his teeth, and said "Alright! Come help me divert this thing's attention again."

Xinya saw that the monster was pushing Melting Snow back again, although he did some damage to it, with the way the monster attacks it would take them forever to kill it, and with being poisoned they didn't have that kind of time. Xinya knew that this probably would of went better if they had a ranged attacker in the team, but there was no time to dwell on what if's at the moment. What they needed was a plan. Just as Xinya was about to go over to help, Melting Snow stopped him.

"Drifting Cloud, I'm running out of stamina and I used up all of my stamina potions. Do you have any?" Melting Snow desperately asked.

"Yes I have a bunch, can you make it over here to get it? Xinya asked as he watched Melting Snow dodge numerous attacks.

"I don't think so, throw one at me, I can catch it." Melting Snow replied.

Watching as an attack from the monster almost got Melting Snow, Xinya asked: "Are you sure?"

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"Yes! Throw it now, my stamina it at 50 points." Melting Snow yelled.

Seeing no other way, Xinya threw a stamina potion at Melting Snow, but because of the monster's attack, Melting Snow had to dodge, causing the potion to miss his hand and hit the monster instead. When the stamina potion spilled onto the monster it sizzled and the monster reared back in pain. It took over 200 damage from that potion spill. Xinya and Melting Snow shared a glance as if to say what the heck is going on.

Melting Snow quickly moved over to Xinya while the monster was distracted, and took some of the stamina potions he was holding, while asking, " So, potions hurt that thing?"

"It would seem so, everything in this whole dungeon dealt with potions somehow, why should it be different for the boss," Xinya replied a little bemused.

"Alright, let's barnboard this thing with them, then!" Melting Snow said as he took out a health potion and made the motion of throwing it at the monster, but couldn't. Looking bewildered he tried tossing it to Drifting Cloud, seeing that he was able to don't understand. "I can't throw potions at the monster."

"It's because you don't have the skill, I got it from my class change. It allows me to throw potions at monsters. I will explain more after we dealt with this thing." Xinya said drinking a hp potion because his poisoned state was bringing his health down. "Drink the stamina potion, I will throw potions at it while you attack it with your sword."

"Alright, let's do it !!" Melting Snow said getting ready.

Xinya took out 50 potions and connected them to one of the empty slots on his throw skill, so he could use them instantly without having to take out them out of his inventory one by one. Once that was done, he began to throw the potions at the monster causing immense damage to it. Instead of the monster pushing them back, he was pushing it back instead.

The monster could barely use it's skills when it tried it was interrupted by Xinya damaging it with a potion, seeing that monster was backed into a corner, Melting Snow jumped into the fray, using his attacks to damage it more than it already was. The monster's health points were going down fast, there was only 100 left since it was almost over and Melting Snow wanted to end it flashy for his viewers so he used his final attack skill on it.

A bright light engulfed his swords, he waved them in a circular motion and a thousand swords appeared, with a dramatic cry Melting Snow yelled, "Swords of death, take your vengeance!"

All one thousand swords pierced the monster, taking the last of its health points. Xinya watched as the monster dissolved into a puddle of nasty ooze, before turning into white particles and disappearing into nothing. Suddenly different notifications popped up before him.

[You have cleared Krimplot dungeon!]

[You have leveled!]

[You have leveled!]

[You have leveled!]

[You have leveled!]

[You are now level 18!]

"We did it!!" Melting Snow said, throw a fist in the air.

"We sure did, now let's see if it dropped the key to the case," Xinya said while walking over to the loot.

There was indeed a key, which Xinya took, there was also, 5 silver coins which they split, lots of different kinds of high-grade potions, which Xinya let Melting Snow have, there was also a combat potion recipe that Xinya quickly grabbed called Dream Dust.

Dream Dust: Dreaming is usually reserved for when you sleep at night, but this potion will allow you to put anything to sleep anytime you want. In fact, enemies who are hit by the dream dust potion will fall asleep in an instant, making it a useful potion in a fight. Sleeping enemies are more sensitive to damage, but they won't stay asleep for long. Unfortunately, stronger enemies are more difficult to put to sleep.

Xinya knew that this potion would come in handy, putting it in his combat potion journal he went over to the podium and opened the glass case and grabbed the book.

[You have obtained part one of two of Shilvak's book! You will automatically get the quest for the second part when you reach level 50!]

All the important notes of the book, about gaining combat recipes entered his collection journal, leaving the original book with only stories of Shilvak's travels. Now Xinya understood why he could give the book to an NPC.

After he grabbed the book another door appeared, Xinya opened it to see that it was an exit. "Melting Snow, let's go!"

"Alright! Let's get out of here." Melting Snow said while putting his swords away.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 270/270 (+10) Level: 18

MP: 250/250 (+10) Exp: 12/1000000

Stamina: 250/250 (+10) Skill points: 28

Str: 4 (+4) Dex: 7(+4)

Int: 8 (+4) Luck: 6 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 996 silver 326 bronze

Stat Points 4