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39 The Final Room pt1

 Xinya and Melting Snow looked at the red door in trepidation, they knew that the hardest boss they ever had to face so far while playing this game was in there. Although they were nervous they were also quite eager to see if they could kill it. If older players saw them they probably laugh at them for being wary, but at their level, this was something to be wary about.

"Do you have enough health potions?" Xinya asked.

"Yup, I got tons, what about you?"

Xinya just looked at him. "Do you even need to ask?"

"Right, potion maker, dumb question." Melting Snow replied with a smile. "Let's go in."

When they opened the red doors, a vile odorous black smoke blew in their faces, causing them to gag in disgust. A notification appeared in front of both of their eyes:

[You have entered a poison state! Your HP will keep going down until you leave this room!]

"Shit!" Xinya said as he was -1's appearing above his and Melting Snow's head every other second. "How high is your HP?"

"It's only 500, what about you?" Melting Snow replied.

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"Only 250, we need to kill this monster fast," Xinya said anxiously.

Looking around the room, the first thing that Xinya saw was that the plants that were so green and lush in the other rooms were decrepit and dried up in this room. The room itself gave off a dead feeling. Xinya didn't see the monster but in the center of the room on a bronze podium was a book covered by a glass case, upon a closer look he could tell it was a piece of Shilvak's book.

"I think once we touch that book the monster will appear," Xinya said. "Although from where will be the problem."

"How about you go get the book, if the monster appears close to you I will jump it giving you time to escape."

"Sounds good," Xinya said going nearer to the book, just as he was about to touch it, an attack pushed him away doing 30 damage to him.

The front of his armor was covered in blue goop, wiping it away, he finally saw the monster. It was a mishmash of broken potion bottles and different colors all jammed together to make one giant mass. If Xinya had to liken it to anything he would say it looked like a marshmallow that was cooked too long and was thrown into some glass.

Melting Snow was trying his best to fight it but he couldn't near it, the thing's ranged attacks were frightening, every time Melting Snow got one step closer he was pushed back. He had no clue as to what he ought to do in this situation, and it was making him very frustrated.

Seeing Melting Snow predicament, Xinya had an idea. The monster wouldn't be able to keep them both at bay at the same time. If he starts coming after the monster, it would have to split its attention allowing Melting Snow to get closer and closer to it. With that plan in mind, Xinya drunk down an HP potion and joined in the fray.

Xinya's assumption was correct the monster began to split its attacks between him and Melting Snow, at first Melting Snow wondered why he joined in, but after a while, he understood what was going on. He began to advance on the monster every time it went after Xinya, Melting Snow knew he had to be quick the way Xinya was knocking back HP pots, if the monster throws a critical hit at him, he might die.

Just when Melting Snow got in the distance where he could use his swords on it, the monster caught him off guard with an attack that pushed him back three feet. What was worse was that there was a sticky substance on him, that was causing him extra damage. Shaking it off, he drank an HP potion and went back to it. The monster was pissing him off, it was time to take it down. Looking at his skill list he saw that his speed skill had cooled down. He felt stupid for using it earlier, but if he knew it had a four hour, in real-world time, cool down he wouldn't have. Although his defense was that he had just gotten the skill and was eager to test it out.

Looking over at Xinya who was trying his best to dodge the barrage of attacks that were thrown at him, Melting Snow ready his swords and activated his skill sonic run. Since his sonic run was only level one at the moment it only allowed him to go 3x faster than he already was, but that was perfectly fine for this monster.

Melting Snow, weaved through all of the monster's attacks, they couldn't even come close to hitting him, that's how fast he was compared to the monster now. It only took a couple of seconds before he was close enough to start doing attacks. "Drifting Cloud, go grab the book, I can handle this."